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Full Transcript of Interview with 'Bachelor Pad' Winner Nick Peterson

Here is the full transcript of the interview with Nick Peterson, the big winner of "Bachelor Pad" 3!


Question:         So, Nick, what's the status of your relationship with Rachel now?  Did you guys end up talking things out and becoming friends again or do you kind of have no intention to fix things?


Nick Peterson: No.  I – we haven't talked at all.  And would I like to?  Yes, absolutely.  But I figured I'd let it settle down a little bit for a while because I know especially, you know, with the finale airing last night that she's going to be bombarded with a lot of questions.


            She's going to stand up for herself, I'm sure, you know, and I would assume she's, you know, not going to say some nice things about me.


            So I'm going to let it settle down for a little while and then – and then hopefully maybe we can patch things up.



Question:         OK.  And is Rachel on the call right now or is it just you, Nick, currently?


Nick Peterson: It is just me. 


Question:         Oh.  OK.  Awesome.  In Chris Harrison's blog this week he said that nobody what anybody thinks of your decision, you do have to feel bad for Rachel.


            However, you just didn't seem to feel any guilt or remorse for not sharing the money with her during the finale.  So you could you talk about that a little bit?  Like, did you purposely disconnect yourself …


Nick Peterson: Sure.


Question:         … emotionally from the situation because you knew you kind of had to screw her over?  Or were you just convinced you didn't owe Rachel anything and therefore you didn't really take into account how she was going to feel, you know what I mean?


Nick Peterson: Well, I honestly and this may answer some other people's questions coming up, I honestly was going into it planning on sharing.


            And my intentions were to share.  We talked about it leading up to the finale.  And then I saw the next two episodes before we, you know, before we filmed the finale so we had to see them and I saw everything she said about me.


            She didn't want to be my partner.  She'd said she was (backed) into the partnership, she just wanted to be with Michael; she tried to get us voted off just so she could go see Michael.


            And, you know, I was, like, what?  I didn't know any of that was going on.  I was completely invested, excuse me, I was completely invested in it and she wanted nothing to do with me.


            So – but you know what?  I've already done all this myself, you know, let's finish it myself.  I don't owe her anything.  She didn't want to be my partner.  She didn't want to be my partner and all of the sudden at the end, oh, now we need to be partners because money's involved.


Question:         Oh.  OK.  So just to clarify in your answer, you know, the finale made it look like you really pondered your decision in that room whether to share or keep the money.


            So was that accurate or did you kind of go into the finale already having your mind made up?


Nick Peterson: I had a very good idea that I wanted to keep it.  You know, of course, when the things are put in front of you, you know, the share and keep signs, you, you know, then you start to think well, maybe I should share it, you know?


            And then you start playing mind games with yourself.  Uh-oh, what's she doing right now?  So I think the best move regardless would have been to keep it and so that's what I went with.


            Because if she – if she keeps it, if she chose to keep it as well then neither of us get it.  You know, but if I choose share, she chose keep, then I get nothing.  So it's better me getting nothing or me get it all.


Jennifer Matarese:       Hi, Nick.


Nick Peterson: Hey, Jennifer, how are you doing?


Jennifer Matarese:       Great.  How are you?  Congratulations.


Nick Peterson: I'm good.  Thank you very much.  I appreciate it.


Jennifer Matarese:       So how sure were you that Rachel was going to pick share?  I mean like you said, it was a pretty big risk to even choose keep.


Nick Peterson: It is.  It's very risky.  But we had talked about it leading up to the finale, like I said, you know, gosh, what, we had a month in between filming?


            So we talked about it.  We agreed upon it.  And, you know, I thought, you know, we'll definitely share this.  There's no reason not to.


            And then like I said, you know, in the last second I get to see these episodes and it's, like, wow, really?  You know, I can't believe you said all those things and, you know, you really didn't want to be partners. 


            So yes, I mean, I – what was your original question?


Jennifer Matarese:       How sure you were that you were going to choose share?


Nick Peterson: Oh, yes.  Yes.  I was pretty sure but I wasn't 100 percent going into that room to pick the sign.


Jennifer Matarese:       And I was just wondering, you know, how did you end up getting involved with this whole show, you know, I mean I know you were on "The Bachelorette" but how did you end up going on "The Bachelorette?"


            And then how were you approached to do this show?  And what made you decide to go ahead with it?


Nick Peterson: Well, as far as "The Bachelorette" goes, you know, just like anybody else applying I have – I had a lot of friends that were, like – and my mom as well; she's, like, Nick, you're always single.  You know, she was, like, why don't you apply for the bachelor?"


