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13 Ladies Down to 11 as New Relationships Form

There are 13 ladies left!  Lucky 13?  Maybe not, we’ll see.  Chris Harrison dropped off the first date card and it was for Selma.  It read, “Let’s turn up the heat!”  She is excited for him to see the real her.  Tierra looked at her with daggers as she skipped away to get ready.



Sean arrived and took her off to the airport.  I found it annoying on the car ride that she said, “Do you think you can handle all 110 pounds of me?”  Why would you need to mention how much you weight?  Do you think it’s impressive?  They took a private flight to a mystery destination.  They got out of the plane and they were dropped off in the desert.  She seemed a little disappointed!

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New Interview with Chris Harrison on Being 'The Bachelor': 'Never Say Never'

Chris Harrison spoke to me today about Sean's season of "The Bachelor" and also if he himself would ever consider being "The Bachelor".


First things first, he said that he thinks Amanda was crazy at the start of this season, but she has dialed it back big time and Tierra has emerged as this season's "crazy" person/villain.  He added that just like Courtney from Ben's season, she's not a bad person, she just came there with a mission to "win" the show and doesn't want to make friends with the other ladies.

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Another Trip to the Hospital on the Next 'The Bachelor'

Well, I know Tierra didn't go to the hospital but the paramedics were called in this past week.  Next week, another woman gets hurt during the group roller derby date and ends up going to the hospital.  Seriously, what is up with all of these injuries?!  ABC released a statement previewing next Monday's episode:


Selma is enthralled with her one-on-one date with Sean as the day begins with a limousine ride and a private jet. But then she discovers that the Bachelor has something entirely different on his mind. Their destination is the desert landscape of the Joshua Tree National Park in Twenty-nine Palms, California. Sean decides to put Selma to the test with a daring rock climbing escapade. Later the couple has dinner under the stars at a hipster-chic trailer park where the table is set for romance. But his beautiful date is having reservations about getting intimate with Sean. How will that affect her chances of capturing a rose? 


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Tierra Takes a Tumble, and Sean Breaks a World Record for Kissing

This week, there is a group date and two one-on-one dates.  Chris Harrison urged them to make the most of their time with Sean whenever they can as they all won’t be going on dates this week.  The date card he brought said “Lesley M., how long will this love last?”  She was so excited to see if they could take things to the next level.



Sean said that they had an immediate connection on their last group date because she gave him a little kiss, so he totally wanted to take her out again.  Maybe he’s hoping for more kisses??  They went to the Guinness World Records in Los Angeles.  Lesley said it wouldn’t be where she would normally pick to go, but she had a lot of fun just being with Sean one-on-one. 



While there, they discovered that his dad drove through the lower 48 states in the fastest time in the world!  How amazing!  It was cool that he showed her something special about his family.  He wants them to set their own Guinness World Record.   They were about to set the record for longest on-screen kiss!



So they had a Guinness official on hand for the kiss and they have to keep their lips touching the entire time!  If they separate even the tiniest bit, it is invalidated!  Lesley was laughing a little bit due to the awkwardness.  They were totally using their hands to show their passion as they tried to overcome the situation of kissing in front of an entire crowd of people.  Chris Harrison noticed Sean copping a feel ha!  Sean said he actually forgot about the crowd at some point due to her kissing abilities.  I like how we got to see the entire 3:16 kiss.  They kept kissing!!!  Of course they broke the record!


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Sarah Herron Talks About Her Date with Sean...and the Other Ladies

Sarah Herron, "The Bachelor" contestant who many may have noticed right away has one arm, took time out to talk about her disability and how it has affected her time on the show with Sean and with the other girls.  She also talks about what she thinks of Sean and the woman that everyone is talking about right now...Tierra.


Question:         So, tell me what was your opinion of the roses being handed out throughout the evening on the first night and how you were feeling?


