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Full Transcript of Interview with Chris Harrison

Here is the full transcript of the interview with Chris Harrison about "Bachelor Pad", the upcoming season of "The Bachelor", and even some details on how Emily and Jef from "The Bachelorette" are doing.

Chris harrison

Jennifer Matarese:       So at the end of Monday's episode, you said that something in the finale was disturbing, and I was wondering if you could elaborate at all on that. 


Chris Harrison:            Not too much without the kind of giving away what's the serving.  But yes, it's a little different.  And it's funny that I've heard several times that that is the worst.  It kind of resonated with fans.  And the people on Twitter and everything, they're like, “Oh my gosh, he said dramatic before, but he'd never said the word disturbing.”  So it's funny how kind of something has caught everyone's attention. 


            But it is a – it's very different.  And we're trying to think like, “OK, how do we say this is very different than just the garden variety drama that we bring, you know, every season and every week, year in and year out?”  And it's a very different event that happens in particular that we've never seen before, so that was the – we had to bring something new to the game. 



Jennifer Matarese:       OK.  And I was wondering when the announcement on the next Bachelor was going to be made.  Like is there a timeframe for that? 


Chris Harrison:            That's a very good question.  I actually had dinner with Mike Fleiss, as you guys know, the creator of the show, last night.  And we were just tackling the same discussion, and it's still – it is still not done 100 percent. 


            Obviously, we've narrowed it down considerably to our kind of finalist.  But this – as far as the business goes, this goes really high up the food chain, including, Paul Lee, the president of ABC. 


            So it's just vetting these – vetting these guys out and then taking it up to all the bosses and making sure that everyone signs off this and there’s an agreement, but we're very close as we have to be as we kind of start production fairly soon.  So I would say the decision should be imminent in any day now. 


Jennifer Matarese:       OK, so it's not like you're waiting for Dancing with the Stars to start off or anything because ... 


Chris Harrison:            No, oh no.  Well, I mean I don't think so.  Again, I don't know because it is well above my pay grade to decide how we would announce it if we would do it on Dancing or something like that. 


            But I think honestly, it actually – no, I know for a fact that's not what we're waiting for because I think I will know before then.  They will tell me long before the – we would say, we announce it on Dancing with the Stars.  But I know the decision has actually not been made.  And where we'll announce it or how, I'm not sure. 


Jennifer Matarese:       OK, thank you so much. 


Chris Harrison:            That's up to the – that's up to the marketing gurus. 


Jennifer Matarese:       Yes. 


Question:         So in the preview clip from next week's Bachelor Pad finale, it looks like Mike Stagliano is going to reveal he doesn’t want to pursue a relationship with Rachel, and she seems crushed about the news.  It also shows Michael saying he didn't come on Bachelor Pad to fall in love.  But in his initial Bachelor Pad bio information supplied by ABC, he said finding love was actually the only reason he wanted to go on the show to begin with.  So would you mind talking a little about that inconsistency and maybe hint us what viewers can expect to see go down between Mike and Rachel? 


Chris Harrison:            Yes, I mean – you know, hopefully, you guys can get a hold of Michael and maybe he can talk about the inconsistency better than I can because there definitely is one, there definitely was one.  And it was – it's unfortunate, you're going to see the fall out of – Rachel definitely fell for Michael.  And he did not in return, and she feels a little used and a little played and a little violated and maybe rightfully so.  I don't know.  I don't know what went on behind closed doors with those two before or after the show. 


            Well, there's a little bit that we'll talk about actually that happened after the show next week, that maybe a little more hurtful to Rachel and makes her feel a little more used.  But she – I have to give her respect, and you'll see next week that she was pretty strong and pretty adamant about her feelings and how she felt like he kind of played her.  It was a tough situation.  It was like very uncomfortable to sit there and I think Michael, who is kind of come out of every situation as far as smelling like a rouse, he’ll catch a little heat for that. 


