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Finally! Sean Comes to His Senses!

This is the last episode before the crucial hometown dates next week.  This is a very big week and these ladies need to make a big impression.  Tierra, being the drama queen that she is, set up a cot in the living room of the hotel suite so she didn’t have to share space with the other women.  How petty.



The first date card was for AshLee and it said, “Let’s get carried away”.  Tierra was being really critical of AshLee being 32 and not being married yet.  Something tells me that Tierra might be much older than that by the time she gets married and she should watch what she says.  Sean and AshLee swam out to a boat.  She said in her interview that she just loves and adores who he is…aww!!!  AshLee did tell Sean what she thinks about Tierra and gave him the best explanation yet as to why Tierra is not for him.  He said he actually does believe what she is saying about Tierra. 

Sean ashlee2
There was some steamy beach kissing between AshLee and Sean!  Wow!  They are so sweet together!




Another date card arrived.  It was for Tierra, “Let’s explore our love on the streets of St. Croix.”  Tierra was not excited about her date.  She said she doesn’t want to get bit by bugs and would rather go on a boat.  SHEESH!  There’s no pleasing some people.



Back on AshLee’s one-on-one with Sean; they had a romantic dinner on the beach.  AshLee broke the news to Sean that 15 years ago she had a boyfriend at the time and while things were difficult with her parents, she got married when she was 17 years old.  She told him that she doesn’t want poor mistakes in her past to affect her future.  She was with her ex from freshman year of high school, got married their junior year, and got divorced by her senior year.  Sean took it all in stride and told her that she’s perfect the way she is and he doesn’t think she is “broken” and wants her to take that word out of her vocabulary.



Sean said that he was going into his one-on-one with Tierra with a lot of questions and he wanted to figure out if she was a sweet girl or not.  They went shopping in the town and she said that she was having a great time shopping with Sean.  He bought her a bunch of things and that made her happy.  They danced in an impromptu parade going down the street and she got to show off her fake carefree side.  They got some snow cones and sat down to talk.  She blamed all of the drama on the girls and he just shook his head like he understood.  UGH.



Tierra said that she thought that the vibe was a little off on their date.  She told him this at dinner and wanted to know why he was being so distant.  He told her the drama in the house set them back a bit.  She tried to save face by telling him that she’s falling for him and that she hopes he takes that into consideration.  She whispered in his ear that she’s falling in love with him.  I think all of America just threw up a little.  Sean said he felt some sparks and thinks that she doesn’t like the other women but she’s nice to him and genuine with him so that’s all that matters.  Ok buddy, just keep telling yourself that.





Catherine, Desiree and Lindsay, got the group date!  Their card said, “Love is on the horizon.”  That meant Lesley got the last one-on-one date.  Sean came in and woke the three up early, early in the morning and they had no makeup on!  Sean thought they looked great and said they looked better than him.  Lindsay commented that she didn’t even have time to shave her armpits…charming!



They hopped out of Sean’s jeep and watched the sun rise!  That was really cool!  They were off to explore the rest of the island together.  They saw all the sights.  It was a day road trip.  I would have barfed.  Good thing I was never on this show, I don’t have the stomach for it ha-ha.  It looked like they had a great time zipping all over.  One of their last stops in the afternoon was a really cool tree house where they all had a lot of fun climbing and hanging out. 




Lindsay said she was caught off guard by how outgoing Desiree was being with Sean and how she was really trying to get every minute with him.  She’s good at the game!  Take lessons ladies!  They went swimming and hung out until it was time for the sunset.  Sean said that he’s crazy about “the girl in the wedding dress” Lindsay and that he’s developed really strong feelings for her!  Who would have guessed?!  Catherine had a talk with Sean about how her dad lives in China and how he has battled depression for a long time.  She added that he had a suicide attempt when she was a teenager and she told him that it’s hard for her to deal with.  She said that she wanted him to know in case he wanted to meet him on her hometown date should she get one.


