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A Tough Goodbye For Sean as he Narrows the Field to Two Women

It’s time for the fantasy overnight dates in the South of Thailand!   

Sean’s first date was with Lindsay.  They took a ride in a motorcycle cart around town and did a lot of kissing, that poor driver, it’s like he wasn’t even there!  They went to a local market place and they saw some neon painted chicks, tried some strange fruits and bought some local goods.  Everything was going fine until Sean took Lindsay to a stand that had bowls full of cooked bugs!  Disgusting!  If he doesn’t love you regardless of whether or not you try the bugs, he’s not the guy for you!  Seriously, this girl wants to marry Sean so bad!  She ate the bug!  Barf!  How can they want to kiss each other after eating those bugs!?



They left the market when it started to rain and they walked along the beach to an open spot and plopped down for a picnic.  The weather didn’t look so great, but they didn’t seem to mind.  Sean told her that she’s the best friend that he’s been looking for.  Wow, that is a big statement!  You can tell she is just over-the-moon happy with him.  They also got to feed monkeys on the beach!  They took the food right out of their hands!  It was amazing!  It really was a perfect date and it seems like the other ladies have their work cut out for them.


In the evening, they went to a lit up garden and had a special dinner.  Sean told her that he thinks that they had a perfect date and he hoped for more of the same in the evening.  Just as Lindsay is about to tell Sean her feelings, a bunch of dancers come out and put on a show.  After they left, Sean gave her the date card that offered the fantasy suite.  She accepted, saying that she would love to spend more time with him.  It was a beautiful room and opting for it will give them time to get to know each other without all the cameras around.  Lindsay had a hard time saying the words, but she finally said, “I love you”.  He said, “I love hearing you say that.”  OK, that is not what I would want to hear back, but I realize he can’t say it back.



Next on the roster was AshLee.  Sean picked her up in a boat and whisked her away in the water.  They headed to a cave!  It did look very scary!  AshLee of course was terrified.  She is just a little too serious I think.  Nothing ever seems “fun” with her. They go through the cave and it was pretty cool inside.  Finally, they found the light and headed out of the tunnel  and onto a private beach.



Once it was dark out, they had a romantic beachside dinner by candlelight.  Sean told her that he can see the rest of his life with her more and more every time she’s with him.  He’s really saying a lot of nice things to these ladies, but I hope he’s keeping in mind that he’s going to have to send one of them home!  She seemed a little unsure about what to do about the fantasy suite card, but Sean told her that he just wanted to stay up all night talking.  AshLee said that she worried that she didn’t want a boundary to be crossed and she said that she thought they both knew where each other stands and she totally trusts him, so she accepted the suite!



Lastly, it was time for Catherine’s fantasy date!  They set sail on a huge sailboat!  They spent a lot of time talking on the boat about how they love being silly together, but then it turned to Catherine reassuring Sean that she is ready for a long-term commitment.  She said her friends are a better judge of her than her sister and that because she feels she can be herself 100% around him she feels much better about her ability to commit to him.  He seemed to really love her answer.



At the dinner, Catherine said that it was frustrating that he couldn’t tell her how he feels and that she just has to put herself out on the line.  He told her, “I can tell you that I could see myself marrying you.”  She was a little taken aback by that!  That was something he hasn’t said so bluntly to the other girls.  It’s hard for Catherine to be the pursuer rather than the one being chased, but if she wants to be with him she’s going to have to put herself all out there.  She also decided to accept the fantasy suite card and they spent some time in the pool kissing!  They seem very at ease together, there’s definitely something there!



All of a sudden, Chris Harrison broke up the flow of the show to give a preview of “Oz, the Great and Powerful”.   After that preview, Chris Harrison had a sit down with Sean in Thailand.  He spoke to Chris about who he planned to send home and said that he was sure about who he wanted to send home and that it’s going to be very difficult.  It kills him inside and that she’s one of the sweetest women he’s ever met in his life.  No one likes to break people’s hearts or be a jerk, but sometimes you have to.  That’s the name of the game here.



Each of thegirls left Sean a video before the big elimination, and Sean was visibly upset while watching AshLee’s video.  AshLee cried several times and said that she was no longer broken because of him and that she will always love him…does this mean trouble for her?  Or was he just taking in all of the videos?



Then it was upon him.  He had to make his big decision.  He said he was let go by Emily at this point and that he was blindsided.  He said he felt awful that he was about to do the same thing to one of them and it kills him.  As he picked up a rose, Lindsay let out an expletive…classy.  Nevertheless, Lindsay got the first rose.  The second and final rose went to Catherine.  He took FOREVER to say her name.  I would have yelled, “Just say it already!” Poor AshLee makes the walk of shame this week.



Without a word, she walked towards Sean and headed for the car.  She told him, just say there and yet he followed after her.  He told her that he thought it was her from the very beginning and that she hoped he knew where he was coming from and that he didn’t want to hurt her.  She stood there glaring at him and then just said, “Alright” and got in the car. 



Inside the car she said it wasn’t about a silly game to her and laughter and having fun.  Well, maybe if she had a little more fun she would still be there.  It was way too heavy of a situation on each and every date with her.  She’s just way more serious of a personality than what Sean is looking for.  I think he wants someone to have fun with and be lighthearted with.



Next week, it’s “The Women Tell All” episode.  Of course there’s a lot of talk about Tierra, we get to see if Sarah is still heartbroken, Desiree gets to ask him some more questions, and AshLee will have her chance to have closure with Sean as well.  Then in two weeks, it’s the big finale!  Who do you think will get the final rose?



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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