Question:         OK, and Nick Peterson had clearly been hiding in the background until Bachelor Pad's most recent episodes.  And now he's in the final two couples.  And some viewers find it strange that since he made it all the way until the end, he wasn't edited more into the season so that they could kind of get to know him better.  So do you think the editing intentionally left him out to kind of create a surprise factor for them at the end?  Or was he really just that out of the loop when it came to alliances, strategy and friendships and all that in the house? 


Chris Harrison:            No, he really didn't do anything.  I mean he ate protein shakes and eggs and I think did a lot of push-ups.  And that was about it.  There wasn't a whole lot – he didn't have a love interest, he didn't have any battles, he didn't win any challenges, he didn't – you know, it's not like he didn't make friends.  I mean he got along with everybody but that was just it. 


            He was just kind of this nice, good guy that just kind of hung around.  He didn't really have a partner and no one really wanted him as a partner, no one disliked him, he wasn't really part of an alliance.  He's just – he really floated through very quietly into the radar which maybe the smartest thing.  I mean, as it appears, as he's in the final four, maybe one of the smartest plays ever, because he just really didn't make any waves one way or the other, and he was kind of that forgotten guy.  And I think every time that there was a vote that came up, I think everybody just felt, we'll worry about Nick later, we'll worry about Nick later, like, we'll take care of him, he's an easy kill.  We'll get him one down the road.  We'll use him all we can. 


            And then, I just don't think anybody thought through – and again, the most pivotal moment if you go back and look at game play with Erica taking Michael Stagliano down.  Because when Erica takes Michael down, that changed the dynamic of the game completely. 


            Because Michael and Rachel will probably win that challenge, the singing challenge, because Michael is so good.  And instead, it's Nick and Rachel and now you can't take him out because he has all the power.  He got that final rose.  So it was really interesting.  And it really wasn't lack of editing putting the guy in.  He just didn't really do anything all season. 


Question:         So what I wanted to ask you is the success rate of Bachelor Pad's couples definitely helps the success rate of couples from the whole Bachelor franchise.  Do you think that Emily and Jef will last after everything that’s happened to them? 


Chris Harrison:            Not sure what that first part had to do with that second part, but just dealing, I guess, with Emily and Jef is what your questions is.  Will they last forever?  I don't know. 


            They are very much in love and doing great and despite what, I guess, people have printed and written – although, I can't tell you exactly what was printed and written.  I don't really read much of that stuff.  But they're doing great, they're doing really good, and .... 


I’ve talked to them a bit and see them from to time and they're doing awesome. 


Question:         So they’re just trying to get back to normal life and work on their relationship? 


Chris Harrison:            They already have.  I mean, he's out there in Charlotte.  And I mean they're well, well into it and doing fantastic, yes.  And I wish them the best.  They're two good people.  And I think, again, the million dollar question, the million dollar question with any couple, whether it's your mom and dad, or aunt or uncle, or friend and girlfriend, is the couple going to last?  Who the heck knows?


Are they going to try and really put it all out there?  Absolutely, they are.  And so if – I wish them the best.  I hope everyone else does. 


Question:         So I have a question, how was this season different from the two past Bachelor Pad seasons? 


Chris Harrison:            You know, first of all, kind of with The Bachelor and Bachelorette, everything just depend on the cast.  Those personalities, everybody brings their history, their baggage, and that creates the dynamic in the show. 


            You know, like, Emily season was nothing like Ali season.  And when you look at The Bachelor Pad, it's kind of the same way.  I mean, these people are just so different, and of course, the fans, you know, having complete kind of strangers in the house change that dynamic. 


            But this season, there was no – which is funny because we ended up with so much drama as far as couples go.  To start, these people really didn't know each other that well.  It wasn't this tight knit group. 


            I think having like Tony and Chris, and who am I missing from the season?  Kalon.  They had new guys that – they weren't part of the fraternity yet.  They were on the show, but they didn't – they’ve (abandoned) these reunions.  They weren’t all buddy-buddy. 


            And I think Sarah coming from quite some time ago wasn't as close to some of these girls.  So I just don't think it was that tight knit group that you’ve had in the past where everybody walk in and really knew each other so well.  And you didn't have those built-in couples so quickly. 


