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Tierra Takes a Tumble, and Sean Breaks a World Record for Kissing

This week, there is a group date and two one-on-one dates.  Chris Harrison urged them to make the most of their time with Sean whenever they can as they all won’t be going on dates this week.  The date card he brought said “Lesley M., how long will this love last?”  She was so excited to see if they could take things to the next level.



Sean said that they had an immediate connection on their last group date because she gave him a little kiss, so he totally wanted to take her out again.  Maybe he’s hoping for more kisses??  They went to the Guinness World Records in Los Angeles.  Lesley said it wouldn’t be where she would normally pick to go, but she had a lot of fun just being with Sean one-on-one. 



While there, they discovered that his dad drove through the lower 48 states in the fastest time in the world!  How amazing!  It was cool that he showed her something special about his family.  He wants them to set their own Guinness World Record.   They were about to set the record for longest on-screen kiss!



So they had a Guinness official on hand for the kiss and they have to keep their lips touching the entire time!  If they separate even the tiniest bit, it is invalidated!  Lesley was laughing a little bit due to the awkwardness.  They were totally using their hands to show their passion as they tried to overcome the situation of kissing in front of an entire crowd of people.  Chris Harrison noticed Sean copping a feel ha!  Sean said he actually forgot about the crowd at some point due to her kissing abilities.  I like how we got to see the entire 3:16 kiss.  They kept kissing!!!  Of course they broke the record!



Later, they sat down on top of a hotel to have drinks and snacks.  It was very picturesque.  She said that she loved middle school and high school, but she was kind of a nerd who studied a lot and was in a lot of clubs.  She talked about how much she loves hanging out with her family and her parents who have the perfect marriage.  He said that maybe he might be the guy for her and added that he likes that they make each other nervous.  They then had a long passionate kiss, although it wasn’t over three minutes long.



Another date card arrived.  This time it was for the group date.  It said, “Who’s going to win my heart?”  That should be a crazy competition.



Back on the date, Lesley told him that she is already developing feelings for him.  Sean said that he thinks it’s rare to connect with someone so quickly and that he’s been blown away by her and already has feelings for her two.  He offered her the rose and she accepted!  Cue the kissing!



Then it was time for the group date.  11 of the ladies arrived on the beach to play some football and Frisbee.  The ladies started yelling at him to take of his shirt and they wasted no time lathering him up with some oil or sunscreen (hard to tell what it was ha).  Chris Harrison arrived and told them they would be playing beach volleyball against each other.  The winning team will get to stay with Sean for the next part of the date, while the losing team goes home immediately.



Sean basically thought they were all pretty terrible at volleyball.  Catherine said that the game went from fun to frustrating and the ladies were all freaking out.  The blue team ended up winning and Sean had to say goodbye to the red team which included Kristy and Tierra among others.  The other six remaining girls notably included Kacie. 



The other ladies returned to the house to commiserate with the other girls who didn’t even get to go on a date yet.  The winning team all tried to battle each other for one-on-one time with Sean.  He seems to be developing feelings for quite a few girls already. 



Amanda said that she would do whatever it takes to get the rose on today’s group date, so we’ll see what that actually entails. She seems a little crazy to me.  I wonder if he’ll pick up on the crazy.  He was telling her that she has a genuine heart and then she started talking about how if they got married she would bring a “light and airy” quality to their relationship.  Desiree could not believe the crap that she was saying!  I agree with her, Amanda is a little creepy and dark.  Then she started bragging in front of the other girls about how she’s going to get the rose, now I really, really hope she doesn’t get it.



Kacie made a risky move and decided to tell Sean all about Amanda.  She tells him about how Desiree and Amanda have such a tense relationship and Kacie felt the need to tell him about it.  Sean asked her why she is saying something to him about it and thought that it was weird that they aren’t talking to him about it and that she is.  Sean said that she should just be herself and not act like a crazy person that he is seeing.  She said that her plan isn’t paying off the way she thought it would.  Sean decided to give Lindsay the date rose.  Kacie was so upset because she realized she came off like a crazy person even though I really don’t think she is.  I thought it was a little harsh of Sean to tell her she seemed crazy.  She probably should have just left, they don’t seem that compatible to me.



