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Hometown Dates are Game Changers for Sean

It is hometown date week on “The Bachelor”!  Hooray, these are always the best, or worst!



AshLee was up first with her date in Houston, Texas.  They started with a traditional picnic in a field with AshLee’s little dog Bailey ready to give Sean lots of kisses.  They talked a lot about what they like about each other and after kissing each other a lot (smooch, smooch, SMOOCH) he asked AshLee to trust him with her heart.  Moving forward, they skipped through the field with the dog and then headed to her parents house.



Later, they met AshLee’s parents who seemed very welcoming and sweet.  They had a nice time chatting with her parents about their “Polar Bear Plunge”…and then it got really awkward.  She started telling her parents about how they were “rolling around in the sand” on the beach together and they got quite intimate.  Yikes!  Her mother point blank asked him if he planned to break her heart.  He said he did not, and let’s hope he’s true to his word!  Something tells me mom was easy and dad is going to be the tough one! 




Dad told him that he wanted to know if he loved her and he said that he is crazy about her but did not say “love”.  Dad also told him that he hopes he never bumps into him around town because he would have to hurt him if he breaks up with AshLee.  They talked about how he signed the papers to allow a 17-years-old AshLee get married to her boyfriend when she was in high school.  Sean asked her father if he could propose to AshLee if that’s where their relationship is going, and he told Sean they would welcome him to the family.  It was a great conversation!



Her dad also shared the story about the first time he met AshLee and what led for them to adopt her.  It brought tears to my eyes!  He just wants the man who marries her to instantly fall in love with her the way he did and just be good to her.  She has a wonderful family!  This hometown date is going to be a tough one to beat.



Sean headed to Seattle next for his date with Catherine.  Seattle is a super fun city!  Sean said, “When I’m with Catherine, I can see my wife.”  Wow, that’s a strong statement!  Sean caught some fish at the Public Market and didn’t miss once.  It’s very smelly but fun there!  Then Catherine had to go and she dropped the first one, but then got the next one one-handed!  Not bad!  They walked around and seemed like a “real couple”.  They have so much fun together, it’s crazy!  I really think that could last in the “real world” too.



Sean met Catherine’s two sisters, her mom and her grandmother.  He took part in a lot of their Filipino traditions and learned about her family’s culture.  He really seemed to have a great time with her grandmother too!  Catherine was a little disappointed that she had to spend a lot of time defending her relationship with Sean to her sisters when she just wanted to be excited and happy.  She then got worried that they might ruin her chances with him.



The sisters told Sean that they didn’t see Catherine wanting children right away, but that if someone supports all of her dreams she will be all into the relationship.  He also thought they had a long pause when he asked them if she was ready for something serious.  They told him that she’s messy and very moody with extreme highs and lows.  Yikes!  That’s not exactly an endorsement.



Her mom told him that she doesn’t want her to get hurt and Sean said that he thinks the world of her.  He agreed that he would not lead her on.  He asked for her mother’s blessing, and she basically said there are three other women still so let’s just see what happens.  He never really got the blessing because her family seemed very skeptical.  Sean said he hated the things that her sisters told him and he became unsure about how to move forward with things.



Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri was Sean’s third stop.  Lindsay’s dad is a Major General so he had to go meet up with her on an Army base.  They spent some time walking around the town.  He said that he felt like a couple with her as they went through the town.  He added that he thinks that she’s ready to get married and ready to have a family.  He was worried about what to call her dad, Mr., General, hey you…there were a lot of options there. 



Lindsay made Sean change into some Army workout clothes and do some boot camp exercises, although there certainly was a lot of kissing in between!  Then, they headed off to meet her dad, mom, and brother.



Lindsay told her parents that she got out of the limo on the first night in a wedding dress and they laughed so much.  He explained to her parents how he just appreciates her sense of humor.  Her mom told Sean she noticed that “things are happening” and when her mom asked him if he was in love with Lindsay, he said he’s not in a position to say that yet because when he does he wants it to be to the woman he plans to marry.



Her dad told Sean he doesn’t want to see his daughter get hurt.  Sean told him that he basically can’t guarantee anything at this point but he wanted to know if he could have his blessing should he propose to Lindsay.  The general said that it was a tough question and he wasn’t sure that he had an answer to it, but told him if that’s what they want to do then he has his blessing.  As long as Lindsay says yes of course!  Sean said that he found the general to be a great guy.  Her dad even gave Sean some identification “dog” tags to remember his visit there.  What a wonderful visit!  Just when you think it couldn’t get any better, Lindsay dropped the “L” bomb!



