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Ashley & J.P. Share Their Wedding Day with Their Fans


The wedding special started off with a recap of Ashley and J.P.’s love story from “The Bachelorette”.  It was really fun to see again, especially knowing the outcome!  It was one of the best (if not the best) finales in “Bachelor” history.



Then, they showed what their life is like now living in Princeton, N.J.  Ashley is doing her pediatric dental residency in Philadelphia and J.P. is still working as a construction manager in New York City.  One thing is for sure; these two are clearly in love.  It’s so fun to watch them together.


In Manhattan, Ashley and J.P. met up with their families to let them both know that they set a date for the wedding, and it was back on December 1st.  They both love each other’s families and that is so important.  Even Ashley’s sister who initially didn’t like J.P. gave a toast and officially welcomed him to the family.



Interesting side note, they had their little engagement/set the date party at the Empire Hotel, and that’s where my engagement party was!  The people I work with were nice enough to throw one for me three years ago, and I think that is a good omen for them as things have worked out better than I could have ever imagined for myself!



Then they met up with their wedding planner, Mindy Weiss.  She spoke with both of them about what their personal styles are and what colors they were thinking about.  I love Ashley’s choices.  She likes champagne and a slight dusty rose color.  Oh wow, they each have nine members of their bridal party.  That’s huge!



Then they went to a park and talked about how much they love each other and how they both don’t even feel an inkling of cold feet.  It was funny though because it was typical “Bachelorette” style to have a picnic and drink wine in the park.  J.P. brought out their wedding photo from their fake wedding in Taiwan.  It was so cute, he asked her if she knew then that they would get married and she said “Yes! Why do you think you were wearing that suit?!”  Her other dates that day were in the ugliest outfits!



Wedding planning
Ashley and J.P. met with their wedding planner again to see all of the things she put together for them.  There were table settings, cake, and flowers.  She even had designer dresses for their dog Boo.  They picked out their favors that were forget-me-nots.  J.P. got choked up reading the sweet poem that was attached to them.



Wedding cake tasting
The cake testing seemed like lots of fun!  Ashley said she wanted more than one cake.  They picked red velvet as the cake that they would cut into because it’s “eye catching”, I never thought of that, it’s a great idea!



Ashley in her dress
It was time for the part I had been waiting for…the dress!  Ashley met with her mom, J.P.’s mom, and her sister to try on the dress that she had designed especially for her.



Of course, then J.P. had to try on some tuxes.  He looked very handsome!  He was with his dad and best friend at Hugo Boss. 



Then, I was so envious.  They got to go meet with Neil Lane to pick out their top of the line wedding bands.  It was funny because Ashley knows him so well, he picked out the ring that she picked for him!  She kissed him and said, “Don’t freak out!” and he promised her, “Don’t worry, I won’t freak out.”



Some old “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” friends came to the wedding of course!  Chris Harrison caught up first with Jason and Molly.  We saw their wedding a few years ago and now they are expecting their first baby together!  They do not know what they are having (we do know it’s a baby ha-ha).  They spoke briefly about Sean being the next “Bachelor” and that was it, it was an incredibly short update!



J.P. and Ashley decided to have their bachelor and bachelorette parties in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Ashley met up with her family, friends, and the friends she made on “The Bachelor”.   It was so funny because they had manicures and pedicures and got J.P.’s picture painted into her nails!  So funny!



The guys meantime went to drive some cars at a racetrack.  He was a little scared but said it was a thrill of a lifetime. 



Then Ashley opened some risqué gifts, and a pole dancer walked in.  She started swirling and twirling all over the pole and taught Ashley a few moves.  She worked that pole!



The guys hung out outside and drank some scotch.  He thought it was a great time, but he missed his lady.  They reunited on the rooftop and did a little kissing.  She showed him his picture on her toe and he thought it was hilarious.  Then they did some ice skating, how cool is that?!



It was time for another mini catch-up session with the first success story of the franchise, Trista and Ryan.  That was nine years ago!  They just said how happy they are for the happy couple. 



Chris Harrison met up with Ashley and J.P. prior to their wedding to talk about him officiating their wedding.  They said that they felt comfortable with him and they wanted someone who could make it heartfelt and personal.  It was funny that she said she had baby fever and J.P. called that the understatement of the year ha-ha.  He’s hoping that she’ll finish her residency and then they will have two kids, yay!



