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September 2012


Sean Lowe is the New 'Bachelor'!!!

Wow!  Bombshell announcement!  Although it has been widely speculated, it is now official.  Sean Lowe is next season's "The Bachelor"!  


Let's hope this hunky blond can find love.  Personally, I'm relieved it's not Ryan Lochte.  He's too much of a player.  Sean seems genuinely interested in finding Mrs. Right.  In case you don't know, Sean is 28 and is a businessman and entrepreneur from Dallas.


Here's the pool of the 25 women that Sean will get to meet and hopefully find his wife: from http://abc.go.com/shows/the-bachelor/photo-details/the-bachelorettes/1019280  There isn't a whole lot of information on them yet, but more is expected to follow.  At least we can get a good look at their faces.


So what do you think of Sean as the new "Bachelor"? Click comments below to share your thoughts! Season 17 of "The Bachelor" begins this coming January.


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


Full Transcript of Interview with 'Bachelor Pad' Winner Nick Peterson

Here is the full transcript of the interview with Nick Peterson, the big winner of "Bachelor Pad" 3!


Question:         So, Nick, what's the status of your relationship with Rachel now?  Did you guys end up talking things out and becoming friends again or do you kind of have no intention to fix things?


Nick Peterson: No.  I – we haven't talked at all.  And would I like to?  Yes, absolutely.  But I figured I'd let it settle down a little bit for a while because I know especially, you know, with the finale airing last night that she's going to be bombarded with a lot of questions.


            She's going to stand up for herself, I'm sure, you know, and I would assume she's, you know, not going to say some nice things about me.


            So I'm going to let it settle down for a little while and then – and then hopefully maybe we can patch things up.


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New Interview with 'Bachelor Pad' Winner Nick Peterson

Fresh off of his big "Bachelor Pad" win, Nick Peterson took some time to talk about his strategy, why he decided to keep the money for himself and what he plans to do with the $250k now that he has it.

Nick peterson
Nick said that he and Rachel have yet to talk about what happened the night of the finale and that he thinks he needs to “let it settle down a bit” since the finale just aired.  He said he knows that she is really angry with him, but that he would like to patch things up with her in the future.


He said, “Was it tough sitting next to her crying, yes, but then after seeing what she said, I didn’t feel that bad.”  Nick is referring to two of the episodes that aired once they became partners.  He said that he saw that Rachel didn’t want to be his partner and several times jeopardized their time there by saying she wanted to go home and secretly calling Michael.

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Deceit Wins Over Loyalty on 'Bachelor Pad' Finale

This shocking, most disturbing “Bachelor Pad” finale ever, was that and even more.  Let’s recap on how Rachel really got the short end of the stick this season in basically every way.



It came down to Nick and Rachel and then Chris and Sarah in the finals.  They brought back all of the contestants to rehash everything that happened on the show this season in a “tell all” kind of format.



Michael was in the hot seat first and he said that what Erica said when he was eliminated by her was uncalled for.  Erica says that she stands behind what she said.  He added that he and Rachel had a great time but it just didn’t “you know”.  He said he thought things were amicable, and Jaclyn said that she is still very hurt.  He didn’t think there was enough there for a long term relationship.  Michael said that Rachel was falling in love with him and he just wasn’t with her.  The consensus among the other women in the house is that he pretty much led Rachel on.  We’ll hear from Rachel on this topic later.


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Full Transcript of Interview with Chris Harrison

Here is the full transcript of the interview with Chris Harrison about "Bachelor Pad", the upcoming season of "The Bachelor", and even some details on how Emily and Jef from "The Bachelorette" are doing.

Chris harrison

Jennifer Matarese:       So at the end of Monday's episode, you said that something in the finale was disturbing, and I was wondering if you could elaborate at all on that. 


Chris Harrison:            Not too much without the kind of giving away what's the serving.  But yes, it's a little different.  And it's funny that I've heard several times that that is the worst.  It kind of resonated with fans.  And the people on Twitter and everything, they're like, “Oh my gosh, he said dramatic before, but he'd never said the word disturbing.”  So it's funny how kind of something has caught everyone's attention. 


            But it is a – it's very different.  And we're trying to think like, “OK, how do we say this is very different than just the garden variety drama that we bring, you know, every season and every week, year in and year out?”  And it's a very different event that happens in particular that we've never seen before, so that was the – we had to bring something new to the game. 


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Chris Harrison Dishes on the 'Bachelor Pad' Finale and the Upcoming 'Bachelor'

Chris Harrison, the Rosemaster himself, acknowledged that in the promo for this coming week’s “Bachelor Pad” finale, calling it “disturbing” really resonated with the fans.  He said that he couldn’t really elaborate much more on what he meant when he said that because it would give it away, but that “it’s different than the garden variety drama” that the show is known for each week and each year and it’s something we’ve never seen before.  Sounds juicy!

Chris harrison 

Also, I know there has been A LOT of speculation as to who the next “Bachelor” is going to be and he said that the decision has still not been made although the field has been narrowed down considerably.  Whenever he mentioned Roberto, he would always say “was” being considered and I asked him about that but he seemed to mean that he was being considered and not that it was past tense.  I don’t know if I totally buy that.  I think we are looking at Sean Lowe, Ryan Lochte (I hope not!) and possibly someone new!  Harrison said that they are always going through the applications of guys wanting to be the next “Bachelor” and the possibility that it is someone we haven’t seen before does remain!  That would be exciting.

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The Final Four Couples Turn into the Final Four Contestants on 'Bachelor Pad'

We’re down to the final four and things are going to get wild and intense.  The housemates can now practically feel their wallets getting fatter with the $250k.  Nick and Rachel feel like they could be next on the chopping block because they are not “romantic” partners and everyone else is.


Chris Harrison announces that the winner of the competition will have a lot of power in their hands, but he doesn’t completely explain what that means.  He does say that they all need to pack and that one couple will be leaving once the competition is over.  The very astute Chris says that he thinks it means the winner will get to choose who goes home.  I’m guessing he’s right.



The competition is called “Hanging by a Thread”.  One person has to sit up on a platform and hang on to a bar while the other team member answers “Bachelor” trivia.  Wrong answers means that the ropes holding the platform up start to disappear.  The couple who wins does select who will have to leave.


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