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February 2013


First Look at Finale Photos, and the Final Two Ladies' Dresses!

The big "Bachelor" finale is coming up in about a week and a half, and we're getting a first look at some preview photos from the big finale!


First, here's Sean.  I'm guessing this is just after he said "goodbye" to the woman he didn't pick.  He looks kind of upset there and if you'll notice the rose is still behind him!



Then there is Lindsay, she looks beautiful in her silvery blue dress.  


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A Tough Goodbye For Sean as he Narrows the Field to Two Women

It’s time for the fantasy overnight dates in the South of Thailand!   

Sean’s first date was with Lindsay.  They took a ride in a motorcycle cart around town and did a lot of kissing, that poor driver, it’s like he wasn’t even there!  They went to a local market place and they saw some neon painted chicks, tried some strange fruits and bought some local goods.  Everything was going fine until Sean took Lindsay to a stand that had bowls full of cooked bugs!  Disgusting!  If he doesn’t love you regardless of whether or not you try the bugs, he’s not the guy for you!  Seriously, this girl wants to marry Sean so bad!  She ate the bug!  Barf!  How can they want to kiss each other after eating those bugs!?



They left the market when it started to rain and they walked along the beach to an open spot and plopped down for a picnic.  The weather didn’t look so great, but they didn’t seem to mind.  Sean told her that she’s the best friend that he’s been looking for.  Wow, that is a big statement!  You can tell she is just over-the-moon happy with him.  They also got to feed monkeys on the beach!  They took the food right out of their hands!  It was amazing!  It really was a perfect date and it seems like the other ladies have their work cut out for them.

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Sean Tells All!

There are just three women left, Lindsay, Catherine and AshLee, and next week Sean will travel with them to Thailand.  But tonight, Chris Harrison sat down with Sean to find out where his head is at and why he made some of the decisions he has made along the way so far.


They revisited last night’s confrontation with Desiree’s brother Nate and Sean said that in that circumstance he really wanted to punch the guy.  He said attacking his character is the fastest way to get him heated.  The weird thing is he actually had a great conversation with Sean in the beginning of the night, but then later he changed his tune for some reason.  That’s why Sean was really thrown for a loop.  Sean said, “Ultimately, I just chalked it up to him being a jackass.”  Sean said that although he wishes it didn’t influence his decision, it did.  He didn’t want to be a part of a family with him in it.  He also said that there were some areas of his relationship with Desiree that were lacking a little bit, but not being able to see himself in her family was the biggest reason.  Poor Desiree.


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Hometown Dates are Game Changers for Sean

It is hometown date week on “The Bachelor”!  Hooray, these are always the best, or worst!



AshLee was up first with her date in Houston, Texas.  They started with a traditional picnic in a field with AshLee’s little dog Bailey ready to give Sean lots of kisses.  They talked a lot about what they like about each other and after kissing each other a lot (smooch, smooch, SMOOCH) he asked AshLee to trust him with her heart.  Moving forward, they skipped through the field with the dog and then headed to her parents house.



Later, they met AshLee’s parents who seemed very welcoming and sweet.  They had a nice time chatting with her parents about their “Polar Bear Plunge”…and then it got really awkward.  She started telling her parents about how they were “rolling around in the sand” on the beach together and they got quite intimate.  Yikes!  Her mother point blank asked him if he planned to break her heart.  He said he did not, and let’s hope he’s true to his word!  Something tells me mom was easy and dad is going to be the tough one! 


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Finally! Sean Comes to His Senses!

This is the last episode before the crucial hometown dates next week.  This is a very big week and these ladies need to make a big impression.  Tierra, being the drama queen that she is, set up a cot in the living room of the hotel suite so she didn’t have to share space with the other women.  How petty.



The first date card was for AshLee and it said, “Let’s get carried away”.  Tierra was being really critical of AshLee being 32 and not being married yet.  Something tells me that Tierra might be much older than that by the time she gets married and she should watch what she says.  Sean and AshLee swam out to a boat.  She said in her interview that she just loves and adores who he is…aww!!!  AshLee did tell Sean what she thinks about Tierra and gave him the best explanation yet as to why Tierra is not for him.  He said he actually does believe what she is saying about Tierra. 

Sean ashlee2
There was some steamy beach kissing between AshLee and Sean!  Wow!  They are so sweet together!


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Full Transcript of Interview with Sarah

Here is the full transcript of the interview with Sarah from "The Bachelor"!  I've highlighted in PURPLE Bill King's portion of the conference call.  


