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Sean Lowe Finds Love on "The Bachelor"

The big finale kicked off in Thailand and Sean’s family was there to meet both of the remaining ladies: Catherine and Lindsay. 

Catherine was up first to meet his parents, sister, brother-in-law and niece. She talked about how she played football on an all boys team in 6th grade.  Her conversation with them was short-lived as Sean’s mom pulled Catherine away to see if she could figure out if there was passion between them.  Catherine told mom about how she gave him notes and how that sparked their relationship. She told his mom that if he were to propose, she would say YES!  His mother said that she would love her to be part of the family.  Later she said that she wants Sean to spend more time with her or Lindsay before actually proposing to either of them.




Catherine told Sean’s dad that she has a great time with Sean and it completely consumed by him and that she does believe in “The Bachelor” process.  She says that she wants to fight for their relationship and wants a best friend for life.  His dad told her that he would love her like his daughter if it is her that Sean picks and that he’s her biggest fan.  Wow.  Dad is totally on board.



Lindsay had her turn with the family.  They had read about her coming out of the limo in a wedding dress and they asked her about that right away in a light-hearted manner.  Lindsay spoke with Sean’s dad one-on-one right away and he asked her a lot of marriage counseling questions basically.  But he quickly switched gears and said that when Sean was born, they prayed for his future wife every day and wondered if she might have been the person they were praying for.  WOW, that is heavy!  She asked for his dad’s blessing and he said, “If it’s cool with him, you got it baby”.  Ha!



Sean’s mom wanted to know if they had the kind of relationship where they can not only have fun but have serious conversations.  She said that she liked that Lindsay has a lot of the same values as Sean and that’s really important to her.  Lindsay said that meeting his family made her very emotional because he’s so amazing and then add in his wonderful family and it’s just over the top.  His mom said that she loved her right off the bat.



His family told him that they loved them both.  They really couldn’t give him a clear-cut answer.  His mother said that she wants him to be 100% sure before he proposes and she doesn’t think he knows what he wants to do at this point.  His mom started to cry and told him it is a huge decision and she just really wants him to think about it.  His mom said they would love whoever he chooses, but if it were her, she wouldn’t be able to make this kind of a decision in just three days.



Lindsay had her last date with Sean first.  I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing.  I think that maybe being the last date is better because you are more on his mind?  They went for a little raft ride on a river and sipped champagne.  I think the cameras have made them immune to the idea of when PDA is acceptable ha.  The poor guys rowing the raft got quite the make out show.



Later, they had some alone time back at Sean’s room and talked about how much they like each other and how they both have every aspect that they want in a husband or wife.  Too perfect?  Or a perfect match?  Sean is doing a lot of forehead kissing…and he told her not to be nervous about losing him.  I think the only time they are kissing kissing is when she goes in for it.  I just think this doesn’t look great for her.  It was super cute when Lindsay took out some floating lanterns that they lit up and released into the sky with their wishes wrote on them.  And with that, they floated off into the night sky.



Sean said that going into his date with Catherine he was looking for a sign.  He did feel like he was falling in love with Lindsay though and that was confusing to him.  An elephant walked right up to them and they got to ride the elephant!  They rode it to a place where they could spend some time talking.  Catherine told him that thinking about the future together is really fun especially when in the next few months they could have having engagement parties and stuff, and Sean smiled and seemed to be on the same page.



Later, Catherine prepared to bare her soul to Sean.  Sean told her it was one of the coolest days of his life.  She told Sean that was nervous to put herself out there because he can’t fully express how he feels, but because there is so much on the line she wanted to tell him how she felt and that she is comfortable with him.  She told him meeting his family blew her mind.  He told her that she is constantly on his mind and that he pictures his life with her and that he thinks she is incredible.  She told him that she can’t see it going any other way then her accepting his proposal in the end.  He was kissing her face hardcore.



In the hallway, she finally whispered to him, “Sean, I love you.”  It was so sweet.  She really does.  She said that she was hoping to see a glimmer in his eye or something, but she didn’t.  She said she feels like something is coming down on her and it is painful.  He followed after her as he saw her walking back and she was crying and he asked her what was the matter, and didn’t they have fun.  Well of course Sean, but it is so hard!  She doesn’t know if you are going to dump her!  Catherine was then thrown off and she felt like she needed some reciprocation.  Catherine said she doesn’t want to go back home and live alone again.  How sad!  She has to remember that he can’t say it back yet until the final day.



Then it was time for the Neil Lane commercial, ahem, I mean, it was time for Sean to pick out an engagement ring for the lady he chooses.  They are BEAUTIFUL rings!  He picked the cushion cut ring in the pave setting.  That’s the one I would have picked too!  Sean said that he feels full of joy and happiness and he’s ready to dedicate his life to one woman.



Lindsay looked beautiful in her silvery dress, and I especially liked her earrings.  She seems very confident that Sean is going to pick her.  Catherine wore a gold one shouldered dress and she was completely FREAKED out.  She wants to be excited she says but she is overwhelmed.  She’s scared to go into an unknown situation.