            I said well, that would be a great experience so, you know, I did.  And it was a great experience.  You know, I of course didn't win.  But that's OK.  And J.P. and I actually are happy so that's great.


            And then it turned into this opportunity, which I'm thankful for, you know, ABC or the producers asked me if I'd be interested.  And I said absolutely, you know.  And this time around I wouldn't be going for love, I'd be going for money.


Jennifer Matarese:       All right.  Thank you so much.


Nick Peterson: Thank you, Jennifer.  Have a good one.


Question:         I just want to know how you felt about the public reaction since – I know it just aired last night but how have you felt about that?  And also about Chris Harrison calling the finale disturbing and of the ads saying it's – how disturbing the finale was?


Nick Peterson: Yes.  I don't – I don't – I didn't understand the disturbing.  I don't think the wording was right there.  I think maybe they were looking for a different word other than most dramatic, you know.  They needed something different this year.


            I don't think it was disturbing.  Some people may and you know, I haven't seen a lot of the public reaction yet, aside from the feedback I've gotten on Twitter.


            And, you know, of course a lot of the people responding to me are probably, you know, following me because they like me so most of it was positive, you know, a lot of positive.  Of course, from my friends and family it's all been positive as well.


            But of course, you know, there are people out there that aren't happy with the decision and, you know, the – maybe they didn't – they just don't see my side of it.


Question:         And so no change of heart at all after seeing the finale last night and seeing any of the reaction from last night?


Nick Peterson: No.  I mean, no.  I mean, I, you know, I was there and I, remember I, you know, I saw all this and was it – was it tough sitting next to her, crying, yes. 


            But at the same time, you know, after the way she made me look and what she did to me, you know, no, I didn't really feel that bad.


Question:         So, you know, when you gave your speech before revealing you decided to keep the money, some viewers thought you came across a little bitter and resentful and that you chose to keep it as kind of a slap to the faces of all the people who, you know, had no faith in your game play or, you know, the cast-mates who didn't accept you into a strong alliance.


            So would you say that's true or did the reasoning behind your decision come from a more logical standpoint rather than an emotional one?


Nick Peterson: Yes.  No, no, I wouldn't say it's from slapping anybody in the face.  You know, I was just trying to explain myself.


            Because if I just went up there and just made my move and, you know, chose keep, I was going to come off really bad.  And so I wanted everybody to see my side because they didn't see much of me during the season.


            You know, I was the underdog and I was the quiet guy.  And that was my game plan.  I was very – I mean, you know, I flew under the radar in stealth mode.  And I stayed out of all the petty drama and I wanted everybody to see that.


            And I wanted to explain myself.  And then I wanted to explain, you know, the whole Rachel ordeal.  You know, everybody saw it in the show so, you know, I wanted to say hey, you saw that she didn't want to be my partner.  You know, it's pretty much leading up – explaining why, you know, I'm about to do what I'm about to do.


            So, you know – and I think I – a lot of people read the spoilers and so I've been trashed a little bit.  But a lot of people had a change of heart once they heard my speech and saw my side of it.  So I'm glad I did.


Question:         Sure.  And, you know, how did it feel to get so much support from the audience and most of your cast-mates, except for Jaclyn and Michael? 


            The two of them seemed to think you were just being kind of mean.  So did their reaction surprise you?  And did their words hit home at all or was it just kind of annoying because you believed it wasn't their business at that point?


Nick Peterson: Well, you know, I was – I was very thankful for, you know, the fans were very supportive, especially there at the taping.  And most of the cast, that's, like you said, besides from pretty much Jaclyn and Michael, you know, a lot of them came up to me and said I would have done the same thing, you know, good for you.


            And that was good to hear.  I expected Jaclyn not to be happy.  You know, Michael, I think he was kind of – Rachel kind of made him look bad up there and I think to fix his image, you know, he needed to jump on her bandwagon, you know, and jump on her side.


            So, you know, I understand.  But, you know, he wasn't (inaudible) anyway so I don't think he had a whole lot of room to talk.


Question:         OK.  Sure.  And, you know, while you argued your game play throughout "Bachelor Pad" was pretty much brilliant because you purposely avoided drama and kind of coasted through under the radar, Rachel came back at you and just said you, quote/unquote, "lucked out."


            So what's your response to that?  And do you agree that luck at least played a little role in your win?  Or would you take full responsibility of your own fate in the game?


Nick Peterson: Well, yes, I mean, it's a game.  And, you know, there is luck involved all the way through, you know.  But there's a lot of strategy involved too.


            And that (looks out); I'm not sure I would say I wasn't working to have her as a partner but, you know, it was – it was better than maybe some of the other options.  If Erica would have remained my partner, you know, I may have gone home a whole lot sooner.