Them working on their “wedding kiss” was really funny.  J.P. wanted two kisses while Ashley wanted one long one.  He said that he can’t help it, he really wants two, so I guess we’ll wait and see what they decide to do!



Sean, the new “Bachelor” was up next in the “hot seat” at the wedding.  He said the wedding puts everything in perspective because that’s why he signed up.  The season starts on January 7th.  He said he thinks that his future wife is on the show.  Let’s hope so!



Finally, we were caught up to the actually wedding day and the morning of the wedding.  It was time for a bridal lunch with all of the ladies.  Her mom and sister gave toasts and said that they are happy for her and so glad that she is with J.P.  J.P. was so sweet and said that he’s the luckiest man in the world because Ashley is his “person”.  Aww!



Ashley and her bridesmaids got ready and J.P. sent a special charm bracelet over to her for a wedding day present.  There was a rose, cupcake and even a tooth on there!  His note brought her to tears!  She was so happy and touched by his thoughtfulness.



I loved the light pink bridesmaid dresses.  They swooshed to one side on their shoulder and were belted at the waist.  It was so fun to watch the anticipation of their special day as they got ready and peeked out the window to watch their guests arrive.



Ashley looked amazingly gorgeous.  She made a beautiful bride!  Chris Harrison took his place under the chuppah. 

Jp walk down isle
J.P. was walked down the isle by his parents and then he took his place at the front to wait for Ashley.  The mother of the bride was walked down the isle.  Then, the bridesmaids and groomsmen started their walks.  Boo did not wear a dress, she was just carried by Ashley’s sister as the flower girls and ring bearer trailed behind. 

Ashley walk down isle
Finally it was the moment we’ve all been waiting for, Ashley’s big entrance.  She walked down the isle to “I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You”.   The train on her dress was just stunning.  She looked fabulous. 



Wedding vows
Once J.P. took her hand he whispered, “You look beautiful” to her.  It was so sweet and brought tears to my eyes.  They wanted to kiss so badly, but they didn’t!  They just scrunched their noses at each other and Chris Harrison joked to them “Wait for it”.  As the guests sat down, he whispered to them, “You guys remember to enjoy this” it’s so true.



Chris Harrison did a great job acting as their officiant.  It was nice that he knew all of their little love stories that added up to their big one.  He also knows their personalities really well.  He asked if anyone objects to the wedding, which they probably should have skipped.  They really don’t do it that often anymore and it’s not necessary.  If it is, you probably shouldn’t be getting married right?



They said their sweet “I do’s”.  They also tied the knot for real in a Celtic Hand Tying ceremony.  As their hands were bound, they looked at each other and tears were in each other’s eyes.  It was so sweet. 


Ashley and J.P. wrote their own vows!  J.P. went first.  He said that he believes in fate after meeting her.  He said that she is the kindest, warmest person inside and out that he has ever met.  He said that he probably doesn’t deserve her but he said that he’s never ever going to let her go.  He called her his one true love and best friend.   Ashley said that her heart has been drawn to him from the first time they met and she is inspired by his dedication to family.  She called him her perfect match and promised to choose happiness and fall in love with him every morning and that every day they are together is the best day of her life. She went to kiss him and Chris Harrison said, “I promise we’re getting there” ha-ha. 



Wedding kiss
They exchanged rings and it was beautiful.  They said that they were each others chosen ones.  As Chris Harrison pronounced them man and wife, they were finally given the go ahead to kiss, and it was TWO kisses!  Mr. & Mrs. Rosenbaum were introduced and it was official!  They’re married!



First dance
Then it was time to party!  They had three wedding cakes!  The room looked absolutely amazing.  As the happy couple entered the room, they danced to the song “Love”.  It was a really sweet dance.  Very simple, yet full of romance.



I was a little bummed we didn’t get to see the cake cutting, garter toss, bouquet toss, and the big exit, but they should get to keep some of the day just for them.  Congratulations Ashley and J.P.!



There was a preview of Sean’s season of “The Bachelor” and it looks very romantic and full of adventure.  They will definitely be traveling the world again.  There’s also going to be some ridiculous drama and apparently someone has a boyfriend and he shows up to take her home!  There are even some injuries and people going to the hospital!  They show Sean looking at an engagement ring and he seems to want to pick someone in the end, so we’ll have to wait and see who it is!



It was awesome because after the preview they showed J.P an Ashley getting raised in the air in chairs like they do at a traditional Jewish wedding reception.  It looked like a blast!



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese 


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