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13 Ladies Down to 11 as New Relationships Form

There are 13 ladies left!  Lucky 13?  Maybe not, we’ll see.  Chris Harrison dropped off the first date card and it was for Selma.  It read, “Let’s turn up the heat!”  She is excited for him to see the real her.  Tierra looked at her with daggers as she skipped away to get ready.



Sean arrived and took her off to the airport.  I found it annoying on the car ride that she said, “Do you think you can handle all 110 pounds of me?”  Why would you need to mention how much you weight?  Do you think it’s impressive?  They took a private flight to a mystery destination.  They got out of the plane and they were dropped off in the desert.  She seemed a little disappointed!



They loaded up into a jeep and she said that she was “petrified” of this date.  She seems like a priss. She isn’t masking her disappointment very well, at least not to me.  He surprised her that they were going to be rock climbing.  She started freaking out.  It was pretty high.  I started to feel a little bad for her until she said that she normally wears 6 inch heels.  If she can suffer through that pain, she can handle this.  She did it and Sean was really impressed.  He said he didn’t want to end the date just yet and suggested they get ready for dinner.



Their dinner date was very romantic outside and they talked about their families and stuff.  Sean really wanted to kiss her, but Selma had to tell him that she couldn’t kiss him.  She’s Arabic and in her culture you don’t kiss on TV or in public.  He told her that he understood.  She said that it felt right and she really wanted to, but she said that she can’t kiss him until she’s his only lady.



Another date card came and this time it was for Lindsay, Robyn, Jackie, Catherine, Amanda, Ashley, Sarah, and Tierra.  It said: “I’m looking for a woman who can roll with the punches”.


Back on the date, they kept talking about how they wanted to kiss each other.  Sean said that he could see her being the one for him, so if she needs to wait to kiss him, he’s happy to wait.  He decided despite the not kissing her, to give her the date rose, because he really, really likes her.



It was time for the group date which I’m just expecting to be a disaster.  Amanda and Tierra are both on this date and they are a train wreck waiting to happen.  Amanda lied and said that she has done roller derby before just to intimidate the other team.  All of the girls just kept falling really hard while trying to practice for the roller derby competition.  Sarah had mixed emotions about taking part in the competition because of only having one arm.  She was just really nervous.



While they were skating, Amanda fell on her face and seemed to really hurt her jaw.  I think she thought she broke it.  They decided to take her to the hospital as a precaution.  They decided to not have a competition after that, and instead, decided to have an old school free skate.  Reminds me of the skating parties I went to as a child, except without all of the girls in short shorts.



Later, they had a cocktail party of sorts outside.  Sean took Sarah aside and told her that he thought she did great skating.  Around the fire outside, the other girls gave Tierra a compliment by saying how great she did skating and that maybe she could do it back home too, and she was like “no”.  Amanda showed up at the party and she was fine thank goodness.  She was sore, but she really wanted to finish the date.  She’s kind of a jerk though because she was like really wanting to play the sympathy card with Sean.



A date card arrived back at the house.  It was for Leslie H. and it said “Could this be forever?”  It also came with some beautiful diamond earrings.  I wonder if she gets to keep them?



On the group date, Tierra was being really snarky with the other girls.  Someone asked her if the girls on her team knew what happened with Amanda and she got offended that she wasn’t included in the question.  She said that she wanted to walk out of there because she hates the environment.  She got up and said it was annoying that she had to talk to the other girls when she didn’t want to.  Sean was off kissing some other girl and Tierra was off crying to a producer about how she wanted to leave.  Catherine was like “I’ve tried so hard to be nice to her,” others agreed with her and she was like “whatever”.  Tierra creates her own drama.



It was so weird, she was squatting in the hallway and waiting for Sean to talk to him.  She cried to him about how it was torture seeing him off with other girls and having to talk to them.  Then Sean started flirting with her and it was so gross.  I wish he would just let her leave.  He told her to stay there and you just know he’s going to get the date rose.  It’s so disgusting.  Sure enough, he went and got the rose and the other women sat there with their mouths hanging open in surprise.  Robyn called her a “plague of bad energy.”  She hit the nail on the head with that comment.



After all of that drama, the following day it was time for Leslie’s date.  He picked her up in a sports car and she was of course wearing her new diamond earrings.  He took her shopping for some new clothes on Rodeo Drive.  It was the true “Pretty Woman” experience without the prostitution.   So he sat there and watched her try on dresses for a while and after she found one he told her to get some shoes and a purse.  He seems like a pretty patient guy!



Once she was all done getting ready, Sean got into a tux, and then he surprised her with a visit to Neil Lane!  She tried on a very ornate diamond necklace that Neil Lane lent them for the night out.  They then went to dinner and talked about how scary it is to put your heart out on the line and all about their past relationships.  Sean says that he thinks she is a wonderful girl and that they have great conversation but for some reason, he’s just not feeling a romantic connection.  AWW!  She’s actually a great person and it’s sad that he’s not feeling it!



He sat there and listened to her talk for a while and you could see it in his eyes that he really didn’t want to tell her what he was thinking but he had to.  I wish he didn’t pick the rose up.  He told her that it just didn’t click and that he felt really bad about it.  He told her that he was sorry and she just seemed crestfallen.  I felt so bad for her!  He said that he wanted it to be there, but it just wasn’t.  She gave him a little warning about some of the other girls as she left, I wished that she would have named names!



The girls were slightly freaked out about Leslie being sent home, but of course Tierra was stoked.  Sean made the rounds then talking to the ladies and reassuring most of them of his connection with them.  Robyn did some aggressive kissing with him and the slurping noises made me gag. 



Tierra said to the group of girls that she was sorry for how she acted the other night and she accused Robyn of verbally attacking her.  Although, I really don’t see how it is apologizing by saying what she said.  As she walked away, Tierra said in an interview that it was definitely fake and definitely a forced apology on her part that she did just so people would stop saying bad things about her because she was afraid Sean would start to hear it too much from the other women.



Ugh Tierra’s fake sweet voice is so annoying around Sean.  Sean did tell her that she was her own worst enemy though.  As her lame conversation with Sean was going on Catherine seemed to be rallying the troops to talk to Sean about her.  So she sat down with Sean and gave him a note card with a kiss mark on it.  He told her that he is so attracted to her and that she’s really easy to be around.  He told her that he’s worried she is putting him in the friend zone and she told him that she’s there for him.  She took a walk with him and they had their first kiss.  She said it was a perfect kiss.  It seems as though this relationship came out of nowhere!  We’ve seen very little of her, but they are sweet together.  I hope she gets a one-on-one soon so we can see more of them together.



Time for roses!  Roses were handed out to: Catherine, Desiree, Lindsay, Lesley, Robyn, AshLee, Sarah, Jackie, and Daniella.  That meant that Amanda would be going home.  Sean walked her out and told her that he enjoyed getting to know her and that was basically all he said to her.



Next week, it’s a two-day “Bachelor” event!  Woo hoo!  Two nights and double the romance!  Also, surprise, surprise it looks like someone goes to the hospital again.  What is up with all of these injuries?



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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