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Preview of Next Week, and How Sean Gets His Roses

First, Jimmy Kimmel Live had a HILLARIOUS segment about how Sean gets his roses for "The Bachelor". I really think he is the funniest late night host!


Also, ABC released information about next week's all new episode!

Lesley M. is on cloud nine when she get this week's first one-on-one date with Sean, but she is stunned when the Bachelor shares with her that their date could go down in the Guinness World Records for longest on-screen kiss. The current record now stands at three minutes and 15 seconds. Will their passion be cemented in the history books? And will it be enough to secure Lesley M. a rose? 




Sean surprises a group of women with what first seems like a delightful outing on a sun splashed California beach. It's sexy fun in the sand until Chris Harrison reveals that they will divide up in teams and compete in a game of beach volleyball. The winning team spends the evening with Sean, while the losing team gets to spend the evening alone at the mansion. The competition is hot and heavy. At the after party, the battle continues for the date rose. Sean sees a different side of one woman when she uses her time to try and sabotage his relationship with two other bachelorettes. Will her scheme pay off?



The next day, as AshLee eagerly anticipates her individual date with Sean, another bachelorette takes a tumble down the stairs at the mansion. However, the women immediately become suspicious when the woman refuses medical help. Is it a ploy to get Sean's attention? One thing is sure: AshLee is fuming that her date is getting cut short. When the couple finally heads to Six Flags Magic Mountain, where they have the park all to themselves, Sean reveals that he has offered to share the date with two young women who suffer from a chronic illness - Emily and Brianna from the Starlight Foundation's Starbright World program, who are meeting for the first time. After the day of fun in the park, Sean has another surprise: a private concert by his favorite country group, Eli Young Band.



At the cocktail party, Sean makes one woman cry - but are they tears of joy or sorrow? And another bachelorette tries to do some damage control to keep a continuing relationship with the Bachelor. But one woman sets off a firestorm as she tries to steal extra time with Sean. A startling end to the evening lies ahead as Sean provides major fireworks before the rose ceremony. In the end, 13 bachelorettes remain to continue on the journey to become Sean's soul mate and, hopefully, future wife. 

The 16 women are:
Amanda, 26, fit model, Newport Beach, CA
AshLee, 32, personal organizer, Houston, TX
Catherine, 26, graphic designer, Seattle, WA
Daniella, 24, commercial casting associate, San Francisco, CA
Desiree, 26, bridal stylist, Los Angeles, CA
Jackie, 25, cosmetics consultant, Boynton Beach, FL
Kacie B., 25, administrative assistant, Clarksville, TN
Kristy, 25, model, Darien, WI
Lesley M., 25, political consultant, Washington, DC
Leslie H., 29, poker dealer, Los Angeles, CA
Lindsay, 24, substitute teacher, Fort Leonard Wood, MO
Robyn, 24, oil field account manager, Houston, TX
Sarah, 26, advertising executive, Los Angeles, CA
Selma, 29, real estate developer, San Diego, CA
Taryn, 30, heath club manager, Troutdale, OR
Tierra, 24, leasing consultant, Denver, CO





Now I can't wait for next week!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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