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First Look at Finale Photos, and the Final Two Ladies' Dresses!

The big "Bachelor" finale is coming up in about a week and a half, and we're getting a first look at some preview photos from the big finale!


First, here's Sean.  I'm guessing this is just after he said "goodbye" to the woman he didn't pick.  He looks kind of upset there and if you'll notice the rose is still behind him!



Then there is Lindsay, she looks beautiful in her silvery blue dress.  


Catherine chose a gold, one-shouldered style dress to wear.  



Which woman is walking towards a proposal and which will have to take the awkward walk back to the limo to get driven away while crying?  We won't know until Monday, March 11.  This Monday we will hear from all of the women Sean didn't pick in "The Women Tell All" special.  


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Jennifer Matarese 


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