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Conference Call with Eliminated Bachelor Brandon

Brandon Andreen, who was eliminated by Desiree Hartsock earlier this week on "The Bachelorette," answered questions during a conference call Thursday afternoon (or morning, his time, in California). He discussed his experience on the show, his feelings for and about Des and who he thinks are good and bad fits for her, as well as the outreach from strangers, family and friends to the intense emotions he shared during his time in the house.

He said that he has no regrets about his actions on the show or the things he shared about his childhood, although he admitted some parts of the experience were a bit overwhelming for him. He also didn't expect to be so emotionally invested, because he went in with a "Let's do it!" kind of attitude and didn't put much thought into what it would be like seeing other guys chasing after a girl he saw himself falling in love with.

As for how much he shared, he said his only regret would have been if he HADN'T poured his heart out in such great detail and just held his tongue, because if he had left without sharing who he really is, he would have felt like he wasn't being honest.

Since his elimination, he said he has been inundated with phone calls, texts, tweets, Facebook posts, you name it, and that the response has been overwhelmingly positive. He said people of all ages who have gone through similarly rough childhoods have reached out to say thank you and what an inspiration  he is for his openness and willingness to address the topic.

As for Desiree, he says she's the type of person that you just can't help falling in love with. He wasn't there to waste time, and even though he admits he may have come on too strong too fast, it just felt right at the time.

He addressed their rather awkward first kiss, saying misjudged her signals based on the odd environment, and he just wanted to kiss her even though in retrospect it just wasn't the right time. He felt the lack of passion, and in the end, he appreciates that she let him go once she realized it wasn't going anywhere.

"You can't force love," he said. "It has to be a natural feeling."

He said he went in with a very clear notion of who he was and a pretty good understanding of who she was, but she only had an understanding of herself and not much of him, and that's why they were a bit "off."

I asked him specifically about his abandonment issues, particularly how he says he is happy with who he is, yet his first response to being eliminated was to say, "It's just another person who left me." I wondered if this was something that he constantly dealt with in life, and if he still felt that Des abandoned him.

He responded by saying that it was always a tough part of his childhood, but as an adult, people come and go all the time. Some have fallen by the wayside for different circumstances, but that's just them living their own lives. Des was on a journey, and she left him behind, and that's just something that was part of the journey. He said watching it unfold again on television was surreal and called his exit "dramatic," but his life is wonderful and happy right now, even though he hasn't found love yet, and he wishes Desiree the best.

The people he initially thought were best suited for Desiree were Brooks and Michael G., but based on the way he says Des looks at Brooks, he feels their connection.

He says the revelation that Brian had a girlfriend was a 100 percent shock, and that Brian was one of his better friends in the house. He seemed like a really genuine guy, and pointed out that we don't know the real story of what happened, particularly because Brian never got a chance to defend himself. Still, the fact that he slept with Stephanie two days before he left for the show is disgusting, so it doesn't matter.

Finally, on to Ben, who Brandon referred to as "The Politician." He said it was unfortunate that one guy had to mess up the generally positive attitude in the house, and he couldn't even speculate on Ben's motivations for being on the show. But all the guys were distracted trying to figure him out and why he felt the need to lie directly to their faces, and that took away from focusing on Desiree, which was unfortunate.

His overall takeaway from being on the show is that it was one of the most amazing experiences of his life. He feels blessed and honored that he was picked out of all the guys who tried out, and he even got a little hometown package at the beginning.

"How could I complain about one single thing?" he said.

In the end, he came across as a good guy with good intentions, even if he's one of those people who is a little overly adamant about how great everything is. Anytime someone talks about how much they love their amazing life, you always get the feeling they are trying to convince themselves of that as much as they are you.

Check back later for a full transcript of the conference call with Brandon!




It's kind of unfortunate that the Brian situation with the single (playmate?) mom may have affected his chances due to his reaction and perhaps an overreacted expression afterwards (though it may have even true that he would be less hurtful to Des than others). I think he has to work on a bit of his "history" ad realize its time for him to show his recovered soul through it all.


The ad misspelling/typo may have worked as in, his history advertisement. The second it's should be its. (None of us are perfect Brandon.)


It's The other way around, giggle, I'm done.

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