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Conference Call with Eliminated Bachelor Contestant Sarah

Sarah Herron, who was eliminated from "The Bachelor" in suprising fashion Tuesday night, checked in on a conference call Thursday afternoon to discuss her time on the show, her connection with Sean and who she thought would be a good fit for him. After she showed him pictures of her family, he realized he didn't have lasting romantic feelings for her and cut her loose two days before the rose ceremony.


Despite the harsh dismissal, the 26-year-old advertising executive has no regrets about her experience or how Sean went about eliminating her. She says she told him early on not to mess around with her if he wasn't feeling it, so she actually respects him for letting her know sooner. Still, she was shocked when it happened and did not see it coming at all. She said part of her was concerned, though, because they were five weeks into the process and it becomes difficult to develop the relationship while Sean is also developing relationships with othe women.

She wants a boyfriend and love, and still doesn't quite understand why all the guys in her life give her the same "You're great and you deserve the best" speech when they dump her. She called "The Bachelor" a life-changing experience that helped her learn a lot about herself, and about opening up and being vulnerable.

I asked her about her disability and how it seemed to be a point of extreme self-consciousness for her throughout the show, particularly with the phyiscal activities. And as something she's dealt with her whole life, I wondered if it is something that affects her confidence in her daily life, or if it's something she is more or less at peace with.

"Having one arm has always affected my self-confidence, and it's definitely given me insecurities," she said. "But I have come to peace with it and learned to be myself and not let it be an obstacle in my life."

On the show, she says, it was a big issue because so many of the dates involved physical activities where having two arms is almost a necessity. And while she expected that, she found it unusual how often it came to light. It affected her confidence with Sean, but she says it is not as much an issue in her day-to-day life.

I also asked her if she would be interested in being the Bachelorette, if the opportunity presented itself, and she said it was something she would seriously consider. While she worries it would just be her talking about her arm for an entire season, the journey of self-discovery it offers could be too much to pass up. She said that up until the show, she never talked about her arm to ANYONE. But now she can open up about more easily, and her co-workers feel more comfortable asking her questions.

As for the remaining women, she thinks the chemistry Sean has with Catherine is very real and their special connection could last a lifetime. She also thinks Lesley would be a good match, but not so much Tierra, who she roomed with on the trips and saw a completely different side of than we see on TV. She described Lindsay as "a tiny ball of fun," Desiree as "spunky" and AshLee as having the biggest heart ever. But she worries Ash could be a little to serious and intense for Sean.

Check back tomorrow for a complete transcipt of the conference call. Don't forget to watch next week, when the remaining women trade their snowsuits for bikinis in the U.S. Virgin Islands.


- Bill King


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