            And I think last season, you had Michelle Money and Graham, and you had Kiptyn and Tenley, and you had the Blake and that whole love triangle with Michael and Holly and all that.  So it was just a completely different dynamic that took a while to build.  It took a couple of weeks.  But then when it did, it really took off. 


            And I think it also lent itself to having those – like the love triangle with Chris, who kind of like partnered up with Blakely but then he kind of went over and used Jamie, and then he's like “No, no, I want Sarah,” and so he kind of lent himself to, I think, more drama and more intrigue because they didn't know each other so well. 


Question:         Were you surprised that Chris was such a player …  


Chris Harrison:            Very ... 


Question:         … from seeing him in Bachelorette?


Chris Harrison:            Yes.  And you know what, he talked – we talked a lot about that coming up in the finale.  Obviously, he had to own up to it, and as a host, of course, you have to ask that question.  But I'll give a little hint of something he talks about and that his family was disappointed in him.


Because I asked him, like, just about his behavior because it really was atrocious.  But he has heard from his family, his friends, and like everybody was really disappointed at him.  And I just hope it's one of those things that something, the situation and the experience got the better of him, and he learned from it.  And he's a young guy, he's a very young man.  But I was blown away.  After the guy I saw with Emily, and then this guy coming in and just plowing to the house, I was like, wow, like, “What are you doing?”  And at some point, I just want to stop, like, “You realize this is on television.  Like, you see all these cameras, you see the lights, like these are not hidden cameras, we're right here, we see these happening.”


Question:         On The Bachelor and Bachelorette, you seem more involved obviously with The Bachelor and Bachelorette.  Were you involved with a lot of the drama?  Like, did you know it was going on in the house?  You seem more aware of what's going on in Bachelor and Bachelorette than Bachelor Pad. 


Chris Harrison:            Actually, I'm a lot more aware in Bachelor Pad just because I have to be.  Bachelor Pad, I'm around and involved a lot more because there's a game element, and I have to run some.  I'm kind of The Bachelor-Bachelorette host on the show.  But then at Bachelor Pad, I'm the host, the referee, and then I’m I also that Bachelor-Bachelorette host where I come in and kind of work the romance and that dynamic as well in the relationships. 


            And so Bachelor Pad, I wear a lot of different hats and walk a very fine line of running this game and this game show and keeping the integrity of the game, but at the same time talking to Ed about Jaclyn, and talking to Lindzi and Kalon, and pushing those buttons as well.  So it's actually – I'm actually a lot more involved, I'm around a lot more, I watch a lot more, and I'm in on a lot more meetings and all that with Bachelor Pad just because you have to be to stay on top of it because there's just a lot more, I mean, again, this is kind of inside baseball, but there's a lot more freewheeling and adlibbing going on, on my behalf during the games, during some of the talks before rose ceremonies.  And so I really have to know my stuff going in to those situations. 


Question:         I know you spoke about how Nick was kind of like the surprise in the final four.  What do you think about the other three that made it to the end? 


Chris Harrison:            You know, I think it would have been easy for Rachel and Michael to make it.  You know, she was on the – she was part of the biggest alliance.  Whether it was Ed or Jaclyn, Michael and Rachel, like, they were the strong, bigger alliance in the house. 


            Nick was kind of quietly part of Chris and like Erica Rose, that kind of smaller alliance.  He was kind of part of one, but not really.  They just – again, everyone just kind of used Nick.  He kind of went back and forth, kind of like Kalon and Lindzi did.  You know, it kind of whoever suited them that week, then people would come to them and use them as a vote. 


            And so Chris and Sarah, you know, whether you like Chris or not, whether you like Sarah or not, they played the game well.  They won a lot of competitions.  They really fought hard.  They gamed really well.  I mean, if you look at that decision to bring Erica into the voting booth that night, that was a stroke of genius.  And they got Mike Stagliano, the king of the house and the king of Bachelor Pad, voted off, and took the guy down.  And so whether you like his personality and what he did morally, you got to look at the fact, he played a damn good game.  He really did and he fought hard, and so did Sarah.  So it doesn't surprise me those three are there because Rachel floated with the stronger alliance, and Chris and Sarah played well.  Nick, who knows how he got there, but he's there. 


