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Tierra Fakes Another Injury and Some Sad Goodbyes for Sean

Sean and his remaining nine ladies traveled to the Canadian Rockies.  Sean said that he left Montana disappointed due to all of the drama and he started to doubt the process.  He said that he’s going into this week hopeful, but he needs to get things back on track.  Chris Harrison greeted the women at Lake Louise and told them there would be two one-on-one dates and a group date.



The date card was waiting for the women up in their hotel suite.  It read, “Catherine, Let’s find our fairy tale ending.”  Finally!  It’s about time she got a one-on-one!  She seems really sweet.  They dropped her off in the middle of nowhere in almost white-out conditions and lo and behold an ice explorer snow bus pulled up with Sean inside.  He was driving this monstrous thing! 



They had a lot of fun on their ride to a glacier at Jasper National Park.  She got onto a sled and he started pulling her and having fun, but the weather was pretty terrible out.  They were getting pelted by the snow.  He said, “This is what I want from a wife” because she was having a blast just playing around and they had a great time together!  And oh yes, there was kissing!



They traveled to an ice castle that was built just for them!  It was amazingly beautiful!  Sean told her that it “just clicks” with her.  It was very romantic.  Catherine told Sean that when she was 12 she was at summer camp and a girl walked in front of her on a trail but then, 100 feet later, a tree snapped and fell on her and instantly killed her.  How sad!  That is so traumatic.  Catherine said that’s why she values everything and really wants to get the most out of life.  Sean told her that he can’t get enough of her and he asked her to accept the date rose!  Yay!  She is my new favorite!



The group date card arrived for Tierra, Sarah, AshLee, Lindsay, Selma, Lesley, and Daniella, and said, “Let’s bare our souls.”  Desiree is getting a second one-on-one date!  Daniella cried and Tierra was of course seemingly annoyed.  I am excited to see Desiree’s date too, she’s really great.  But first, it was time for the group date, and this is going to be an epic disaster.



They are all going to canoe across the lake.  Lesley jumped into Sean’s canoe and all of the other girls were so jealous.  I wonder if any of these girls are totally annoyed by all of these outdoorsy activities (ahem, Selma?).  Selma got out of her canoe and was complaining about her wet boots, just as Sean announced that they would be doing a Polar Bear Plunge.  Oh my goodness, I would not want to do this.  I hate the cold!  He told them no one has to do it if they don’t want to, but that he hoped they all would.  They had a lifeguard and an EMT on the scene.



So all of the girls minus Selma decide to do the Polar Bear Plunge.   I know a lot of people will criticize Selma for this, but I give her credit for just being herself.  Does Sean want someone who is going to do stuff they don’t want to do for him, or who does stuff because they will actually have fun with him?  Selma was there waiting for AshLee who was terrified to take part in the plunge. 



Suddenly, Tierra couldn’t breathe.  When asked if she was ok, she said she wasn’t sure.  They were all rubbing her lips were blue.  They picked her up and started to rush her off to a vehicle.  They check her vital signs and they were stable.  They got her a hot cup of coffee (nothing that a trip to Starbucks or whatever they have out in the mountains can’t cure) and she was just shaking from the cold water.  The other girls back at the hotel were shocked.  She basically suffered a hypothermic attack.  The ladies back at the hotel were glad to see that the other girls were just fine after their adventure. 



Tierra was back in her hotel room having an EMT put her socks on her feet for her and hooked up to oxygen.  Sean came in to check on her and was all “Bless your heart, I’m so sorry”.  He was scared that she was unresponsive and she joked that she’s always getting hurt and he’s like, “you’re always well enough to see me.”  DUH!  She’s a big Ol’ faker.



Sean and Lesley had a great time later that evening chatting during their group date party.  They spent a lot of time kissing.  Sarah and Sean meantime brought some pictures of her family with her and showed off pictures of her as a child.  They were really sweet!  She obviously comes from a very loving family.



To the dismay of the other women, Tierra showed up on the evening portion of the group date after all.  I mean, please, like you are some kind of hero for putting on heels and going to a party?  It’s getting more and more ridiculous.  Then Sean saw her and they limped off to the side to have a talk.  He said, “Bless your heart” again.  It’s so crazy!  After Sean made out with almost all of the girls he decided to give the group date rose to Lesley.



I feel so sad for Sarah.  Sean goes and finds her after she showed him pictures of her family.  I think it got a little too real for Sean.  He tells her that she’s amazing and he felt an initial spark but he feels like he has to force it now.  He also added that when he kissed her he felt like they were reaching.  He told her that it’s just not there for him.  With tears in her eyes, she told him that it’s ok.  She’s so strong!  He walked with her back to the hotel room and Sarah stood outside the door crying and trying to gather herself together to go inside and say goodbye to the other girls.  She said she felt embarrassed.  She has nothing to feel embarrassed about!  Sometimes it just doesn’t click and she’s fantastic.



Desiree’s date card said, “Don’t be scared to fall in love”.  Sean took her to a national park and they took a walk up a mountain.  They had a picnic planned at the bottom of the mountain.  So, of course they had to repel down the mountain.  They survived and then had a nice conversation and then did some gross tongue kissing.  They climbed up a tree and screamed “Hello Canada” and they were really high up!  It made me a little nervous.  The last thing we need is another ambulance call on this show.



Later they had a chat about their families and how she grew up very poor and even lived in a tent at one point.  I wonder how her family is living now and if she takes him home, will she be bringing him home to a tent or something?  That could be interesting.  He did give her the date rose and it was time for more making out in front of the fire.



During the cocktail party Selma decided to kiss Sean to basically make up for not jumping in the icy cold water.  She said her family is going to be mad at her for kissing him because it goes against her culture.  Lindsay said to Sean that they weren’t going to kiss during their conversation they were actually going to talk!  However they spent a lot of time talking about how they weren’t going to kiss.  Of course after about two minutes of talking they started making out again.  Sean said he thinks she is the total package.



AshLee gave him a blindfold to signify her trusting in him and showing her vulnerabilities.  OK, this is a little weird.  After wandering around a little bit, they sat down and made out.  It’s going to be really hard for him to send someone home after kissing them!  It really seems like he’s pretty much kissing everyone at this point.  I’m guessing maybe Daniella might be leaving?  We’ll see.



Catherine, Desiree and Lesley have roses.  Sean gave out his remaining roses to Lindsay, AshLee, and Tierra.  Oh my gosh, I just can’t take this anymore!  Selma shames her family and she STILL doesn’t get a rose?  This damsel in distress act that Tierra has going on is so tired!  I’m disappointed Sean let Selma kiss him knowing that she would be causing problems with her family.  I hope she finds someone nice.  Daniella hardly stood a chance unfortunately.  Hopefully Tierra will go home next week.  I can’t take much more of this!



Next week “The Bachelor” heads to St. Croix!  Hooray, no more snow!



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


Jesssi K

I can't believe no one has been blogging about Sean's kissing style on the Bachelor. If you watch him, almost every time he kisses one of the girls, both his lips only kiss her top lip. It would be a huge turn off for me to be kissed like that, and I would send the guy packing in real life. I think most girls would agree.
Someone needs to call him out and say "Dude you may look studly, but you are a worse kisser than the the chubby guy on the Go Daddy Super Bowl commercial". He may be a hunk, but could possibly be the worst kisser in Bachelor history. (Remember he tried to get a lesson from ARI - obviously it did not work.)

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