AshLee got the last one-on-one date.  As she was waiting for her date with Sean, there was a big bang.  Tierra fell in the house somehow just as he was arriving.  He saw Tierra on the stairs and she wasn’t even being that responsive to Sean.  He called in the medics and they took her to the hospital to get looked at.  Tierra started to cry and was saying that she didn’t want to go to the hospital and that it was not necessary.  The girls all thought that she basically cried wolf.  Sean went to check on her and said that he knew she was embarrassed.  I’m surprised that he was falling for this act and didn’t think that it was just plain ridiculous.



Finally, AshLee got to go on her date.  It was a Six Flags Magic Mountain!  They had the whole park to themselves.  Honestly, if you want it to be real, you should have to stand in line at each ride for two hours in 90 degree heat.  He surprised her with two girls from the Starlight Children’s Foundation.  Emily and Brianna have never met each other but they are friends and both love “The Bachelor”.  Brianna has the longest hair I’ve almost ever seen!  Emily showed up and she and Brianna were so excited to see each other.  They both have mitochondrial disease.



After an amazing day at the park, they got a private concert by “The Eli Young Band”.  The girls were so cute together.  AshLee and Sean got a little time to dance together and it seems like they both really loved bringing some happiness to the girls and it wasn’t bad to have to share their date.  It ended up being a big blessing.



They also got some time alone later on that evening.  They talked about how they want future children and not only that they want to adopt children as well.  She told him how she was abused by a family when she was in foster care and how she got adopted by a wonderful family at age 6. AshLee’s story about how she first met her father and how loving her adoptive family was to her brought tears to Sean’s eyes.  He really admires her and that was all he needed to pick up the rose and give it to her.  After seeing this date, how can you not root for them?



Sean said that he didn’t want Sarah to think he forgot about her this week so he had her dog Leo show up in a limo for her.  She thought he was sending her home since a limo showed up!  It was a really sweet surprise and a super cute doggie!



Also at the cocktail party, Sean decided to chat with Tierra.  She said that her back hurts and he told her that she really scared him.  Sean said that the whole experience is very overwhelming but he sees the big picture.  Tierra says that it does get to your head and she wishes she had more time with him.  While they were chatting, Desiree stole him away and really, really got Tierra angry. 



Desiree started kissing him and said that Karma’s a bitch because Tierra came back to steal him away.  She started complaining that it wasn’t enough time and I don’t know how Sean felt about that.  They all really need to get a clue and not complain to him.  Save that for the ladies, take it out on each other, otherwise you will totally ruin your chances with him.  Just look at Kacie!  She’s a big old mess!  Just as Sean and Kacie were talking about how they had found a romantic connection and then took a few steps back, they got interrupted.  I think he might have been starting to break up with her, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see at the rose ceremony.



Then it was time for roses, but hold your horses!  He decides to pull Kacie out of the pack and have a chat with her.  He said that he has too much respect for her to make her stand through a rose ceremony and that he feels that they are better off as friends.  It was nice of him to do it that way, but ouch!  Poor Kacie!  They were just not right for each other.  She will find someone wonderful some day, I know it.  Hey producers, how about making her “The Bachelorette”?  Third try is the charm?  I feel bad because she said she was leaving with regrets this time.



It was back to business.  Tierra, Leslie, Catherine, Daniella, Robyn, Selma, Sarah, Jackie (who?) , Amanda (ick), and Desiree all got roses in addition to AshLee, Lesley, and Lindsay.



Next week, there will be a disastrous game of roller derby and Tierra, surprise, surprise, has a big breakdown.



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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