Question:         In the teaser for next week's episode, we see how Rachel kind of have like this meltdown backstage, obviously very visibly upset.  Can you give up any inside into what was behind that?  Did it have to do with Michael?  Or is there anything you can tell us leading up to that moment? 


Chris Harrison:            You know, it's probably half and half.  Rachel had a – it was a tough one.  First of all, facing Michael, it was very difficult for her.  And the way we do it, it's kind of tough because you have this kind of talk show.  But at the beginning, I can't have the final four out there because there's game play involved. 


            And again, there's – again, I talked about wearing different hats.  In the beginning, I'm Bachelor-Bachelorette host where I'm kind of doing the tell all and we’re dealing with all these situations.  But we can't really do that with the final four because there' s also a quarter of a million dollars in play.  And so there's rules that we have to follow as far as the game goes.  And so the final four aren't out there in the beginning. 


            And so once they come out and we start dealing with these relationships, it is very emotional.  It is tough on Rachel, and Michael, by the way.  Because it's like we can' t – it's hard to get mad at somebody and I know we all will maybe get mad at Michael a little bit, but the bottom line is he doesn't love Rachel.  He doesn't want a relationship with Rachel.  And so how do you delicately tell somebody that?  And he tried.  He tries to in the show, but it just doesn't go over well.  And you look at this beautiful girl, Rachel, and she looks phenomenal in this black dress when she comes out on the show and it's easy to sympathize and empathize with her.  We've all been there, and so it was very emotional. 


            But the game itself also is something that Rachel is involved in, so she deals with Michael and then she has to deal with the show.  It's a very volatile situation. 


Question:         So you said in your TV Guide interview that you felt sorry for Rachel a bit, especially because she tried to stand her ground in keeping Ed and Jaclyn in the game until Nick convinced her otherwise.  And Jaclyn clearly took the news of her elimination horribly, saying her friendship with Rachel was completely over and everything. 


            So did you think Jaclyn overreacted because Rachel was just playing her best strategic game possible?  Or did you see where Jaclyn was coming from and that Rachel wrongfully betrayed a best friend? 


Chris Harrison:            Yes, I guess, is the answer to the question.  I get where Jaclyn is coming from because if you think in your own personal life, your best friend, they're very, very close.  Think of your best friend standing there and they're about to vote and there's a quarter of a million dollars on the line, and you've been in the same alliance.  It’s your friend.  You know what's going to happen.  Your friend is going to choose you, of course, they are.  You would never let money or something like that get in the way.  And then all of a sudden, they stab you in the back.  Like, I get why Jaclyn was pissed.  And you add on top of that the pressure in the moment. 


            It’s kind of like when Erica went off on Michael Stagliano.  Do I understand why she did it?  Yes.  Was she completely out of line and went over, kind of crossed that boundary?  Of course, she did.  But I get why she did it. 


            I mean it's hard to explain unless you're there how much emotion and how much tension is in the air.  But at the same time, I look at Rachel and the reason why I feel sorry for her is she fought like crazy to keep Jaclyn in the game.  And I don't know if Nick just wore her down, if she was just emotionally spent, I don't know.  But all of sudden, he came back and everything he was saying just kind of made sense to her, and she was like fine, like – but for a long time, they were in an impasse.  She wasn't budging.  And Nick just kind of kept fighting and fighting and fighting, and this is where you kind of have to give a huge nod to Nick.  The best decision for him was to go with his buddy, Chris and Sarah.  And they're also the most controversial, so it's the best chance for them to win. 


