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The Final Four Couples Turn into the Final Four Contestants on 'Bachelor Pad'

We’re down to the final four and things are going to get wild and intense.  The housemates can now practically feel their wallets getting fatter with the $250k.  Nick and Rachel feel like they could be next on the chopping block because they are not “romantic” partners and everyone else is.


Chris Harrison announces that the winner of the competition will have a lot of power in their hands, but he doesn’t completely explain what that means.  He does say that they all need to pack and that one couple will be leaving once the competition is over.  The very astute Chris says that he thinks it means the winner will get to choose who goes home.  I’m guessing he’s right.



The competition is called “Hanging by a Thread”.  One person has to sit up on a platform and hang on to a bar while the other team member answers “Bachelor” trivia.  Wrong answers means that the ropes holding the platform up start to disappear.  The couple who wins does select who will have to leave.





Every team except for Nick and Rachel chose to have the guys up on the platform.  Tony was the first contestant to have to hang over the pool thanks to Blakeley’s poor answers and he was the first to fall in the pool.  Then Rachel fell in the pool and then Ed was hanging on as Chris continued to sit there.  Ed fell in the pool as Sarah answered a question wrong, but that still meant that Chris and Sarah won! 



They got to decide who would leave “Bachelor Pad” and they chose Tony and Blakeley.  Blakeley and Tony turned on the water works really quick and that was that.  I can’t believe they didn’t pick Ed and Jaclyn.  I think Tony would have been able to convince Blakeley to keep Chris around a little longer sometimes.  They got into the limo and drove away.  I feel bad for Tony, but not really too much for Blakeley.  She was a little crazy.  I think if Tony had paired up with Rachel, his circumstances would have been different.  He hitched his horse to the wrong wagon.  Now we’ll have to see how picking them to go home affects Chris and Sarah.  I wonder if they are still together…



Then it is time for another competition!  They go to the Hollywood Palladium.  They follow Chris Harrison inside and learn that they will be signing “Sister Christian” by Night Ranger.  Night Ranger is actually performing it when they walk in!  How amazing!  They have to sing it as a couple with a band in front of Night Ranger who are the judges.  They all go meet with vocal coaches to learn how to sing better and they also need to work on their routines.



It’s really funny listening to the teams!  Sarah is awful and Chris is OK.  Ed and Jaclyn sound decent.  Nick and Rachel also need some help.  Who knew there was so little talent inside the “Bachelor Pad”! (Ha yes, I am saying that with a hint of sarcasm)



The night of the competition they pull up to the theater to find their names on the marquee and some fans cheering for them outside.  So at least that helped put some smiles on the faces of the very nervous competitors.  I thought it was so funny seeing Rachel put makeup on Nick’s face! 



Nick and Rachel went first.  Rachel started off really well!  She actually has a kind of rock and roll voice, and she certainly looked the part!  Once Nick joined in they had a lot of energy, although I will say that he wasn’t the best singer but he wasn’t terrible either. They set the bar pretty high!  The Night Ranger guys seemed to like it and gave them a standing ovation.



Ed and Jaclyn were next.  Jaclyn totally messed up the beginning and they forgot all the words, it was so awful!!!  I don’t think I have ever heard or seen a worse performance.  Then Jaclyn started stripping off her clothes and grinding on Ed.  They started dry humping on stage and the band was like, “Can they do that?!”  It was embarrassing and hard to watch…it was just TERRIBLE!



Chris and Sarah went last.  Let’s hope they are better than that last abomination.  Then Sarah and Chris start dancing and it’s awful!  It’s really funny to watch though.  At least they can sing the song…sort of.  It wasn’t as bad as Jaclyn and Ed at least.  It was still ridiculous and even more ridiculous when she said that she and Chris are just doing a great job and they are really good at stuff!  Ha!  Then, they stripped their shirts off and really got the crowd going, but oops!  The band saw Chris reading his lyrics off of his arm!  I have a feeling that’s going to work against them.  The band gave them a standing ovation though.



The couples all came back out on stage and the judges had mostly positive things to say about Rachel and Nick.  The judges told Ed and Jaclyn that their performance was the worst and that they were all over the place.  The judges told Chris and Sarah that they were the most fun and they liked Sarah’s bouncing around.  One of the guys told Sarah that they thought her cowgirl dance was a little “whoa” but it’s entertaining.  Hm.



The winner of the final competition on “Bachelor Pad” was Rachel and Nick!  Yay!  They deserved it!  I’m really happy that someone who tried hard won.  They got roses and Nick loved that this was the ONLY time on any show that he ever got roses.  Ed and Jaclyn also get to decide who will join them in the finals.  WOW!  That is a tough decision.



Rachel and Nick do not agree on who to bring to the finals.  Nick thinks that Chris and Sarah would be better to bring to the finals because they burned a lot of bridges and caused drama.  Rachel favors Ed and Jaclyn because they were basically in her alliance and her friends.  Nick is trying his hardest to convince her and he tells her she won’t lose a friend in Jaclyn, it’s playing the game.  I like Nick.  We’ve gotten to see a lot more about who he is in this episode and he’s really fun and a decent guy too.  He also knows how to play the game by flying under the radar and popping into the spotlight at just the right time.



Nick and Rachel decide to pick Chris and Sarah to go to the finals.  Ed and Jaclyn are really upset and Jaclyn starts to cry.  Rachel is sobbing too because she feels so bad.  Chris keeps telling Rachel how sorry he is in her ear because he feels bad knowing that she had to hurt her friend in order to do what she and Nick thought was best. 


Rachel tells Jaclyn she so sorry and Jaclyn responds by saying a very cold, “It’s fine”.  Poor Rachel.  Jaclyn is cursing in the limo calling her a “piece of s***”.  Yikes.  She’s just playing the game!  I hope they are able to put this behind them at some point.  Ed is shocked that Rachel would have done that to someone she considered her best friend.   Jaclyn says that “she should be ashamed of herself”.  It’s a game people!



Next week, it’s the big finale!  Lots of dirty laundry comes out between the contestants and there is a stunning turn of events.  Chris Harrison calls it the most shocking, most disturbing finale in “Bachelor Pad” history.  Wow, disturbing?!  I can’t even begin to think what is going to happen!  Also, Michael Stagliano faces the hot seat about breaking Rachel’s heart.  I take back all the nice things I said about him because he’s like, “Did I go on looking for a wife? No.”  Um hello, you said you were there for love and most people probably think love would last a little more than a few months.  I can’t wait to see next week’s finale!



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese













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