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March 2013


Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici Talk About Finding Love and 'DWTS'

The newest couple from "The Bachelor", Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici, took some time to speak with me about their love story and what's next for them following their appearance on "Live with Kelly and Michael" this morning!


They are just as sweet as can be and in LOVE!  They didn't stop holding hands the entire time I spoke to them.  In fact, I asked them what they were looking forward to doing once they were done with all of the press for the show and they said just holding hands and going to the movies and dinner.  





Catherine does plan to move to Dallas to live with Sean, but for the short-term, they'll be staying in Los Angeles together while Sean competes on "Dancing with the Stars"!  The funny thing is, Sean has no dance experience while Catherine actually loves to dance and is probably pretty good at it.  Hopefully she can give him some pointers!


Check out this bling! It's a Neil Lane cushion cut diamond engagement ring.  Catherine said that she's thrilled with the ring and is excited to plan her TV dream wedding with Sean.  They both say they want a traditional style wedding and just want to make sure there is a lot of fun for their guests.


We'll have to stay tuned to find out when this wedding will take place.  ABC is working out the details to find air-time that works with the couple's schedule.  One thing's for sure, we'll have to wait until after this season of "DWTS" and then I'm sure they'll need a little planning time.


Best of luck to the happy couple!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese

'Bachelor' Sean Lowe to Dance on 'Dancing with the Stars'!

This just in from ABC! - 


Sean Lowe is going from “The Bachelor” to the ballroom. The newly-engaged “Bachelor” will compete on the new season of “Dancing With The Stars.”

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Sean Lowe Finds Love on "The Bachelor"

The big finale kicked off in Thailand and Sean’s family was there to meet both of the remaining ladies: Catherine and Lindsay. 

Catherine was up first to meet his parents, sister, brother-in-law and niece. She talked about how she played football on an all boys team in 6th grade.  Her conversation with them was short-lived as Sean’s mom pulled Catherine away to see if she could figure out if there was passion between them.  Catherine told mom about how she gave him notes and how that sparked their relationship. She told his mom that if he were to propose, she would say YES!  His mother said that she would love her to be part of the family.  Later she said that she wants Sean to spend more time with her or Lindsay before actually proposing to either of them.


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It's He Said, She Said, on 'The Women Tell All'

It’s the episode most fans love to hate, “The Women Tell All”.  It started off with the studio audience cheering for Sean and cheering for the fact that he takes his shirt off so much.  Then, Sean and Chris Harrison showed videos of them surprising viewers at their “Bachelor” viewing parties!  That would be really fun to watch with them!  The best was when they surprised a sorority house…think “Oprah’s Favorite Things” surprised ha ha!



Next, the ladies were all introduced.  Some of them I have zero recollection of.  They all started to talk about Tierra and it was basically what you would expect.




Then, Tierra came out to try and defend herself.  She basically blamed her ridiculous behavior on being nervous.  Um, ok.  She also blames getting the first rose for putting a target on her back.  Chris Harrison asked her if she is often misunderstood and she said no.  She also said there is nothing she wants to apologize for.


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