Sarah Herron:  Well, the first night, Sean, obviously chose a different strategy for handing out the roses.  And it was a complete shocker.  I mean, I was very confused and thrown off by what was going on.  You know, Tierra received (his) first impression rose, or so we thought. 


            And then as I saw the roses continued to be handed out, I think nerves just got a little tense, and I got nervous.  And I think it kind of put all the girls on edge and (you‘re) not really sure what was going on.  And it also kind of ups the ante on the competition.  And everybody knew that you know, time was valuable and we had to get our time with Sean.  So, it was definitely a change of routine, and it was a – it was a complete shocker.


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Preview of Next Week, and How Sean Gets His Roses

First, Jimmy Kimmel Live had a HILLARIOUS segment about how Sean gets his roses for "The Bachelor". I really think he is the funniest late night host!


Also, ABC released information about next week's all new episode!

Lesley M. is on cloud nine when she get this week's first one-on-one date with Sean, but she is stunned when the Bachelor shares with her that their date could go down in the Guinness World Records for longest on-screen kiss. The current record now stands at three minutes and 15 seconds. Will their passion be cemented in the history books? And will it be enough to secure Lesley M. a rose? 


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Sweet One-on-One Dates as the Claws Come Out on the Group Date

This week started with Sean taking off his shirt and taking a shower. 

They really know how to grab the viewers’ attention!  Chris Harrison meantime, goes out and talks to the ladies.  He left the first date card for them.  “Sarah, are you ready to fall in love today?” the first date card read.  In case you don’t remember, Sarah is the one who is missing the lower half of one of her arms.



Once Sarah was ready, a helicopter appeared (Honestly, I don’t know why the ladies are surprised, isn’t that how they primarily travel on this show?!) with Sean inside.  He hopped out and picked Sarah up.  Sarah is initially smitten and I just hope Sean can live up to her high expectations!


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New Interview with Sean: Talks Roses, Eliminations

Sean Lowe took some time out today to talk with me about what we've seen so far on "The Bachelor" and what's coming up next!  He said that we will be seeing much more of his impromptu rose giving style throughout the season, which we all know is sure to freak all of the girls out.


I apologize that the beginning frame was left up a little long.  Go to 15 seconds in and then it gets going.  He also explains his crazy decision in my opinion to keep the "Wedding Dress Girl".  


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese 


19 Women Remain after the First Night

Here's the update from ABC as to who is left on the show at this point and also what we can expect to see next week!

Photo shoot date

"The 19 remaining bachelorettes move into the mansion with hopes that they will end up as Sean's soul mate and future wife. But first our Bachelor has a few tricks up his sleeve, as he takes Sarah on a jolting one-on-one adrenaline date, while Desiree gets the full hidden-camera prank treatment to see if she has a sense of humor. The group date will give 13 lucky ladies the chance to compete in a photo shoot challenge to win a deal to appear on the cover of several famed romance novels. But it doesn't take long for the drama to ramp up, and an intense rose ceremony lies ahead, on "The Bachelor”. 


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Sean Gives Out Roses, Lots of Them on Night 1

This season promises to be full of love, romance, and DRAMA!  What a start to “The Bachelor”!  Sean Lowe is 29, from Dallas, Texas, and is on the prowl for love!  He said that he’s over losing Emily from last season’s “The Bachelorette” and he’s ready to find love again thanks to his family.



Arie shows up to Sean’s “Bachelor” pad and they say that they haven’t seen each other since Curacao.  They talk about how tough it’s going to be for Sean to send girls home because they know how it feels to get disappointed.  Then they practice how he’s going to ask the girls to accept the roses.  So funny!  They got into their kissing techniques and it was kind of gross in a way although I’m sure some girls will find that hot.



Chris Harrison introduced this season and some of the girls.  Desiree is cute, she’s a 26-year-old bridal stylist.  She’s super pretty, we’ll see how it goes though, hopefully she’s not obsessed with getting married, that tends to turn guys off.


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