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Desiree and the Guys Look for Love in Atlantic City

Desiree arrived in Atlantic City this week with her 13 remaining Bachelors!   Speaking of Atlantic City DOAC, a company that promotes tourism in Atlantic City held a viewing party with Rachel Truehart from “The Bachelor” and “Bachelor Pad 3”!  Jamie Otis was also there to support her pal Rachel and join in the viewing party fun.  Watch an interview with them and read more about the party HERE.



The first date card was for Brad and it read, “Let our love shine true”.  Brad also has a young child that he cares for.  Desiree and Brad hit the boardwalk and visited a chocolate factory!  I wish they would have shown more of that!  They went onto the carousel and the guys back at the hotel watched out the window and said how bummed they all were that he got the date and they didn’t.



Later, they got to have a sunset dinner on the beach.  That’s not the amazing part.  The amazing part is that their dinner seats and blanket were built into a sandcastle.  They spent time talking about what they are looking for in a relationship.  They eventually moved inside, and had some real dinner, and the conversation was just lacking!  She really likes him, but it’s just so awkward.  As a last ditch effort, she took him to climb a lighthouse and it was just more awkwardness.  She told him once they got to the top that it just wasn’t going to work out and that something was missing.  She was bummed that there wasn’t a spark.  I felt so bad for him because he really does seem like a sweet guy!  He cried when he left but said that Desiree made the right decision for her and that he was looking forward to getting home to his son.



Another date card arrived.  It said, “I’m looking for my Mr. Right”.  The group date was for Brooks, Bryden, Zack K, Kasey, Drew, Juan Pablo, Zak W, Mikey, Ben, Michael, and Chris.  That means that James got the one on one. 



The guys met Desiree at a hall where they met the current reigning Miss America!  The guys were excited to see another beautiful woman, but their excitement was short-lived when they learned they would be competing in “The Bachelorette Mr. America Pageant”.  They had a coach to prep them with their interview and talent portions.  There was a table full of props that they could pick from to help showcase their talents like a guitar, roller skates, high heel shoes (Chris picked them up and it was hilarious), hula hoops, dance ribbons, and tap shoes.  Then the guys learned that there would also be a swimsuit portion and some of the guys had to wear Speedos!



Miss America, the mayor of Atlantic City, and Desiree were the judges of the pageant.  It was in front of a packed hall full of people.  The interview portions were so funny.  The guys had the craziest answers.  Mikey talked about what women don’t understand about men and it was so funny, he talked about how girls see guys for their bodies and that they are just meatheads, but that they cry like women do and they feel like women do, and it was just insane.



The talents were really entertaining as well.  Mikey then did a strip tease.  Yeah Mikey, guys aren’t meatheads hehe.  Brooks sang with a ukulele and then he smashed it at the end, it was horrible.  Chris’ talent was the funniest; he spun hula hoops while wearing high heels.   Bryden also stripped and then did a bunch of pelvic thrusts to the horror of the mayor of Atlantic City.  Zak W….wow, he did amazing!  He played the guitar really well and sang a song he wrote!



The swim suit competition was of course amazing.  These guys have great bodies!  I think Zak W., Brooks, and Chris were the top three.  2nd Runner Up was Brooks.  1st Runner Up was Zak W.  aww, I was rooting for him to win!  The winner of the competition and Mr. America was Kasey!  He was genuinely shocked and SO HAPPY to have won!  



Later, the guys from the group date spent some time with Desiree at the pool.  Chris read to her some things that he had written and Desiree really seemed to like his poetry.  They also had some very passionate kisses!  I really see sparks between those two!  The rest of the guys just sat around talking about how they want the rose so bad…although notably low key that night was Bryden.  He just didn’t seem to care.



While Ben had some alone time with Desiree, he spoke about his son and did it in full view of the other guys which bothered them so much!  The guys also said they think he never talks about his son with them and that all he talks about is this bar he’s running.