It was time for the car rides…who will get out first?!  Sean said it’s the first time that he has to break up with someone and he has no reason to give her.  He said he’s dreading seeing the look of disappointment on her face.  The car pulled up and Lindsay got out! OH!  Poor Lindsay!  She thinks it’s the best day of her life, but it’s really the worst day, ugh!  It is just heartbreaking.  He told her that she was such a surprise, he didn’t see her coming and didn’t know the depth that he would find with her. 



Then he said UM…and you could see the look on her face.  He told her it was the toughest thing he has ever had to do, he said he wants to give her his heart, but his heart is leading him somewhere else.  He said he didn’t know what he was going to do as of yesterday, but he thinks he’s gotten some clarity and that he has to say goodbye to her.  He told her that he loves her, he knows he does, but he’s sorry.  She graciously said its ok, and then said, please just don’t but it’s ok.  She asked him if it was her and he promised her it wasn’t her, and that he can’t think of one thing about her that it wasn’t, but he just said sorry.  She said she was just going to leave because it’s a nightmare, but that she couldn’t imagine her life without him and she needs to figure that out.  She took her shoes off and walked to the car with him.  He told her he was sorry and that he was blessed to know her and she continued to walk with Chris Harrison to the car and he just stood in the walkway crying.



In the car, Lindsay cried of course, and said that she knows this feeling she’s felt it 100 times and that she feels like an idiot because she fell in love and her heart got broken.  She said it wasn’t fair because he dangled everything she’s ever wanted in front of her and then broke up with her and took it away.  She said it’s really sad.  She said that she’s happy for them but she wants to grow old with someone and have a family.



Chris Harrison came back out and told him that he had a letter for him from Catherine. It was a letter saying how perfect she thinks he is and how she wants to be a wife and not only a wife but his wife.  She just laid it all on the line and told him that she would move to Dallas for him and that he has her heart and she will love him forever if he will let her.  It was a sweet letter! 



Catherine walked towards Sean and he smiled when he saw her.  She was really scared as she walked up to him, but right away, Sean was smiling and told her that it was a crazy journey and that he knew from the beginning that she was someone he wants to be around.  He told her that he thinks the world of her and that he misses her every time they say goodbye and that he doesn’t want to say goodbye anymore.  He said, “Catherine I want to spend the rest of my life telling you that I love you and making you feel like the most special beautiful woman in the world.”  Then he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him!!!!  She said “YES!” 



He told her that he loves her so much and they were so happy kissing!  It was one of the best “Bachelor” moments ever!  She told him that she’s so addicted to him.  Then he picked up the rose and asked her if she would accept his final rose and she said “Yes” again!  He also told her that he loved her letter.  Ha, then an elephant showed up and they rode off into the sunset on an elephant.



And the crowd went wild.  It was a LIVE “After the Final Rose” special, and Chris Harrison promised surprises!  He also announced that they would tell everyone who the new “Bachelorette” is! 



Sean came out and said that he can’t wait for Catherine to come out and be with her all the time because they had to be in hiding since the show wrapped.  He also said that he found it hard to find the words to say to Lindsay when he was breaking up with her.  He said he still doesn’t have a reason other than that he is in love with Catherine.



Lindsay came out to face Sean and looked beautiful.  She said that she’s doing well but it’s a lot to take in.  She said it’s hard to see him again.  He told her that she is phenomenal in every way but he fell in love with Catherine and wants to spend his life with her.  She added that she was happy for him, but “What made “us” not exactly what you wanted?” Lindsay asked.  Sean said that he prayed a lot and said that there was something about Catherine that just made him not want to say goodbye to her.  He told her he knew after their final one-on-one date.  He said it wasn’t anything in particular he just knew that Catherine was the one.



Catherine came out and had her ring on!  She said she was just so excited to be public with their engagement.  They talked about how happy they are!  It was very sweet.  It was kind of funny that they were both mentioning how much they couldn’t wait to watch the playback of his proposal and their engagement.  When he was asked about the note, he said that it took him two paragraphs to realize that it was a good letter and not a breakup letter.



After watching the video of their engagement, Sean and Catherine announced that they would have their wedding on TV!  Yay!  We get another “Bachelor” wedding!  They are working on coordinating a date.  I was secretly hoping that they would get married tonight, but I think that would probably not be enough airtime ha ha.  Chris Harrison said that he is ordained and egged them on to get married tonight, but they said they want their friends and family there.  Chris Harrison commented that not many people come off the show, if any, ready to get married right out of the gate.



Desiree came out next and guess what?  She’s the new “Bachelorette”!  Let’s hope her brother doesn’t ruin this for her too!  I think she will be a wonderful “Bachelorette”!



Thanks for reading this season, I’ll be back tomorrow with an interview with Sean and Catherine!  I’m so excited to bring you that, and of course, any updates as I get them.



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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