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Sean Tells All!

There are just three women left, Lindsay, Catherine and AshLee, and next week Sean will travel with them to Thailand.  But tonight, Chris Harrison sat down with Sean to find out where his head is at and why he made some of the decisions he has made along the way so far.


They revisited last night’s confrontation with Desiree’s brother Nate and Sean said that in that circumstance he really wanted to punch the guy.  He said attacking his character is the fastest way to get him heated.  The weird thing is he actually had a great conversation with Sean in the beginning of the night, but then later he changed his tune for some reason.  That’s why Sean was really thrown for a loop.  Sean said, “Ultimately, I just chalked it up to him being a jackass.”  Sean said that although he wishes it didn’t influence his decision, it did.  He didn’t want to be a part of a family with him in it.  He also said that there were some areas of his relationship with Desiree that were lacking a little bit, but not being able to see himself in her family was the biggest reason.  Poor Desiree.



Then Sean talked about his time with Sarah.  He talked about how much he admired her and how he felt bad that she couldn’t balance well on the roller derby date because she has one arm.  She did a great job on the date anyway.  Sean talked about how he really admired her but he didn’t feel like he loved her because when they kissed, there was no passion.  He said it broke his heart when he watched the show back and she talked about how she knew exactly what Sean was going to say and how she worried that she would never meet someone.  He said again that he knows that she will meet someone amazing.



Sean spoke about his chemistry with Selma and how he still had to let her go.  He said that he respected the fact that she couldn’t kiss him due to her culture.  They did Eskimo kisses and eyelash butterfly kisses, but on the night he sent her home, she kissed him!  Sean said that he didn’t expect her to kiss him because they could have so many other times.  He said unfortunately he already realized that she wasn’t going to be his wife.  He even thought that after their one-on-one she might be the one, but later he didn’t think that it would work out long-term.



Lesley had a very long; in fact the longest on-screen kiss with Sean.  It’s in the record books!  Sean said that he loved the kiss so much it felt like 30 seconds instead of 3 minutes.  They showed a funny moment when they were eating brownies.  It was hilarious that they were talking dirty over brownies.  Everything seemed so perfect, so Chris Harrison asked him what went wrong?  Sean said that it became awkward because she wouldn’t express herself as far as her feelings go.  So, she had to go.



Sean’s sister was instrumental in finally getting Tierra to go home.  She provided him the clarity in that situation that he needed.  He thought he needed a third party assessment and when he went to get her, he walked into a hornets nets.  He assured people that he wishes he would have kept Jackie on the 2-on-1 date instead of Tierra.  He said that he feels like a fool looking back but there was a lot, A LOT, that he didn’t see when he was in the situation.



Then there was a bunch of outtakes and scenes that didn’t make the show.  It was fun to watch but nothing to important to talk about.  However, they got back down to business and talked about what he plans to do with his fantasy suite dates and will he get physical.  To that question he answered, “It’s really none of your business.”  True, true, but we needy fans want to know every detail!



In a preview of the last two episodes, it showed a lot of kissing with the final three ladies.  It looks like there are going to be some very tough decisions ahead for Sean but it seems he had a pretty easy time deciding who the final one would be.  He picks out a ring but someone gives him a letter.  I wonder if it is the woman he picks or if it is the woman he knows he wants to let go anyway.  Then, they ended the show with Sean taking a shower for a full minute or so.  I’m not kidding.  It was fabulous.


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese



Love the blog! I agree that Sean should have given us a few more details about the overnight dates :)

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