As James sat around in a robe, eating chocolate dipped strawberries and drinking wine, a date card arrived.  It was of course the one-on-one date and the card said, “Can our love weather the storm?”



Back on the group date, Zak W. performed the entire song for Desiree that he started to sing at the pageant.  He could only play half of it there due to time constraints.  She seemed to like it.  He really, really wants the rose.   Desiree sat down with all the guys, picked up the rose, and gave it to Zak W.!  I was happy he got the rose, but felt kind of bad for Chris.  Bryden didn’t talk to her at all yet, and she told him that there would be time for them to talk yet.  He was very bothered by it though.  I mean, if he was bothered by it he should have gone up to her and pulled her aside and talked to her!



It was the next day and time for James’ one-on-one with Desiree.  They met with a woman from the Red Cross and surveyed the damage of Superstorm Sandy in a helicopter.  After the ride, they went to meet a couple that had been severely impacted by the storm.   They were so sweet and so happy to meet Desiree.  They took them inside their home and it was so sad, they have nothing left.  You could see the pain in their eyes as they showed Desiree and James the devastation.  Instead of going on their special date, they gave it to Manny and Jan.  It was so sweet.  They had spent their anniversary in a shelter during the storm so this kind of made up for that a tiny bit.



Manny and Jan got to go to Showboat and have an amazing dinner.  Desiree and James talked about their lives and she shared what it was like growing up without a lot of things and being pretty poor as a child.  James was so happy that she shared so much with her.  They sat there and ate pizza and beer at a bar and just chatted away.  James dropped a bombshell though.  He revealed that he was in a relationship for 5 and a half years and he cheated on her his freshman year of college.  He said that he thought that he would marry her, but she broke it off understandably.  He said that because of how awful that was he would never do it again and he’s here for the right reasons.  Desiree said that she was disappointed by the fact that he had cheated in the past, but she appreciated his honesty about it.



Back on Manny and Jan’s date, they got their wedding album delivered to them!  It was restored by someone that knows how to fix damaged photos in Photoshop.  Their wedding album was drenched and nearly destroyed during Sandy.  They were so touched!  Later they got to dance to Hootie as he sang and they got to dance in the moonlight together.  Desiree and James showed up and surprised them with the private concert.  It wasn’t that private I suppose because later Desiree and James did go outside, but before that, while they were inside, Desiree gave James the rose despite the fact that he’s a “cheater” and they kissed.



During the cocktail party, Michael G. wrote out Desiree’s name letter by letter and made up something special for each letter and lastly did the letter G because that’s his last name and said wouldn’t it be “Great” if this worked out as in she got married to him!  Very cheesy but cute!  Chris and Desiree were acting buddy buddy and then he was like I don’t want to be in the friend zone and she said “absolutely not” and kissed him!



Bryden is stirring up drama and talking about how he’s not feeling it and wanting to go home to the guys.  He spoke to Desiree about how they had a great first date and they had a connection, but he feels like things have been falling behind for him and he thinks that he isn’t feeling it as much.  There are rumors that he has a girlfriend back home in the tabloids.  If so, that would make sense why he’s possibly pulling himself out.  Maybe the incident with Brian last week spooked him and he doesn’t want his dirty laundry aired out on national TV.  It remained unresolved at the start of the rose ceremony.



Going into the rose ceremony Zak W. and James are the only guys with roses.  Desiree handed out roses to Chris, Brooks, Juan Pablo, Drew, Michael, Ben, Kasey, Bryden (who accepted the rose!), and Mikey.  Poor Zack K got the boot!  He seemed nice enough but we never really got to see very much of him.  I would like to say that I think Bryden’s a jerk for staying in at this point while Zack is walking out the door wanting to be there and crying about it even.  So sad.



Next week, Desiree and the guys are heading to Munich!  It looks amazing there! It looks like things are really going to heat up between Desiree and Chris, Brooks, and James.  But, it seems James is not there for the right reasons and of course neither is Ben.  Can you say DRAMA?!



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese


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