Desiree cried a lot when she got a chance to talk to Sean.  She said it is a big deal for her to bring someone home and she wants for him to meet them.  I think she came off a little nuts here, but I still like her and I think Sean does too.  Despite that, Sean gave the date rose to Lindsay!  So we’ll be seeing Lindsay’s hometown! 



Lesley’s one-on-one date card said, “I hope our love stands the test of time.”  They went and hung out in a beautiful garden to have a picnic and even picked their own avocados off of a tree!  Lesley said that she’s falling in love with Sean and she plans to tell him that.  He asked her about who he would meet if he goes to Arkansas and she told him about how much fun they are.  He asked if there is anything that he needs to know before he goes to meet them (really if he goes there) and she took that opportunity to tell him that she has a lot of passion for him but then chickened out with dropping the L-bomb.



He was wondering why she wasn’t being that affectionate towards him and he said that he hopes things pick up.  There was some kissing as they took their walk.




Sean’s sister Shay showed up and he told her about each of the women that he is dating, but he needs to go from six to four.  He told her that he could see the possibility of marriage with all of them but that so far just two have told him that they love him so far, Tierra and AshLee.  She told him not to end up with the one where she is watching and yelling, “Don’t end up with THAT ONE, no!”  Ha ha, did she just describe Tierra word for word or what?




Tierra asked AshLee if there was anything that she wanted to share with her.  She said not in particular, but Tierra kept on pressing her and telling her that she thought it was horrible that she was sabotaging her relationship.  She told Tierra that men love her and that they are just jealous of her.  Then there was just a lot of yelling back and forth. 




Sean was still talking to his sister and he decided to go get Tierra to meet his sister.  He walked in and asked where Tierra was, when he walked in he saw Tierra crying on her cot.  He asked her to go with him to meet someone.  She just kept telling him that she’s so scared of this whole process and she has such a big heart…blah, blah, blah.  Usually when someone says they have a good heart or feel the need to talk about it, it might not be true.  She told Sean that she confronted AshLee about sabotaging their relationship and Sean felt really torn at that moment I think.  He seems to be sick of this whole situation.

His sister did tell him that if a girl can’t get along with other girls, that’s a big red flag.  I’m glad she said that to him because enough is enough!




After walking outside to think for a few minutes, Sean went back inside and told Tierra he couldn’t keep her there knowing how hard it was for her.  I’m surprised she didn’t even put up a fight!  He asked her if she was OK and she said that she wasn’t.  He just didn’t even know what to say.  He did admit that he wasn’t shocked and it finally clicked that she wasn’t the one for him.  He put her in a blue van and off she went!  She cried that she couldn’t believe that he did that to her and that she wanted to go home.  She said, “I hope the girls got what they wanted.”  His sister was like, wow what happened? And he told his sister that Tierra was an emotional mess.  “Nobody is going to take my sparkle away” were Tierra’s last words hahaha.



Funny enough, just before the rose ceremony, the other ladies did not know that Tierra had even left!  They were shocked when they saw Sean walk in alone.  He explained to them that he sent her home because he knew that she was a source of drama and he’s not looking for that in a partner so he had to send her home.   He didn’t want a cocktail party and he said that he would see them in a few minutes to hand out roses.




Aside from Lindsay who already has a rose, roses went to Desiree, Catherine, and AshLee.  Phew, she was worried she stirred up to much drama with Tierra but Sean knew who the real drama queen was.  I felt bad for Lesley but their relationship just wasn’t at the same level as it was with the other girls.  Catherine was crying because she thinks that Lesley had more in common with him that even she did and Lesley going home threw her for a loop. 



Next week, Sean visits the hometowns and oh my goodness, it looks like Desiree’s brother doesn’t like Sean and things actually could turn into a physical confrontation!  Yikes!  I can’t wait for next week!



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese



Is it me, or did anyone else not see a single tear when Tierra was (supposedly) crying when sitting on her cot? I thought it was a big act put on for the cameras. So glad she's gone!

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