            So yes, it may have worked out in my benefit.  But it's not like as soon as we became partners we were a strong partnership.  So, you know – you know, it was great that we were, in theory, partners but, you know, there was no – you know, we weren't invested in each other.


Question:         OK.  Sure.  And, Nick, what do you plan to do with your winnings?  And based upon your plans do you think the extra $125 grand made that huge of a difference or …


Nick Peterson: Well, certainly.  Who wouldn't want an extra $125,000, right?


            No, I mean, I going to be very smart with the money.  You know, we're not buying Lamborghinis this week or anything.  So I'm going to invest – I'm going to invest quite a bit of it.


            I am, I tell you right now, I am going to buy me a new car, though.  And I'm going to get me a nice little Jeep Wrangler. 


Question:         OK, very nice.  And do you have any insight as to why David and Erica voted for Chris and Sarah over you and Rachel?


            I mean it seemed obvious that Kalon was going to vote for Chris because they had been good friends throughout the season.  But why do you think those other two voted against you?


Nick Peterson: Erica is best friends with Sarah.  I saw that coming; saw that one coming.


            As far as David goes, I don't know.  I don't know.  I think he was on the fence, a little wishy-washy and he didn't know which way to go.  And, you know, I honestly don't know.  And I didn't ask him; didn't ask him and I – it doesn't matter, you know, and no hard feelings.


            I'm – you know, it's a game and I know that along the way everyone had to vote each other off and all of that.  I think you can't hold grudges or anything.  You know, it's part of the game.


Jennifer Matarese:       OK.  Well, you just said that some of the reaction, you know, from your fellow cast-mates was pretty positive.


            But what was it like right after, you know, the show ended, I mean, like, you know, everyone kind of comes up to you.  Were people, like, yelling things at you or anything?


            Or, you know, were they congratulating you?  What was their reaction initially?


Nick Peterson: You mean last night?


Jennifer Matarese:       Yes.


Nick Peterson: As far as after the finale aired? 


Jennifer Matarese:       No, no, no, I mean on the …


Nick Peterson: No, everybody was …


Jennifer Matarese:       I mean, when you did the finale …


Nick Peterson: Oh, not the public.  You mean the cast members?


Jennifer Matarese:       Yes.


Nick Peterson: Everybody was pretty much supportive.  And the ones who weren't just didn't really say anything, you know?  The only person that was pretty vocal was Rachel and she wasn't happy about it.  Obviously, you saw …


Jennifer Matarese:       Yes.


Nick Peterson: … you know, what happened in the back there and then at the after party, you know, she wasn't – she wasn't very happy.


            But that was about it.  Everybody else was pretty quiet if they didn't agree with it.


Jennifer Matarese:       Oh.  So you're not going to be an outcast among the bachelor alumni now because you decided this, right?


Nick Peterson: I don't – I don't – no, you know, I don't think so.  And I think a lot of people, after thinking about my move and thinking about my reasoning, agree with me.


            You know, people like Donna; at first Donna was not happy with what I did because she liked Rachel.  And then I talked to her a little bit and I explained and she said you know what?  You're right.  That was – that was the right move.


            So I think, especially after last night's episode, a lot of people are going to see my side and agree with me.


Jennifer Matarese:       And would you ever go back on Bachelor Pad the way Michael did?  Or do you think that there's no way to win the show twice because they're just going to be after you?


Nick Peterson: Well, would I do it?  Yes, I would do it.  But is anybody going to want to be my partner?  No, probably not.


Jennifer Matarese:       Because it …


Nick Peterson: You know, and I – that was never my plan, you know, to – I didn't ever come into this saying hey, I want to be, you know, (inaudible) or ever had that in my mind.  That was a last minute decision based on what I saw.


            So, you know, you guys do it and I'd have a lot of convincing to do, you know, but I'd probably be coming back to find a, you know, find a love interest more so than money.


Jennifer Matarese:       And on that note, so there's no current love interest in your life?  You're still – you're still looking?


Nick Peterson: Still single.  Still single, you know, still looking so I'm not rushing it.  It'll happen.  I'm sure.


Jennifer Matarese:       All right.  Well, best of luck with everything.


Nick Peterson: Thank you so much.  I appreciate it.  It was nice talking to you.


Jennifer Matarese:       You, too.  Thanks. 


Question:         You know, Chris apologized to Jamie repeatedly for his behavior and suggested his family and friends were pretty disappointed with him and his game play, during the finale.


            So do you think he really meant what he said and actually did feel terrible for his actions?  Or do you think that was just another strategy on his part to kind of gain sympathy votes and ultimately win the money, which was obviously his goal all along?