            And honestly, for Rachel, it's the best chance for them to win, too, but she had a disagreement in this alliance with Jaclyn, and you're going to find out more about all that next week.  But I just – when I was out there standing next to her, she was crestfallen, like, it didn't just – it was like her heart was ripped out, and Rachel was just – when Nick was speaking, she couldn't even look at Jaclyn.  She knew she had made a mistake, and she knew she was going to regret this.  And so in that regard, I just felt sorry, like, she kind of got – she kind of got bulled over a little bit by Nick.  But I give him credit because that was his job, that's what he was going in to do. 


Question:         OK, sure.  And Ed non-committal relationship reputation was pretty well known before he entered Bachelor Pad.  And during the first couple of nights, he didn't really help his case by getting hammered and naked and everything like that.


            And Jaclyn even admitted that he was a train wreck in the beginning, but she ended up falling for him.  So do you kind of feel bad for Jaclyn because she sort of fell into Ed's spell, and maybe he led her on a little bit?  Or do you think she should have known what she was getting herself into and therefore kind of made a wrong bed and lied in it?  You know what I mean?


Chris Harrison:            Yes.  I mean, look – yes, I get it, I understand.  I feel a little bit sorry for Jaclyn for getting caught in that web.  But with Ed, buyer beware.  I mean, come on.  It's been well documented how this is going to turn out for you, getting snared in that trap. 


            And I get Ed.  I mean, he has great charisma, great charm.  You can't help but kind of like the guy and want to be around him.  But just know that you just want to be around him and have a good time.  Don't fall in love.  And Jaclyn, I think, made a mistake.  And you'll see again – I gave Ed another chance at the finale coming up next week.  And again, he just didn't really do a good job of explaining himself, and it kind of becomes the running joke throughout the show with Ed and Jaclyn.  They still just don't know how to communicate.  They're still not on the same page.  And in that regard, I do kind of feel bad for her because I know she really, honestly has feelings for this guy.  And it's just Ed.  You know, it's just not going to happen. 


Question:         OK.  And in your interview with TV Guide last week, you have said that Ed makes every situation worse, but he's kind of addicting to women.  Does that surprise you?  And what is it about him that makes him so irresistible to women, I guess?  And did you feel some deja vu when you discovered Ed had a girl back home this season? 


Chris Harrison:            Well, it's a funny thing with Ed, it's like I'd say he makes every situation worse unless you're a host of the show, in which case, he's phenomenal.  He's just – he is constant entertainment, and I don't think he means to be.  It's not like he goes out of his way to create these situations.  He just does – he's just Ed. 


            But I see it.  You see that charisma and that charm, and he's sweet, and he knows how to talk to women and knows how to charm them, and you get caught up in it, and it's fun to be around.  And so you see why – I forget, who was he with at the beginning, Sarah?  I think he was with Sarah in the beginning, and he ends up with Jaclyn.  And I don't if there's someone in between, but you get it.  He kind of just has this great – it's like walking around with Mardi Gras.  He's just Carnival and Mardi Gras wrapped up in one, and he's just this constant party, it's fun to be around.  But is that somebody you want to marry right now?  You know, I think Jaclyn is figuring that out. 


Question:         OK.  At the end of Bachelor Pad finale, obviously, one person can vote to keep the money and end up receiving it all, or both players can vote to keep the money and neither one of them gets a thing.  And that type of ending certainly seems like it would qualify as the shocking twist the show has been teasing.  So are you surprised in the first two seasons of Bachelor Pad, both winning couples ended up voting to split the money fair and square? 


Chris Harrison:            Well, here's the tough thing with Bachelor Pad, and this is what we've learned as producers.  There's a lot of alliances.  And depending on who makes it in into the final four really dictates how much drama there might be or who the final couple, too, really determines what that drama will be. 


            And you know, in the past, there has been massive agreements throughout the house where, say, if one of six people wins, hey, we'll all split the money.  Everyone just kind of covering, hedging their bets and covering themselves.  And so it really depends on the final four and who ends up with that decision in the end of keep or share. 


            And this season really is dynamic as we end up with Chris and Sarah, who are on an island.  They say many, many times over that they got there for one reason and one reason only, and that's – it was completely up  to them.  And then you have Nick and Rachel who became a partner all of a week ago.  So the dynamic into the final four is fantastic.  It really opens the game up to being unpredictable and being dramatic. 


