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Sean Gives Out Roses, Lots of Them on Night 1

This season promises to be full of love, romance, and DRAMA!  What a start to “The Bachelor”!  Sean Lowe is 29, from Dallas, Texas, and is on the prowl for love!  He said that he’s over losing Emily from last season’s “The Bachelorette” and he’s ready to find love again thanks to his family.



Arie shows up to Sean’s “Bachelor” pad and they say that they haven’t seen each other since Curacao.  They talk about how tough it’s going to be for Sean to send girls home because they know how it feels to get disappointed.  Then they practice how he’s going to ask the girls to accept the roses.  So funny!  They got into their kissing techniques and it was kind of gross in a way although I’m sure some girls will find that hot.



Chris Harrison introduced this season and some of the girls.  Desiree is cute, she’s a 26-year-old bridal stylist.  She’s super pretty, we’ll see how it goes though, hopefully she’s not obsessed with getting married, that tends to turn guys off.




24-year-old Tierra from Denver talked about how she wants a family.  She screamed with delight when she learned that Sean was going to be the “Bachelor”. 



Robin is 24 and from Houston, Texas and she says that she thinks engineers can tend to be a little boring.  She’s a little quirky and sticks post-it notes all over the place because she wants to learn Spanish.  She seems a little weird.



Diana is from Salt Lake City, Utah and she owns a hair salon.  She also has two kids.  She’s 31-years-old and she’s a divorcee. 



Sarah is 26, from LA, and she’s an advertising designer.  She’s got one arm!  Wow.  Her umbilical cord got wrapped around her arm and amputated it in the womb.  I wonder what Sean will think about her lack of a lower arm.  Something tells me he's going to give her a shot though, she seems cool.



Ashley is from Michigan, and also a hair dresser.  She has two arms but she’s insane because she’s obsessed with “50 Shades of Grey”.  I think Sarah, despite her lack of a lower arm seems a million times more appealing.



Leslie works at a political firm advocating for the environment in Washington, DC.  She’s originally from Arkansas.  The 25-year-old seems a little on the serious side and a bit stiff.



Kristy is a Ford Model and is really into kick boxing and sports.  She says she’s the best from the Midwest.



AshLee is a professional organizer and I need her to come to my apartment ASAP.  She went through a lot of foster homes and was adopted at age 6.  She loves her adoptive parents and says they have given her everything she has.  If Sean doesn’t want to pick her, I will gladly be her best friend and she can help me organize things as much as she wants.



Limo number one pulled up and Sean looked really nervous!  AshLee was the first one out.  She had a nice introduction to Sean and seemed very sincere.  Jackie was out next she put on lipstick and then kissed him on the cheek.  Selma came out and then pulled out a tissue from her chest and wiped off the lipstick.  Leslie told Sean that he’s so much cute in person and that he is a hunk.  She looked beautiful in her gold dress.  Daniella taught him a lame handshake. 



Limo number two contained Kelly from Nashville and she sang him a song.  I hate when people sing on this show.  It’s so awful.  Katie has super curly hair and she needs to tame it some, it looked kind of 80’s to me.  She taught him some yoga and it wasn’t terrible.  Ashley P. came out next and she completely freaked him out by pulling a tie out of her chest and asking him to use it later.  He didn’t seem too amused.  Taryn was out next and Sean told her that she is gorgeous.  She admitted that she didn’t watch past seasons and she also forgot to tell him her name.  Catherine was out next and she’s from Seattle.  She asked him to find her for a dance.



Limo number three pulled up and crazy Robyn came out and tried to do some gymnastics and completely messed up and fell on the ground.  She’s a train wreck!  Lacey tried to give him a handshake but he gave her a hug and she gave him a heart of lace to carry around so he wouldn’t forget him.  Paige was up next and she was on Bachelor Pad 3!  Super fan!  Woo!  I wonder what the other ladies will think of her.

Tierra was next and she has a tattoo of an open heart on her hand and she’s waiting for the right guy to close it.  Then, Sean walked away for some reason.  He went in and asked Chris for a rose!  He said he didn’t want to wait for the rose ceremony, so he grabbed a rose and gave it to her!  He thought she had a great energy and offered her a rose which she gladly accepted.  Wow, he just painted a huge bull’s eye on her back for the other ladies.  Of course the ladies were shocked and appalled. 