Nick Peterson: Yes.  Of course I think he didn't ever expect to get Jamie's vote.  So that's why I think it was a sincere apology.  You know, it didn't matter what he said up there.  I don't think Jamie would ever have voted for him to win so – and he knew that.


            Yes.  I believe it was sincere.  You know, when you're playing the game, when you're in the game, you're doing, you know, sometimes you're not thinking clearly, you know, you're doing whatever you've got to do to survive.


            And you deal with it later, you know?  You just got to do what you've got to do to get there so – and that's part of the game, you know?  That's just the way it's played.


            And so if you have to make amends later and, you know, apologize later then that's, you know, that's what you've got to do and that's what he did.  And, you know, I believe it was sincere.


Question:         OK.  And if Chris and Sarah had ended up winning, do you think they would have had a similar outcome to you and Rachel, in that either Chris or Sarah would have voted to keep the money?


            Or do you think their relationship was strong enough to split the winnings fair and square?


Nick Peterson: I think they would have split it.  I think they would have split it. 


            They were more – they were romantically involved.  And I honestly think that, you know, that's – that plays a huge part.  You know, you see guys like David Good and Natalie Getz, you know, they were romantically involved on the show and so they kind of had to share it.


            And Michael and Holly, you know, Michael wasn't going to take the money from Holly. 


            If, you know, if there was ever a chance that somebody would keep it, it would be in this case right here because we weren't, you know, a strong partnership.  We weren't romantically involved at all, you know.  We were thrown together at the last minute and, you know, so this is the opportunity for it.


Question:         OK.  And I wanted to get your thoughts on Erica's claims about Kalon seeing other girls while he's betting dating Lindzi.


            You know, based upon the rocky history that Erica and Kalon had, I didn't know whether you'd think Erica was just trying to blow up his spot or whether you think Kalon could actually be capable of doing something like that for Rachel.


Nick Peterson: Honestly, I don't know a whole lot about it.  And at – we were watching the show live last night so I didn't hear a whole lot.  And of course I wasn't out onstage when they were doing that so I wasn't there.


            I don't – I don't know what happened.  I honestly don't know what all she said about it.  I heard something about Kalon and Lindzi.  I heard they're still dating as of last night.


            And then she said something about him being on a date or – I don't know.  I'm sorry.  I …


Question:         No.  No problem.


Nick Peterson: I don't know.  Yes.  I don't – I don't know what all happened.  It was – it was really hard to hear because we were in a public place watching.


Question:         Right.  Sure.  And my last question for you, Nick, is I wanted to get your reaction to Blakeley and Tony's engagement.


            You know, some viewers have expressed maybe they moved a little too fast, considering he had a son and other people are wondering whether they'll last so I just wanted to get your thoughts on that.


Nick Peterson: I hope they last.  Those are two of my, you know, favorite people in the house. 


            I love Tony, love Blakeley; still stay in touch with them, probably the most out of anybody.  And I wish them the absolute best.  Was it fast, you know?


Question:         Yes.


Nick Peterson: Maybe.  I don't know, you know.  But they've been seeing each other a lot and I, you know, I wish the best for them.  She's already moved.  From what I understand, she's already moved up there to, I think it's, what is it, Portland where he lives?


            And, you know, they're probably making plans to get married.  So that's great.  I hope it works out.


Question:         And I actually loved every minute of your decision so I thought it was awesome.


Nick Peterson: Well, thank you so much.


Question:         So did you watch the finale last night?


Nick Peterson: We did.  We watched it.  It was at one of – Chris is – Chris is opening up a new restaurant soon and there, at one of the partnership restaurants, you know, we watched live.


Question:         Cool.  And, you know, at the end of it I thought it looks kind of funny – I don't know if you thought it looked funny, but I laughed as they ran the clips of everybody talking crap about you all season long, kind of justifying why you made the decision that you did.


            Did the comments that the other cast members made this season hurt you at all?  Or did it just fuel your fire to make that decision to keep the money?  Like, what was your reaction to all that?


Nick Peterson: My reaction to seeing it after it was all done at the end, those comments?


Question:  Yes.  Sure.


Nick Peterson: I'm sorry.  Can you repeat the question?  I'm sorry.


Question:         Yes.  Yes, just your reaction to seeing it, you know, at the end?  I thought the way that they edited it all together really, you know, sort of justified the decision that you made, that you really …


Nick Peterson: Yes.


Question:         … were alone in the game and they weren't – obviously were not supporting you at all.


Nick Peterson:  No, not at all, and I think it did.  It kind of built my case and, you know, they never were on my side.