Question:            So, I was actually - when I - my - first of all my heart broke for you.  You just - you seemed so genuinely upset in this episode.  And it made me wonder like - I really - because the last time we talked to you also, you seemed so pretty genuinely not regretful about your experience.  And you know - so I'm wondering if that had changed by this point in the show.  And then if it had changed by this point in the show, and if you regretted it, have you kind of come 360 to not regretting it again?  Or are you feeling like this was not the right decision to go on the show - or was it the right decision to go on the show?


Sarah Herron:    Oh, absolutely not.  Like, I have never ever regretted one moment of participating on The Bachelor.  It was a really, really incredible experience for me.  And you know, I like to say how a lot of times I think this show gets you know, poked fun at for using words like journey and experience and...


So, what I was just going to say about that is it actually is really and truly this life changing journey, and there's no better way to put it.  And for me, it was every bit of a life changing experience.  And it was very cathartic and self actualizing.  And I learned so much about myself and what I'm looking for.  And it - you know, (it's helped me) understand me better.  And so, in no way do I regret any of the process.  I think it all has helped me become who I am today.  And you know, that's - it's just part of the learning curve of life.  And I don't regret any second of participating on the show.


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Conference Call with Eliminated Bachelor Contestant Sarah

Sarah Herron, who was eliminated from "The Bachelor" in suprising fashion Tuesday night, checked in on a conference call Thursday afternoon to discuss her time on the show, her connection with Sean and who she thought would be a good fit for him. After she showed him pictures of her family, he realized he didn't have lasting romantic feelings for her and cut her loose two days before the rose ceremony.


Despite the harsh dismissal, the 26-year-old advertising executive has no regrets about her experience or how Sean went about eliminating her. She says she told him early on not to mess around with her if he wasn't feeling it, so she actually respects him for letting her know sooner. Still, she was shocked when it happened and did not see it coming at all. She said part of her was concerned, though, because they were five weeks into the process and it becomes difficult to develop the relationship while Sean is also developing relationships with othe women.

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Tierra Fakes Another Injury and Some Sad Goodbyes for Sean

Sean and his remaining nine ladies traveled to the Canadian Rockies.  Sean said that he left Montana disappointed due to all of the drama and he started to doubt the process.  He said that he’s going into this week hopeful, but he needs to get things back on track.  Chris Harrison greeted the women at Lake Louise and told them there would be two one-on-one dates and a group date.



The date card was waiting for the women up in their hotel suite.  It read, “Catherine, Let’s find our fairy tale ending.”  Finally!  It’s about time she got a one-on-one!  She seems really sweet.  They dropped her off in the middle of nowhere in almost white-out conditions and lo and behold an ice explorer snow bus pulled up with Sean inside.  He was driving this monstrous thing! 



They had a lot of fun on their ride to a glacier at Jasper National Park.  She got onto a sled and he started pulling her and having fun, but the weather was pretty terrible out.  They were getting pelted by the snow.  He said, “This is what I want from a wife” because she was having a blast just playing around and they had a great time together!  And oh yes, there was kissing!


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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back for Sean

This week featured the big return of the two-on-one date.  I’m so excited to see someone pack their bags and leave.  I know that sounds horrible!  But he’s got to get rid of all but one eventually!


The ladies took off on a place to Whitefish, Montana to become one with nature and hopefully with Sean.  He’s excited to do some outdoors stuff and see which ladies are up for that too. 



The first date card was for Lindsay.  It said “Let love soar on top of the world.”  She was so happy she got the date that she cried.  Yeah, she’s not expecting too much at all.  Of course they took off in a helicopter with the sappy helicopter music playing.  They landed and sat in a field and talked about how well they know each other already so far.  There must be more that we haven’t seen because I’m pretty sure they don’t know that much about each other.  Anyway, they sat there and kissed for a while because let’s face it, it was a very romantic setting!


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Emily Maynard Live Tweeting During Tonight's Show

Former "Bachelorette" Emily Maynard will be live tweeting during tonight's all-new "The Bachelor"!  If you want to talk to her, you can ask her questions and send her comments at @EmilyMaynard.

Tonight (8 p.m.) is actually the first of two new episodes this week!  There will also be an all-new episode tomorrow at 9 p.m. as well.

The Bachelor attempts to escalate his relationship with Lindsay to new heights when the couple takes an astounding helicopter ride over the gorgeous mountains of Montana's Glacier National Park.

Eight women get to compete in a Montana relay race, including milking goats, with the winning team getting to spend more time with Sean. And one controversial bachelorette continues to cause a firestorm in the house, leaving Sean to worry if he will ever find his wife there.  Sounds juicy doesn't it?! Don't forget to watch tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC!

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