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Sweet One-on-One Dates as the Claws Come Out on the Group Date

This week started with Sean taking off his shirt and taking a shower. 

They really know how to grab the viewers’ attention!  Chris Harrison meantime, goes out and talks to the ladies.  He left the first date card for them.  “Sarah, are you ready to fall in love today?” the first date card read.  In case you don’t remember, Sarah is the one who is missing the lower half of one of her arms.



Once Sarah was ready, a helicopter appeared (Honestly, I don’t know why the ladies are surprised, isn’t that how they primarily travel on this show?!) with Sean inside.  He hopped out and picked Sarah up.  Sarah is initially smitten and I just hope Sean can live up to her high expectations!




They land on top of a sky scraper and he tells her that they are going to have a champagne toast at the bottom.  They are going to free fall!  OMG!  I would be freaking out.  She’s clearly nervous, but a good sport and willing to take the plunge to win Sean’s heart.  They inched their way off the platform and then they fell!  It was amazing!  At the bottom, they did have that champagne toast and sat and got to know each other better for a bit.



Later that evening, they went to dinner at a beautiful outdoor setting.  Sarah told Sean that while she was in Vegas with her father, one of the employees told her she couldn’t zip line because she is disabled.  She said she was mortified and ran out of the room crying.  She said she knew she could do it and she was so upset someone told her she couldn’t.  Sarah added that it meant a lot to be able to do this adventurous free fall today because it kind of made up for what she had missed out on and she loved that he had the faith in her to do what they did today on their date.  I just love her, she’s amazing.



Back at the house, another date card arrived.  Kristy, Amanda, Brooke, Lesley M., Daniella, Catherine, Robyn, Katie, Selma, Diana, Erin and Tierra are going on the date together with Sean.



After their conversation, Sean tells Sarah to come with him.  He takes her over to a little table with a rose which he presents to her and she gladly accepts it.  Sean said it was the first time in a long time that he’s gone on a date with someone and had butterflies.  He talked about how he wanted to kiss her and he did!  You can tell this girl is already head over heels.


The ladies arrived at a castle-like mansion for their group date.  They learn that they will get to be cover models for Harlequin Romance Novels.  Whoever has the best chemistry in the photos with Sean will get to appear with him on three real book covers!  While the ladies get made up, Sean took his shirt off.  I guess that’s all it takes for him to get ready.




Tierra is already getting under the skin of a few of the girls, especially Robyn.  The girls are in four groups: cowboy, glamour, historical, and vampire.  Kristy is acting like she knows everything about modeling because she’s a model.  It’s annoying.  But, she did take the reins and struck a lot of sexy and sultry poses with Sean.



Kristy was picked to get the three book covers.  I was kind of hoping someone else would get it, but oh well.  Tierra of course was really upset and said that she didn’t come there to get hurt.  Sean announced they would be having a pool party so there is plenty of time for the claws to come out even further and do some scratching!



Lesley got a long time to talk to Sean, but chickened out and didn’t kiss him.  So, she steals him back from Kristy and starts to kiss him.  Daniella was spying on them, how creepy.  Kacie meantime is not sitting idle in the wings.  She starts to stir the pot and throw her hat into the ring for Sean’s attention.  Catherine spent some time with him and said that she found him “refreshing” to talk to.



Sean told Tierra aside to talk to her because he noticed that she seemed annoyed.  She told him that she’s there for him and it’s hard having 25 other girls going after him too.  He tried his best to reassure her.



The date card arrived back at the house and it was for Desiree.  “Love is priceless” is what the card said and I think she’s going to get the glamour princess date.



On the group date, Katie’s hair is growing larger by the minute.  The humidity is not treating her curls kindly.  She tells Sean that the setting is not right for her and that she doesn’t think this experience is for her so he walked her out and sent her home.  The other girls were shocked, but relieved that she left.  Sean decided to give the group date rose to Kacie!  Wow, Tierra is BEYOND upset.  If looks could kill!



Poor Desiree is actually on a prank date, ha!  Sean is taking her to a fake art gallery with actors inside and they are going to make her think that she knocked over a piece of art worth $1.7 million!  Yikes!  Sean starts to feel bad that he’s going to trick her because he thinks she is so sweet.  He starts to say that he feels like a bad person for doing this…and then all of a sudden.  Kaboom!



That sent the prank into full swing and everyone started blaming poor Desiree.  People start telling her that it’s her fault and that she will have to pay for it.  She’s a little upset and starting to freak out just a little, but then Sean comes out and reveals the prank to her.  She’s super relieved and was a good sport about the whole thing.



They go back to Sean’s bachelor pad where he had dinner waiting.  They talk about their families and find out that they have similar backgrounds.  They both felt really comfortable around each other and they said that it didn’t seem like a first date.  Desiree left him hanging when he offered her the rose when they were hanging out in the pool, but she accepted it and they did some kissing!



It was then time for the cocktail party and rose ceremony.  Lindsay got some time to chat with Sean.  She talks to Sean about how she feels bad that she had too much to drink and wore a wedding dress the first time she met him.  They talk about how they both want families and want to marry their best friends.  It was a good conversation and it seemed to flow.



Amanda was freaking out that she didn’t have any time with Sean.  The other girls tried to talking to her and she just ignored them and stared off.  It was incredibly weird and strange.



Robyn decides to ask Sean about the show being more diverse as far as there being more women of color included this year.  Sean says that he doesn’t have a type and he told the producers that he’s dated Hispanic, Persian, Black; it doesn’t matter because he goes off personality.  They seemed to have a good conversation about everything and he seemed to like her too!



Amanda finally got some time with Sean and she turned on the charm as the other ladies looked on in disgust.  Desiree was really upset by her and she wanted to warn him about her but never got the chance before he went to deliberate about who to pick.



Sean handed out roses to:

(Sarah, Desiree, and Kacie all have roses already from their dates)





Lesley M.




Leslie H.




Amanda (WHAAAT!!!)



The girls were all horrified when he said Amanda’s name.  Brooke and Diana were eliminated.  He told her that he didn’t want to keep her away from her girls if he didn’t see something long term with her.



Next week, the group date is at a theme park and the ladies start to turn on Tierra.  She apparently gets hurt and goes to the hospital!



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese 


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