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Desiree Hartsock Lives Her Dream as 'The Bachelorette'

It's finally here!  After much anticipation, we get to see Desiree Hartsock in action as "The Bachelorette".  I really hope that this gamble with love pays off for her in the end, she seems like a really sweet girl.  The show began with her driving up in a car and arriving with a big bag on her shoulder.  I mean, come on, we know she has more clothes than that!  There's like 5 outfit changes per episode/date!

 She talked a lot about her humble beginnings and how she grew up poor (by the way, she was a super cute little baby and tiny little girl), but I wonder if her parents mind the show playing that "Cinderella" aspect of her upbringing up so much.



After exploring the "Bachelorette" pad for a bit, Chris Harrison gave her the keys to a sky blue Bentley. So even if she doesn't end up meeting someone, hopefully they'll let her keep the car.  Then there was a montage of her playing around on roller skates and walking along the beach.  They also showed her sketching a picture.  That ended by her saying that she's ready to "put a ring on it".


It was fun seeing her get ready to meet the guys.  I really thought she looked beautiful in her silver beaded and sequined dress.  Desiree's just an elegant "Bachelorette"!


Bryden is a 26-year-old Iraqi war veteran.  It's an appropriate start to show a military member this Memorial Day.  He seems like a sweet guy from Montana.


Will is a 28-year-old banker from Chicago and he's really into Bikram yoga.   He's a "Bachelor" of color.


Drew is 27-years-old and is a digital marketing person from Scottsdale, Arizona.  He talked about his parents divorce at age 8, and how his dad was an alcoholic.  Also, his sister is mentally disabled.  Wow. That's a lot to take in.


Another Chicagoan, is Nick R. a custom tailor.  He knows how to make you look good.  He also works as a professional magician!  The crowd at a club really seemed impressed by his skills, we'll have to see if Desiree is.

Zak is 31-years-old and used to work for a distressed hedge fund.  Now he lives in Mico, TX and is a drilling fluid engineer.  He has a body that doesn't quit!


Robert is the man behind the sign in LA.  He's 30 years old and he's got a global company that makes signs for the side of roads I guess.  He seems like a free spirit that knows how to have a good time.


Mike is 27-years-old, in dental school, and lives in Dallas, Texas.  He was born and raised in London, England, but unfortunately lost his accent.  He's very tan looking and super handsome.


Brandon is 26, from Cosa Mesa, CA and loves to wake board, but is a painting contractor.  He seems like fun, but said that his dad left his family when he was 5.  He said his mom was a great mom but she struggled with addiction.  His grandparents took over and he really seems to value their input into his life.  He reminds me a little bit of Chris Lambton.




Then, it was time for the first limo.  Drew was the first guy out and he gave her a hug and seemed really sweet.  Des thought he was really cute too.   Next out was 28-year-old Brooks.  He forgot to tell her his name and seemed a little nervous.  They both have really shiny teeth haha.  Brad came out next and, he brought a wishbone for them to break.  Des got her wish.  I wonder what she did with the bone. Bryden was out next.  He seemed to make a good impression.  Michael G. came out and he took her for a "little walk".  He dug in the fountain and tried to find her penny that she had threw in last season, but he couldn't so he gave her a new one.  It was pretty lame, but I get the idea.


Limo number two pulled up and Kasey got out.  He was really cute!  He works in social media and he started dropping hashtags...then it got kind of annoying.  Hashtag, get  out of here.  Will got out and gave her a high five and a hug and told her that he was nicknaming her "Athena" because she's like a goddess.  Then he told her to think of one for him.  Mikey T. kind of seems like a meathead, but nice at the same time.  He talked right away about her brother and said at the end of the day "all you have is family".  Jonathan is a lawyer and he's super handsome!  He brought Desiree a card that said that she could leave right away with him and forgo the other men and tried to get her to take a room key!  How presumptuous.  Zak got out and he had no shirt on!!!  OMG!    He asked her if she would accept his abs and he came off really cute actually.  The other guys made fun of him without his shirt on.


Next, James got out and he said that "loyalty is love" and he said he would grow old and get fat and it's ok if she does too.  Larry an ER doctor started off by showing her a dance move, but then criticized her for not spinning fast enough, but then she ripped her dress!  I think her heel went through it.  Nick R. the tailor/magician did a move where he burned a napkin and turned it into a rose, which was pretty smooth!  Zack K. wore sneakers and a tux.  Then a knight in shining clamouring armour got out.  He could hardly walk.  He told her she looked "beautiful like a princess".  His name is Diogo and he's a ski resort manager from California.  The guy without the shirt was even shocked by him!