Amanda came out next of limo number 4 and they had a preplanned awkward pause and then they got it out of the way and that was that.  He said it wasn’t that bad and then she went on her way.  Carriann said that she drove over 2000 miles for a shot with him, no pressure.  Desiree had a nice meeting with him and then Sarah followed her.  She has one arm and Sean looked visibly surprised, but said he looked forward to talking with her inside.  Brooke, a community organizer, was out of the limo and she was laying on the kisses and hugs.  Divorcee with two kids, Diana, chattered away for a while without giving her name.  Lesley M played some football and she just got him to bend over and said the same call over and over again to see his butt, he found her amusing.



Limo number 5 was up next and Kristy was all aggressive and gave him her best from the Midwest line again, ugh.  Ashley H. had a bright blue dress on and it showed off all of her assets.  Lauren is a journalist and talked about her family’s Italian restaurant.  She told him that her family said that if he breaks her heart they will break his legs.  Lindsay came out in a full wedding gown and veil.  Sean said, “Did I miss the memo?”  She said hey, “I got balls” and he said “I hope not”.  That was hilarious!



There was one more introduction.  A person called who wanted to meet him and it was Kacie B. from Ben’s season!  She really wanted to get to know him.  She said that she didn’t know if she deserved a second chance but he is getting a second chance so we’ll see how it goes!  The other girls all talked about how her parents were the deal breaker for her and that they couldn’t believe that she was there for Sean.



Sean entered the room and all of the women swooned as he welcomed them to the show.  He sat down with Kacie first and he gave her his coat.  He kept telling her how surprised he was to see her.  Apparently they had hung out and things went well between them, but apparently he thought of her as a friend then.  He said that he’s open to looking at her as a romantic interest now.


Desiree and Sean had a great conversation.  They spoke to each other like normal people on a date would.  She talked about designing wedding dresses and he spoke about his family and it was just fun.  He pulled out a rose and gave it to her on the spot!  Hooray, I really like her!



The girls start freaking out because they see more than one girl coming back with roses after their conversations with Sean.  There’s then girls are telling Tierra that she didn’t get a rose because of it being the “First Impression” rose, it’s just whoever he wants.  Selma also got a rose.  Then it was a roseathon as more girls got them than I could keep up with.  He realized that he was making it tense and would walk away from several girls without giving them roses, including Kacie!



Lindsay in the wedding dress asked him to have their first dance.  She asked him if he would sing and he said no, and then she asked for a kiss and he offered her one on the cheek.  She realized that she blew it.  She also seemed drunk. 



“50 Shades of Grey” Ashley was also drunk.  She just started dancing all over the room and the ladies were like what is wrong with her?  She was all over the wall grinding and trying to get Sean’s attention while Paige was trying to talk to him.  The ladies were actually scared for Sean.  She took the tie out of her chest again.  Sean said that he brought a rape whistle in case he’s in trouble!  He’s way funnier than I gave him credit for.  He said, “’50 Shades of Grey’ may have become 50 Shades of Drunk tonight!”  Yikes!



Sean spoke to Brooke first and Taryn was so upset that he wanted to talk to her first.  She kept waiting for him to come talk to her and it didn’t work.  She didn’t want to fight over a guy and she’s already crying.  Poor Sarah is insecure about having one arm, and I feel bad that she feels the way she does.  She knows it’s holding her back in the dating world.  She finally got the guts up to talk to Sean and she was great at talking to him about her arm.  He offered her a rose!  It was really sweet.  She’s a very nice girl. 



Chris Harrison busted the party up to begin the rose ceremony.  Before it started, Sean went and spent some time by himself to decide who to pick.



It was then rose time.  He has only 7 more roses to hand out.  They went to Amanda, Lesley M., Kacie (woo-hoo!), Kristy (boo!), Daniella, Taryn (ok she can stop crying now), and lastly Lindsay in the wedding dress!  What?!  That’s nuts, or balls according to her.  Poor Paige from “Bachelor Pad” didn’t get a rose, I think she totally got put in the friend zone right off the bat.  Their conversation totally seemed all about strategy and stuff.  She’ll find her love someday!



I can’t even tell you who he gave roses to really because they didn’t even show all of those conversations!  I’ll work on getting the full list of his ladies together later for you.  Then it was preview time.  There was a lot of kissing, a lot of romance, a lot of drama!  Taryn is apparently not who we think she is, she’s apparently not very nice.  I’m guessing the claws will really start to come out next week.  It looks like Sean is going to get down on one knee at the end of this, I can’t wait to see who he picks!



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese



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