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19 Women Remain after the First Night

Here's the update from ABC as to who is left on the show at this point and also what we can expect to see next week!

Photo shoot date

"The 19 remaining bachelorettes move into the mansion with hopes that they will end up as Sean's soul mate and future wife. But first our Bachelor has a few tricks up his sleeve, as he takes Sarah on a jolting one-on-one adrenaline date, while Desiree gets the full hidden-camera prank treatment to see if she has a sense of humor. The group date will give 13 lucky ladies the chance to compete in a photo shoot challenge to win a deal to appear on the cover of several famed romance novels. But it doesn't take long for the drama to ramp up, and an intense rose ceremony lies ahead, on "The Bachelor”. 


Sean whisks Sarah away via helicopter to the top of one of Los Angeles' highest buildings. He holds out a sweet reward: a romantic picnic - but only after the couple free-falls 300 feet to the ground. Despite the difficulty of having one arm, Sarah is ready and willing to attempt the perilous fall. Later she shares her emotional story about being physically challenged and how she strives to overcome this hurdle. But how will Sean receive this message? Will he accept Sarah wholeheartedly, or will her dream date end in heartbreak?


Next, 13 women join Sean at a sprawling Beverly Hills estate for the opportunity of a lifetime: The bachelorettes will compete in a photo shoot to see who will win a deal to appear on three Harlequin romance novel covers. Lesley M. gets the race kick-started, sneaking a kiss as she and Sean pose for their cowboy scene. Kristy sparks a jealous frenzy when she seduces Sean in front of the other women during her glamour shoot. But will all this one-upmanship matter when the winner is named? At the after party, sparks continue to fly as one pouty woman distances herself from the group, and Katie questions whether or not she should stay. Meanwhile, Kacie B. attempts to graduate from the "friend zone" to love interest by spending some alone time with Sean. However, after shocking the women, will the Bachelor give the date rose to a deserving lady looking for love, or will he fall victim to the manipulations of another woman?


Gorgeous Desiree gets the last individual date this week. Sean escorts her to a swanky art show, but unbeknownst to her, the exhibition is an elaborate hidden camera hoax. She will think she smashed a million-dollar piece of art. Does she have a sense of humor? Later at an intimate dinner, the couple bond over their similar family backgrounds and views of marriage. The night is capped off with a steamy shared hot tub and kiss. But will everything Sean has found out about Desiree add up to a rose?


Finally, at the cocktail party, the pressure is getting to the women. One bold woman puts Sean on the spot about his dating preferences. Another aloof lady poisons the night with her negative attitude. But will Sean see the true woman behind the phony smile, or will her deceptive charm prevail? At the end of the night, 16 women remain in the chase for Sean's heart. 




The 19 women are:

Amanda, 26, fit model, Newport Beach, CA

AshLee, 32, personal organizer, Houston, TX

Brooke, 25, community organizer, Pittsburgh, PA

Catherine, 26, graphic designer, Seattle, WA

Daniella, 24, commercial casting associate, San Francisco, CA

Desiree, 26, bridal stylist, Los Angeles, CA

Diana, 31, salon owner, Salt Lake City, UT

Jackie, 25, cosmetics consultant, Boynton Beach, FL

Kacie B., 25, administrative assistant, Clarksville, TN

Katie, 27, yoga instructor, Charlotte, NC

Kristy, 25, model, Darien, WI

Lesley M., 25, political consultant, Washington, D.C.

Leslie H., 29, poker dealer, Los Angeles, CA

Lindsay, 24, substitute teacher, Fort Leonard Wood, MO

Robyn, 24, oil field account manager, Houston, TX

Sarah, 26, advertising executive, Los Angeles, CA

Selma, 29, real estate developer, San Diego, CA

Taryn, 30, heath club manager, Troutdale, OR

Tierra, 24, leasing consultant, Denver, CO"


"The Bachelor" is back next Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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