Question:         OK, great.  And lastly, I'm sure you're aware of the recent Us Weekly report in which Jef's brother, Mike, came forward and insisted Emily and Jef's relationship is on the rocks.  Despite Jef and Emily ... 


Chris Harrison:            Obviously, I don't.  I’m still – fill me in because, I mean, honestly, I really despise Us Weekly, I don't read it.  So tell me – so tell me what the story was because, I mean, it's usually just a bunch of BS.  But fill me in.  What were the details? 


Question:         OK.  Well, basically, Jef's brother, Mike, came forward and said that while Emily was meeting both of Jef's family on vacation, they ended up getting into a huge blow-out argument over text messages that Jef allegedly found in her phone to and from another man. 


            So the story, basically that Jef assumed that Emily was cheating on him and then they ended up storming off the house and the relationship has been on the rocks ever since.  And Jef's brother came out and said his claims are 100 percent true, while Jef and Emily both came out with stern details saying the relationship is wonderful and that never happened.  So clearly, it sounds like you haven't heard about it.  And I just wanted to …


Chris Harrison:            So Jef's brother is the one that's telling everybody – that's pretty funny ... 


Question:         Yes, and Jef was horrified that her brother came forward and said all those things about them especially because, you know, he loves his brother. 


Chris Harrison:            Is Jef's brother like the black sheep of the family that wants some press or something? 


Question:         That's kind of what Jef is (saying).


Chris Harrison:            So, no.  All I know – all I can tell you because, I mean, I talked to Jef and Emily, that's why – I mean, honestly, that's why I don't read that crap is because, I mean, I’ll just talk to – I mean, I talk to Jef and Emily all the time so, you know, I kind of take my cues from them. 


            And they're doing great.  I mean, I’ve talked to – I texted with Emily last week.  And I talked to Jef probably about the same time.  I don’t know if they were on vacation or something, but we're all there in the car, so we're all texting each other. 


            And they're doing great.  I mean, we all jump around together, and I don't ask them how they're doing and like what their love life is like because our conversations – you know it's not like – you would never ask your friends how they're doing because they're – you can tell when they're doing fine.  You know what I mean? 


            So when we talked, they're together and they're doing great, and they seem to be having a good time together, and I've seen – I get pictures from time to time with them around doing stuff.  So seems like everything is good.  I don't know – I don't know about Jef's brother.  It sounds like he has some issues in the family. 


Question:         I wanted to know, who do you think were the most unexpected couple that have come out of The Bachelor Pad this season? 


Chris Harrison:            Well, I mean, Blakely and Tony, easily the most unexpected couple ... 


Question:         That was my next question.  I was going to ask what you think about them being engaged. 


Chris Harrison:            I love it.  I mean, I love the fact that they're together as a couple.  And the way they met on Bachelor Pad is – it was this – I don't know, I don't want to say odd, but I guess – just in the beginning, I would say if you lined everybody up and pick somebody for Blakely or pick somebody for Tony, you wouldn't pick them.  You wouldn't put them together.  It's just an interesting pairing.  But the more they kind of started coming together on the show as partners, you can just see it really made sense.


            She's a vulnerable, little girl and she kind of wants that guy who's going to be just overly honest and protective and trustworthy and dependent.  And that's him, and he's that dad, he's the caretaker, and he's taking care of her.  They just – they quickly fell in love.  It happened really fast on the show.  But it was just a beautiful thing to watch.  And we showed a clip – I think it was on Good Morning, America this morning that they're still together and they really care about each other.  So it was really neat.  It was fun to watch, and I'm glad – I'm really happy.  I like them both. 


            I've gotten to know Blakely a little bit because we saw – we spent some time in Charlotte because that's where she lives and that's where we shot Emily's season.  I mean, she's a good girl.  She's a really good girl and he is a good guy.  I think they're – I think they're a fantastic couple. 