            And, you know, one thing I'm tired of hearing is, you know, Nick who, Nick who?  You know, we don't even know who this guy is.  He doesn't deserve to be here, all this stuff.


            And I don't know where, you know, people like Jaclyn have room to say I don't deserve to be there, you know.  I don't understand.  So I'm glad that they showed all those things and it just, you know, it made my decision look better.  Yes.


Question:         One point that you made was that you didn't have a solid partner throughout the game; that you were working on your own.


            If you had your choice of the girls in the house, who would you have liked to work with from beginning to end?


Nick Peterson: As far as just a partnership in the game?


Question:         Sure.  Yes.


Nick Peterson: Strategically?  That's a good question.  I don't – honestly, I don't know.


            A lot of people played a different game, you know.  Some of the girls were just there looking for, you know, love.  And, you know, I feel like Lindzi was there, you know, and she met Kalon and that was pretty much it, you know.  Her ballgame was over.  She was there just to be with Kalon and that's great.  That's cool.


            You know, some people, Jaclyn a little bit more hardcore, you know, and I don't know.  You know, Blakeley was – I knew that she was eliminated and, you know, the whole situation with her and Chris.  But she was a great competitor, great in the competition.  She was very – she's strategic.


            She's a powerful player in the game.  That's what you want in a partner.  I didn't have that from the start so I had to go a different route and pretty much, you know, stay under the radar.


            So not saying that my strategy would work, you know, for everybody on "Bachelor Pad 4" next year but it worked for me.


Question:         And then last question, Rachel had obviously such a strong reaction to your decision but she ultimately supported your plan to vote Jaclyn and Ed out and Jaclyn – it's her good friend.


            So a lot of people are saying that it's a little bit of karma.  Or what do you think of, you know, what happened to Rachel?  What's your opinion of it?


Nick Peterson: Honestly, it was – it was my decision.  And I had to really talk her into it.


            You know, it's not like – Jaclyn and Ed have zero room to say, you know, complain at all.  Jaclyn and Ed – Jaclyn and Ed have zero room to complain just because they didn't take the (inaudible) competition seriously at all, you know?


            And had they taken that seriously and won that they probably would have won the whole entire show.  They would have had the decision on who they could take to the finale.  It could have been us that they'd taken and they probably still would have won.


            If they were smart and they would have taken Chris and Sarah, they definitely would have won.  You know, so they have zero room to say anything.


            And, wait, what was the other part of your question?


Question:         Well, just, you know, some people are saying that it's, you know, karma on Rachel's part.  I was just asking, like, you know, just you're final thoughts on what happened to Rachel on the finale?


Nick Peterson: Yes.  No, I (can answer to the whole) – I don't think it's necessarily karma. 


            I was the voice of reason.  And I had to step in and say hey, you know, we have to take Chris and Sarah out.  You know, so it wasn't like she was stabbing her friend in the back.  That was my decision.


            And I needed her to see that, hey, we're here to win money now.  And she just didn't see that.  She was playing with her emotions too much.  And, you know, with Michael and with Jaclyn, and she just – I just felt that she wasn't in it to win it with me.


            And so that's why I didn't feel like, you know, I owed her anything.


Question:         Hey, again.  I wondered if there were any romantic interests that we didn't see on camera, since we didn't see too much of you early in the season?


Nick Peterson: Any romantic interest from me?


Question:         Yes.


Nick Peterson: No.  I mean, you saw me kiss Donna and that was – that was about it.


That was it.  And what it was – what was going on was I wanted to partner with her and I, in the show that, you know, I told her, I said, you know, I'm going to try and keep you safe.


            And I did try and keep her safe.  And I knew it was going to be between her or Blakeley and so we tried to get Blakeley voted off and keep Donna and that didn't work out.


            So that was – that was the end of – end of any of my fun there so – and then I realized, you know, I'm – everybody else is partnered up and everything.  I'm not going to try and – you know, I'm not going to whore myself out on national television.


            And, you know, I'm going to – I think that would be a bad move, you know, because you're going to make somebody mad if you do.  So I, you know, kept it in my pants and I played smart and, you know, just kept my mind on the money.


Question:         And then what – my last question is what are your relationships with the other cast members now?


Nick Peterson: I keep in touch with most of them.  The ones that really don't obviously, you know, talk to me are Rachel and Jaclyn and Ed.  I think Ed sided with Jaclyn there.  But, you know, I, for the most part I stay in touch with everybody else.



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese



Nice interview....

Good for you, Nick!


I think it's great that Nick won. Including all the $ but maybe he should donate a bit of it.

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