Limo four pulled up and Chris got out.  He seemed pretty normal!  I liked him a lot.  Then he got down on one knee and asked her if she would mind if he tied his shoe.  Ok, maybe I take back what I said about him haha.  Mike R. the dental student came up and he wore his dental coat.  Robert gave her a hug and told her that he isn't much of a tie guy and he took off his tie.  That was it.  Juan Pablo from Venezuela showed up and taught her how to pronounce his name, which she had a really really hard time doing.  He also gave her a piece of chocolate.


Then a guy pulled up on a motorcycle and it was Brandon!  He looked really cute.  Brian wore a velvet jacket with some jeans.  Micah showed up and designed his own suit which looked like a horrible disaster.  Nick M. from Charlotte wrote her a poem.  It was sweet but horrible at the same time.  My husband said at least we know he went to third grade.  Dan is a beverage salesman in Las Vegas.  He just basically said hello.  Lastly, was a little boy, Brody, and his dad Ben.  He said that he wanted her to know about him right off the bat.  He's so cute that I think he's a big selling point.  He said that he wishes he could go to the party with his dad!  Aww!!!!  And with that you have 25 men!


Right off the bat, the guys were already talking strategy and wondering what Desiree would do as far as "rule breaking".  Then the magician got up and said he was going to make her disappear for five minutes and he led her away.  The guys were bummed that they didn't get to see his trick.  Then they talked for a little while, and Brandon decided he would go try to steal her away, and it worked.  I felt kind of bad for the magician!  He gave Des the coin that he flipped to decide whether to go on an interview or go on this show.  He said he wants her to give it back to his mom on the hometown dates.  


Ben took some time to talk to Desiree about his son Brody and about himself. He said that he never was married and that he's best friends with his son's mom still.   Say what you will about the child, but him being super good friends with the mom is a little weird.  She was unfazed and found him to be really sweet, so she got up and got a rose and gave it to Ben!  So Ben just likely got a big target on his back.


Shirtless Zak finally got some time alone with her and he chose to take off his pants and jump in the pool.  Wow.  While Zak was floundering in the pool, another guy took her away.  As he was sitting there by himself, she walked by and gave Zak a rose for jumping in because she felt so bad for him.  He had to hook it on his pants because he had no shirt on.  Bryden talked to her about his year in Iraq and how he connected with a young Iraqi boy who used to play with them and clean their base.  She went and got a rose for him!  She found him to be adorable.  


Then Juan Pablo came and grabbed her to play soccer with her.  He kicked the ball around a whole bunch, told her she didn't know how to kick a ball, and bounced it on his head.  He seemed to be kind of annoying to me but then they started playing a game with her and the guys were getting a little too aggressive around a woman in heels.  Someone get that girl some sneakers!


Drew spoke with Desiree about butterflies and said that he kind of doesn't want them to go away.  He noticed her ripped dress and tried to help her and she was like, don't worry, it's ok.  They seem really sweet together!  I like him, I'm a fan of Drew!  She went and got a rose for him!


Larry apologized for dipping her and she told him it was ok because he didn't know that would happen. Then he awkwardly told her how he was a huge fan of her and watched her all season.  It just was super awkward.


Jonathan set up a fantasy suite area and did push ups.  Gross.  His plan is to kiss her on the mouth.  Double gross.  Larry's chances are looking better and better.  He apologized and said that he has no filter, he's not reserved, but he wants to do something fun and crazy.  She basically told him she had to leave and talk to other guys and he just skeeved her out.  "My love tank has not been depleted for years" eww!  He's so drunk, or I hope he's drunk.


As she was speaking to another guy with a rose, Jonathan tried to steal her away again!  He took her to an area and she told him that he's making her very uncomfortable.  She went and asked him to leave right off the bat!  Will was standing by ready to jump in it seemed, but she took care of herself.  


The guys applauded her for sending him home.  Then, Chris Harrison said it was time to make some tough decisions.  I wish they would have named off the guys who already has roses since we basically have no clue who these people are yet.  Also receiving roses were:


Zach K.



Juan Pablo (seriously?)








and lastly, Mikey.

The magician, Lenny the dancer, the guy who made his own suit, and the knight did not make it as well as another guy.


In the previews, we learn that one of the charming guys has a girlfriend!  What?!  Poor Desiree, hopefully it's not one of the ones that she's really into.  Also in the previews, it looks like Brooks and Drew go pretty far!  Any guesses on who she picks in the end?  I already can't wait for next Monday!  I hope you keep reading this season, it's going to be a great one!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese 


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