            And I was trying to think who else.  I mean, obviously, Lindzi and Kalon were a shock as well.  I mean, I just think anybody who could see America's sweetheart Lindzi ending up with Kalon, who was kind of the villain from last season.  That was a pretty big surprise. 


Question:         Yes.  Do you think that he'll kind of like change Lindzi a little bit, because he's so ... 


Chris Harrison:            I hope not.


Question:  ... "the villain"? 


Chris Harrison:            Yes, I mean, I hope not.  I hope he doesn't hurt her in the end.  I hope they can – I hope they make it.  And I like Kalon.  I mean, did he say some silly things?  Yes.  But look, I think he's in on a joke.  I think he kind of likes to poke the bear and stir things up, so to speak.  And so Lindzi brings out, I think, a good side in him. I think vice versa.  That's another one.  You would have never predicted it, but it makes sense and they're good together. 


Question:         OK, got you.  Also, I know that there's no final decision as to who will be the next Bachelor.  But can you at least reveal who's in the running? 


Chris Harrison:            I mean I can’t – well, first of all, you have the guys from the last season show that are definitely in the running.  We've been talking about Arie, we've been talking about Sean.  I know there was the talk about Ryan Lochte.  But there's also – there’s also people in the mix that – I always say this and people, like, “Oh, it’s not true,” but there's also people in the mix that nobody has met before.  We're always casting for the show, and there's always a wide net that we throw out there.  And we – there's never just one or two people.  You know, like Roberto was in the mix.


            Was he ever The Bachelor?  I guess someone said it was a done deal, it's never – like, first of all, we'd never sign anybody as a done deal 6 months ahead of the show like somebody reported.  But he was in the mix for a while.  But we vet this people out.  And again, it goes pretty high up the food chain from our producers to Mike Fleiss, the creator of the show, to the people, the executives at ABC.  I mean, really, there's a lot of people that kind of have their hands in this pie.  And so there's still several people in the mix, and some, you don't even know that aren't even a part of this franchise. 


Question:         OK.  You mentioned Ryan Lochte.  So is it true that he was – he actually was or has been considered at least a little? 


Chris Harrison:            Yes, oh, yes.  Like when crazy rumors like that get started or whatever, like we'll always go – we'll always go, when we ran into each other, like, "Well, what do you think?  What do you think?”  Well, he's pretty, you know – but in the end, what we have to look at is we can't just go on public emotion or popularity or whatever.  In the end, what we have to do is kind of stick to what's made this franchise great. 


            And in the end, you need a guy who is – or a girl, when it's The Bachelorette, who's extremely sincere, open, honest, and really wants this to work.  And I don't know how far it got with him.  I don't even know if there was a meeting. 


            And I know somebody reported that he was asking for 3/4 of $1 million or something like that.  I sincerely doubt – I haven't asked, but I sincerely doubt it ever got that far to where he would even able to demand any money.  I don't think it ever got that serious. 


            But there's always a ton of people in the mix.  And I know that the decision's close but yes, we still have a pretty large group that's up to this gig. 


It might be – might be Michael Strahan.


Question:         Sorry, what did you say? 


Chris Harrison:            It might be Michael Strahan.  He's not doing anything, is he? 


Question:         I don't think so.  OK, well, thank you. 


Jennifer Matarese:       So you said Roberto was in the running, does that mean he's out or is he still being considered? 


Chris Harrison:            You know, I don't where – honestly, I don't know where it stands.  I don't if he's still on the running or not.  I don't know. 


Jennifer Matarese:       OK. 


Chris Harrison:            He might still be one of the candidates they're considering.  At this point, it's in the hands of the higher ops where we kind of all put our two cents in, and the producers will kind of run it by me and ask what I think and so we have – they have our pool.  It's not like people get weeded out.  It's not like it's a tournament where you kind of start tossing people aside.


Jennifer Matarese:       Yes. 


