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May 2013


Desiree Hartsock Lives Her Dream as 'The Bachelorette'

It's finally here!  After much anticipation, we get to see Desiree Hartsock in action as "The Bachelorette".  I really hope that this gamble with love pays off for her in the end, she seems like a really sweet girl.  The show began with her driving up in a car and arriving with a big bag on her shoulder.  I mean, come on, we know she has more clothes than that!  There's like 5 outfit changes per episode/date!

 She talked a lot about her humble beginnings and how she grew up poor (by the way, she was a super cute little baby and tiny little girl), but I wonder if her parents mind the show playing that "Cinderella" aspect of her upbringing up so much.


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Desiree Talks About Her Journey For Love on 'The Bachelorette'

Desiree Hartsock, the new "Bachelorette", talked to me today about her journey to find love.  I was really excited to get to ask her some questions, especially after we saw the confrontation between Sean and her brother last season on "The Bachelor".

Desiree said that she thinks the outburst with her brother was "Sean specific" and that she didn't have trouble like that this time around.  She agreed that since Sean ultimately sent her home, maybe he had picked up on something that she didn't see.






Desiree also said that she visited some amazing places this season for her dates.  She said they start off in Atlantic City, then headed to Germany, Barcelona, and Madeira.  You know there will be some amazing things to see in those locations!  I'm really interested to see the Atlantic City dates because there was so much damage to that area during Superstorm Sandy, although the casinos and hotels were all mostly fine right there.

I'm going to guess that she does end up with someone, although she said that she's not allowed to give that bit away right now.  She would only say that she's happy and content with the decisions that she made.  Also, we better hope that Sean and Catherine get married on TV because it doesn't sound like Desiree is too into that whole concept.  She wants a small, intimate wedding.  Hopefully ABC can change her mind on that so we can see it, if there will be one!



"The Bachelorette" is just one week away on ABC!  It begins Monday, May 27th at 8pm!  You won't want to miss it!



You can check out all of the men vying for Desiree's heart HERE.  Also, you can catch Desiree on "Live with Kelly & Michael" tomorrow morning at 9am!



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