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It's He Said, She Said, on 'The Women Tell All'

It’s the episode most fans love to hate, “The Women Tell All”.  It started off with the studio audience cheering for Sean and cheering for the fact that he takes his shirt off so much.  Then, Sean and Chris Harrison showed videos of them surprising viewers at their “Bachelor” viewing parties!  That would be really fun to watch with them!  The best was when they surprised a sorority house…think “Oprah’s Favorite Things” surprised ha ha!



Next, the ladies were all introduced.  Some of them I have zero recollection of.  They all started to talk about Tierra and it was basically what you would expect.




Then, Tierra came out to try and defend herself.  She basically blamed her ridiculous behavior on being nervous.  Um, ok.  She also blames getting the first rose for putting a target on her back.  Chris Harrison asked her if she is often misunderstood and she said no.  She also said there is nothing she wants to apologize for.



The ladies quickly fired back at her.  Robyn called her delusional.  Jackie said that Tierra was just there to be fake.  Selma said that she tried to protect her, but then once she was so rude to her she gave up.  She basically said hello to her and Tierra ignored her.  Tierra said that she just doesn’t remember. 



She and AshLee also spoke about her telling Sean about her problems with all of the women in the house.  Tierra tried to tell AshLee that she lied to her, and Tierra was like, “Whatever I say, it’s always wrong.”  I find this whole segment annoying.  Tierra’s annoying and this drama is so back and forth it’s crazy.



Tierra confirmed that she is now engaged.  She said that she already knew this man.  She said that after they broke up, she did the show, and then got engaged after.  She didn’t want to comment when Chris Harrison asked her when she got engaged.  After saying that and the crowd seemingly sighing, she said back in January.




Sarah was in the hot seat next.  She said it was hard to watch her journey on the show.  She added that she loved that Sean didn’t pay much attention to the fact that she has just one arm and that can be hard to find.  She really thought that he could have been her future husband.  She’s such a sweet girl.




Desiree said that she just wants to make someone happy and she’s sure she could have made Sean happy.  I want her to think a little more about herself and feel a little more entitled to something great than just hoping it will happen for her.  She said her brother was very protective and skeptical and he does regret the way he acted apparently.




AshLee said that she loved Sean and if he had proposed to her she would have said “yes” in a heartbeat.  AshLee said she left without saying anything to him because she was so upset and he had been telling her that he saw a life with her.  She added that she’s not in love with him anymore and she’s reeled in her feelings.  She thought that he was a gentleman with her and acted like a “frat boy” with some of the others.



When Sean came out, she asked him what happened.  He complimented her hair, but told her that she was his frontrunner in the beginning.  But, he felt like he couldn’t find laughter with her and he wants someone who can really be his best friend.  He said he hated seeing her leave the way she did.  She said she left like that because she didn’t know what to say and she said that she wishes he would have told her sooner.  She was also upset that he never checked on her to see how she was in Curacao.  He said that he knew she would be ok and thought it would have made things worse.



She asked him why he said absolutely no feelings for them (meaning the other two).  She said “Twice you never said that?”  He denied it and he said, “come on”.  She said that he said, “There’s nothing between us (the other two women)?” and AshLee said that she wasn’t making it up, and Sean said he never said it and he’s not agreeing with what she said, “On the record”.  Wow, that’s crazy.  As they went to break you could hear him saying, “I have absolutely no idea what you were talking about” to AshLee.



They went back and forth and back and forth.  She said she would never call him out for that if it wasn’t true.  She says he also said, “I’ll tell you every day” in reference to what he said after she told him that she loved him.  He added once the break was over that he must have said “something” that misled AshLee and that he was sorry. 



To Desiree, he said that he loves how positive and happy she is.  He said that after she was sent home everyone beat him up on social media.  He told her that “sometimes she would hide things behind her smile” and she wouldn’t let him in completely.  Even with the brother he thinks it was the right decision at the time and in the end.



After a recap of his final two ladies, Catherine and Lindsay, the show was over.  Next week looks like it’s going to have a very dramatic finale.  I just had a thought, maybe the letter is from his mother?  Let’s hope he finds his love!  It’s a three-hour finale starting at 8 p.m. next Monday.



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese



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