Chris Harrison:            You have this pool and then at the end, they'll make the decision.  And it's a tough decision because you got to think like, again, who's sincere, who's the best for the show, what’s the network looking for – I mean, why?  It's bizarre how much goes into it.  But it’s never like one of those snap decisions where it's like, "Hey, there's a good guy, let’s make him The Bachelor," or "He's a big, big celebrity this summer, let's do that."


Jennifer Matarese:       Yes. 


Chris Harrison:            But we do, we listen to the fans and we – that's why we take such a long time as we have plenty of time to make our decision.  We're not in a rush.  And so we listen to people on Twitter, on Facebook and people that write in.  And public opinion definitely plays a part in it, but it can't play – it can't make the decisions for you.  Because in the end, we also know what works on television and we know what has worked for over a decade now.  And so we take into consideration what our fans want, but at the same time, we also know what works. 


Jennifer Matarese:       And then the final question is just back to Lindzi and Kalon, there’s reports that they're hanging out together just for now.  And then once they go back to where they're from, Kalon doesn't really plan on doing the long distance thing.  But I mean, when we spoke to him last week in a conference call, he seemed pretty sure that they were at least going to give it a shot.  I mean, what's your feeling on them? 


Chris Harrison:            I think they will.  I think they are.  I think, what, she lives in Seattle and he's in Houston, which isn’t …


Jennifer Matarese:       Yes, well, I guess, he’s in California for now.  I don't know. 


Chris Harrison:            OK.  (The guy doesn't even know).


Jennifer Matarese:       Yes, who knows? 


Chris Harrison:            But again, I know that they don't live in the same city and I know that's hard.  I know they want to make a go of it and they're going to try and all that, like, again which one of those questions with Emily and Jef or whatever, like, will it work?  Like, who knows?  But, like, do they have – do they have something very cool and something very real while they were in the show?  Yes.  And you'll see next week that they still have something that seems real and still seems good. 


            And you can look at the smile on their face and he seems happy.  And again, they'll make a go of it and I hope it works for them.  But long-distance relationships are tough, and if they can pull it off then good on them. 


Question:         So this season, you guys added fans to The Bachelor Pad, are you guys going to do that next year and will you be adding more? 


Chris Harrison:            I don't know.  And again, that was something we just kind of did last minute and thought it was a great idea, so I don't know.  It worked.  We loved it.  But we're very – I don't know – we rarely keep things the same, especially when it comes to the summer show on Bachelor Pad.


            Because who knows what we'll do?  And if we'll change things up or if we come up with a great cast without fans, and maybe we just keep it the way it is. 


            So I don't know.  But I love – it worked this season for sure.  I thought it was a great dynamic.  Although they got voted off and didn't make it extremely far, I thought it was a very fun, kind of homage to our fans and kind of a cool thing to do. 


            And I think our show is very rare and that you have the ability to do that because people are so vested in our characters and the people and the show itself.  And it was kind of cool to bring these people in who knew so much about the show and knew so much about these people.  It was fun for me. 


Question:         And just one last question.  When you look back at the episodes, because I'm sure you don't know exactly what's going to get edited out, what's going to be put in, do you think everyone was portrayed right and correctly?  Or do you think some maybe some people didn't get enough airtime that should have or ..  


Chris Harrison:            You know, I think – I think in the end, everyone got portrayed well.  In the beginning, I was a little disappointed that Lindzi and Kalon didn't get more time. 


            And again, as you mentioned, they were in the edit and then they got taken out because there were so many crazy good stories going on, we just didn't have time.  It wasn't like an exciting dramatic story.  And you know, we got to it eventually after that date on the bridge and all that, so you saw it. 


            I just – I wish we could have shown a little bit more of that budding romance.  But again, we had so many different – like the Ed and Jaclyn's, and Chris, and all the women. 


            It was just way too much to cover in that small amount of time that they got shorted a little bit.  I was trying to think who else.  Again, Nick was Nick.  There wasn't a whole lot to show.  He was either cooking eggs or hanging out in the kitchen most of the time, so there wasn't a whole lot there to see that – it's not like you missed this huge dynamic of the personality that was skimming behind the scenes.  So no, I think it was a pretty good portrayal. 



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese 


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