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New Interview with 'Bachelor Pad' Winner Nick Peterson

Fresh off of his big "Bachelor Pad" win, Nick Peterson took some time to talk about his strategy, why he decided to keep the money for himself and what he plans to do with the $250k now that he has it.

Nick peterson
Nick said that he and Rachel have yet to talk about what happened the night of the finale and that he thinks he needs to “let it settle down a bit” since the finale just aired.  He said he knows that she is really angry with him, but that he would like to patch things up with her in the future.


He said, “Was it tough sitting next to her crying, yes, but then after seeing what she said, I didn’t feel that bad.”  Nick is referring to two of the episodes that aired once they became partners.  He said that he saw that Rachel didn’t want to be his partner and several times jeopardized their time there by saying she wanted to go home and secretly calling Michael.


He also said that Rachel wouldn’t have even gotten to the final round if it wasn’t for him because she would have picked Ed and Jaclyn to take to the finals and they would probably not have won against them and it was his call to take Chris and Sarah.


Nick said that he planned on sharing the money leading up to the finale, but once he saw those episodes air, he changed his mind.  He knows that she could have picked “keep” as well, but based on the conversations they had, he was pretty sure that she would pick “share” and it would be worth the risk.


Nick says that he plans to be smart with the money and invest most of it.  He does want to make one big purchase though and that’s to get a Jeep Wrangler.


He added that he would do the show again the way the Michael Stagliano did but he doesn’t think he would be able to win because no one would want to be his partner.  I don’t think that would really stop him because no one wanted to be his partner this time either, ha!


As for the big Blakeley and Tony engagement, he says that they were his best friends in the house, and although it was a bit fast, he wishes them the best and really does hope it works out for them.  He says they are the real deal.


I’ll have the full transcript of Nick’s interview tomorrow!



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