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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back for Sean

This week featured the big return of the two-on-one date.  I’m so excited to see someone pack their bags and leave.  I know that sounds horrible!  But he’s got to get rid of all but one eventually!


The ladies took off on a place to Whitefish, Montana to become one with nature and hopefully with Sean.  He’s excited to do some outdoors stuff and see which ladies are up for that too. 



The first date card was for Lindsay.  It said “Let love soar on top of the world.”  She was so happy she got the date that she cried.  Yeah, she’s not expecting too much at all.  Of course they took off in a helicopter with the sappy helicopter music playing.  They landed and sat in a field and talked about how well they know each other already so far.  There must be more that we haven’t seen because I’m pretty sure they don’t know that much about each other.  Anyway, they sat there and kissed for a while because let’s face it, it was a very romantic setting!



Later they kissed some more by a roaring fire and they talked about how her father was away and how she’s seeking stability with a family.  She’s got some daddy issues.  Nevertheless, he gave her the date rose.  Sean said that he thinks she is extremely special.  He seems to think that they click really well.  They went to a concert by Sarah Darling and the whole town was there.  They had to dance on a platform in front of everyone and kiss.  That would make me really self conscious!  They do seem cute together!



Another date card arrived and it said “You make my heart race.”  It was a group date for Selma, AshLee, Desiree, Catherine, Sarah Leslie, Robin and Daniella.  That meant Tierra and Jackie were getting stuck with the two on one date.  Tierra acted like she was thrilled with it, but she’s got a 50-50 shot of getting eliminated on this date, so she should be a little nervous.



On the group date, the ladies all followed Sean into the woods and there were a bunch of goats waiting for them.  One of the girls actually said, “Are those dogs?”  Um, no, that would be a goat.  I’m pretty sure my baby can even tell the difference between a goat and a dog! Ha ha!  So they have to row across a lake, carry hay, saw a log, milk a goat and then one of the girls on the team must drink the goats’ milk.  That’s not bad, it’s just goat’s milk.  It’s hardly “Fear Factor”.



Sean thought they were terrible at canoeing.  They really were!  Sarah did amazing lugging the bale of hay with her one arm.  Seriously, I can’t believe they made her do that challenge, but she did fantastic.  Actually, knowing her, she probably really wanted to do whatever and she is such a great example of not letting a disability keep you down.  Once they started milking the goat, oh my goodness that poor goat!  They were abusing that poor goat’s udder.  Desiree said that the goat’s milk was warm and it came out her nose.  Gross.  The red team won.  That meant Sarah, Desiree, Robyn and Selma would get more time with him.



But wait…Sean was really upset that the blue team left and so Chris Harrison showed up.  He invited them back to the party because he wants to get to know them and sending them home defeated the purpose of what he is there to do: find a wife!  The red team was a little put off by this!  Desiree was like, what the heck man, I drank goat’s milk for this!



So Sean is getting interviewed, and who walks in, Tierra the Terrible!  She felt like the “loser” blue team was going to get more time with him, so she might as well just crash the party too.  She told him that it felt like a slap in the face to get a two-on-one and he just sighed when she said that.  Sean basically said that he doesn’t know what to make of her coming out there, but he’d deal with it later.



Back on the group date, Desiree complained to him about how hard she tried and how everyone got time with him anyway. He just kind of shrugs his shoulders in those situations.  AshLee meantime, had some great time with him when she got to speak with Sean and I feel like their relationship is continually growing.  Sean and Catherine got in some good snuggle time and he said that he’s so happy he doesn’t have to worry about her because she is confident and easy going.  Let this be a lesson ladies, most guys don’t want to deal with drama! 



Daniella saw Catherine and Sean sitting on each other’s laps and she was appalled.  She felt like Catherine was the reason he wanted the other group to come back.  There are definitely some undeniable sparks flying between those two.  As Sean took Daniella away to talk later, she burst into tears!  She explained to him how she’s having a hard time connecting with him and other girls are moving faster.  He tried to reassure her of his feelings.  All of her tears led to some kissing and then she felt better.  I bet Catherine wouldn’t if she saw that!  In the end, he decided to give Daniella the date rose.  If looks could kill!  Robyn was upset as were, let’s face it, everyone else.



At the hotel, another date card arrived and it said, “Love is a wild ride”.  It was for Tierra and Jackie of course.  Once it was time for the date, Tierra made it her mission to exclude Jackie as much as possible and ignore her.  They went horseback riding and poor Jackie got a stubborn horse who didn’t want to keep up with the pack.



Jackie got some alone time with Sean and she made the risky move of bringing Tierra up in their conversation.  She probably should have just focused on him and on herself, but she wanted to throw Tierra under the bus.  I think it comes across a little desperate.



Then the threesome went to dinner and it was filled with awkward silence.  He then pulled Tierra aside to talk to her and she told him about how she had a boyfriend who was dependent on drugs and that guy later died.  I think it did make him look at her differently and understand her a little more.



Sean grabbed the rose and he told Tierra that although things haven’t been easy between them and he gave her the rose.  He said he appreciated why things moved slowly with Jackie but he had to be true to his heart and so he chose Tierra.  It was so annoying to see him pick Tierra!



During the cocktail party there was some more drama between Robyn, Lindsay and Tierra.  Then Catherine joined in and Tierra said to her that she could easily go get engaged if she wanted to because there are plenty of guys out in the world.  Um ok, maybe not after this display.  Just as she is telling Robyn that her “stinger comes out when she gets pissed”, he hears her in her angry tirade. 



That gives Sean some cause for concern so he goes and asks her to talk.  He asks her what is going on and then she says that she’s a “nice girl”.   So red flags are popping up all over the place for him and so he finally goes to Lindsay to find out what the real deal is.  She tells him that she doesn’t have any relationships with any of the other girls in the house and that she comes off very cold.



Then Sean went off to make up his mind about whom else to give roses to.  Before the rose ceremony began he had a little chat with Chris Harrison.  He said he felt like Montana was a bad week and that he felt like he was taking steps back and he wasn’t sure if his wife was even in the room anymore.  Ouch! 



Lindsay, Tierra, and Daniella all had roses already.  Sean decided to give his remaining roses to Selma, Catherine, Lesley, AshLee, Sarah, and Desiree.  Robyn was sent packing.  I found her a little big annoying so I’m not all broken up over it.  Although I totally would have rather had her stick around than Tierra.



A preview shows that Tierra is going to get hurt again and ends up on oxygen, its insane!  I just can’t wait to see what will finally be her undoing.  No way Sean ends up with this nut job!



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese


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