Lastly, Sean met up with Desiree in Los Angeles.  She decided to take him on a hike, which should be right up his alley.  They had a great time together and spent a lot of time taking in the sites and kissing.



That night they headed over to her house and she showed him that she did all of the artwork at her house!  It’s really good!  They cooked dinner for her family together which was really sweet.  Then, there was a knock at the door.  It was apparently an old boyfriend who was telling her that he loves her and then Sean stepped in and was like “I’m standing right here” and his heart was racing.  Then, Desiree revealed that it was all a prank to get back at him for that whole breaking the sculpture on their first one-on-one date!  Ha!  She got him good.  The guy was just an actor.



At last, her family arrived.  It was her mom, dad and brother, Nate that came to meet Sean.  Her parents were very cute although her brother seemed to have a chip on his shoulder since the minute he walked in the door.  Her mom seemed very excited about the prospects of this relationship. Sean had a great talk with her father who said that he thought Sean would be a great son-in-law.



Desiree had a chat with her brother and she told him that she felt that like she had the most stable, real relationship with Sean.  He told his sister that he didn’t think that this was real, it was stupid, and if it was her in the end, he didn’t see it working out.  Then Nate asked Sean if he could talk to him. 



They went outside and Nate told him that he didn’t see the reciprocation in his feelings towards his sister.  He said he didn’t see a connection.  Sean tried to be nice about it and told him he’s sorry he’s picking up on those vibes.  Nate told him that he thinks that he’s a playboy and he’s having fun with the circumstances.  Sean told him that’s not him and Nate said he’s not buying it.  Wow.  This really sucks for him.  Sean told him that his character and his integrity is number one for him and he’s being genuine.



Sean and Nate went back inside and mom and Desiree were like, “Did you scare Sean?” and Sean said, “Everything is fine”.  Desiree told her brother to stop being “honest” and just leave it alone.  So then Desiree’s poor parents tried to make things mellow out by talking about the weather and they seemed very embarrassed by their son’s behavior.  Sean said it’s hard not to picture how things would be as a member of her family with a brother that he doesn’t get along with.  It was really rough.  Poor Desiree and her jerk of a brother.  Her dad even defended Sean to Nate after he left and told him, “You’re way off the mark”.  If Desiree does get hurt it will be partly because of Nate so I hope he’s happy with himself.



Once back at the mansion, Sean talked with Chris Harrison about his week.  He said it comes down to Catherine and Desiree.  He said that the situation with Nate rattled him and the things Catherine’s sisters said about her worry him and that she is very independent and a lot of career goals.  He’s just not sure if she is ready to settle down.



Time for roses!  But wait, Desiree pulled Sean aside and told him that she needed to apologize for her brother’s rudeness and she just cried.  Sean said he knew that it wasn’t her, it was her brother’s actions, and he gave her a hug. 



Sean gave roses to: AshLee, Lindsay, and lastly…there was another surprise.  Sean just puts down the last rose and walks out of the room!  He goes back into the deliberation room and starts staring at Catherine and Desiree’s pictures.  Sean told Chris that he’s got two wonderful women and he can see his life with both of them and he doesn’t know who to send home.  Chris told him to take his time and get it right and they would be waiting out in the room for him.



Sean walked back into the room, picked up the rose, and without saying anything else just uttered Catherine.  She accepted the rose and poor Desiree just stood there.  Chris Harrison even had to breathe a heavy sigh after that one!  He told her to take a moment and say her goodbyes and then Sean walked her out.  She told him that she thinks that he is making a big mistake and he said he might be.  He said he has to trust the decision he is making is the best for her and for him.  Again, she told him that “100%” he was making a huge mistake and she got into the limo and left.  He told her that he is going to miss her so much and she said, “Then don’t let me go”, but he did.  And Desiree, that’s how you know he’s not for you, he let you go!



This process is certainly getting harder for Sean.  He had to stand outside for quite a while to collect himself before he went back inside.  Desiree is a sweet girl and she will find someone who is right for her I’m sure.  Tomorrow night, Sean Tells All.  It begins at 9 p.m. on ABC.  They also showed a preview of next week’s dates in Thailand and it looks like it’s going to be a wild, emotional ride.



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese 


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