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Most Uncomfortable Two-on-One Date Ever on 'The Bachelorette'

The setting for this week's "The Bachelorette" was Munich, Germany!  This week there was a one-on-one date, a two-on-one date, and a group date with roses on each date.  The guys arrived at an amazing looking suite and the first date card was waiting there for them.  The date card was for Chris and read, "In Munich, we can fall in love with each other." 


So right away, Des and Chris explored Munich together.  Inside the suite, Bryden started to lament over his lack of feelings for Desiree.  They are five weeks in now and he says he's lost that lovin' feeling.  He told James that he is planning on telling her as soon as possible, and he put his coat on and left the hotel.  Back on the one-on-one date, Chris and Desiree are as cute as can be and they are snapping photos and trying out the local delicacies.  The best part was when they tried on some lederhosen, it was so sweet.  They frolicked out into the square and did some crazy dancing as a crowd looked on.



Then, Bryden walked up to them and interrupted their date!  That's nuts.  He should have waited for her to get back from her date, now he's going to put her in a horrible mood for Chris.  Bryden apologized for interrupting their date, but told Desiree that he needed to talk to her.  He tells her he's leaving and says she's great, but sorry, he's got to go.  She walks back to Chris and has to feel a little embarrassed about this.  She says that she's not going to let this affect her date with Chris, but that's going to be tough.


Chris and Desiree walked into a restaurant to eat, and Desiree refused to talk about it at first, but then told Chris that Bryden left.  Chris told her that he's there for the right reasons, he's there for her, and she looked so happy that it brought tears to her eyes.


Back at the room, another date card arrived and it read, "Will you climb the highest mountain for me?" On the group date will be: Juan Pablo, James, Kasey, Zak, Brooks, Drew, and Mikey.  That means that Michael and Ben would be going on the two-on-one date.


Later, Desiree and Chris headed into the Munich Residenz for dinner in a spectacular ballroom.  She looked amazing!  She wore a sparkly v-neck purple floor-length dress and she just dazzled in it.  Chris told Desiree that he's ready to start a family and build a new life and said that his ex-girlfriend wasn't ready for that.  After they chatted for a while, Chris read her some more of his poetry.  This reminds me so much of Trista and Ryan.  If you remember back to the first season of "The Bachelorette" Ryan used to read poetry to Trista.  Chris just seems taken with Des.  She picked up the rose and gave it to Chris!  I really like him!  I think they're so great together!  If that wasn't enough they had a private concert by Matt White.  It was one of the best dates in "Bachelorette" history.



Then it was time for the group date.  They visited the highest snow peak in all of Germany.  But before they could start, they met with a yodeler!  They all gave it their best shot.  After the yodeling, they rode down the peak on these little butt sleds.  It looked amazing!  There were a lot of wipeouts, but that didn't stop the fun.  They also had some snowball fights and just played in the snow like kids.


At the hotel, the last date card arrived and it read, "Let's heat things up, two guys, one rose, one stays, one goes." Here's hoping that Ben is the one who goes, I actually like Michael.  He seems ok so far.



On the group date, once they were chilled to the bone, Desiree took the guys into an igloo!  It was more like an igloo mansion or something, very high class inside!  Brooks and Desiree sat in one of the rooms and chatted a little bit and while he was talking she couldn't wait anymore and just kissed her!  She really seems to love his fun yet caring spirit. 



During Mikey and Desiree's time together they made snowmen!  They were little tiny ones, but it was so cute.  He didn't get to chat with her much though before Zak came creeping on by with two glasses of wine and was staring them down.  He eventually started yodeling!  It was really hysterical.  He then told her that he thought he wanted to be a priest, but he bought a one-way ticket to Europe and climbed a mountain and says that while on that journey he learned from himself that he wasn't meant to be a priest.


James and Desiree talked about the fun times they had there and James seemed very confident.  Brooks did not want to sit and watch the magic happen between them though.  He decided to go spy on them.  He says that James is very cutting and vulgar with the guys! Yikes!  Brooks had to watch them making out and instead of interrupting them he decided to walk away.  Desiree decided to give Brooks the date rose though!  James was super pissed about Brooks getting the rose.


Then, it was time for the most uncomfortable date ever, the two-on-one date.  One of the guys has to go in the end.  Michael kicked off the date by telling Desiree that she looked beautiful in German, and Ben told Desiree some random boring stuff, and it just came out tense between the two guys.  They all got their bathing suits on though and decided to jump in some very cold water.  But wait, they aren't jumping in, they get into a hot-tug!  A hot tug is a hot tub tugboat!  So cool!  So far, Desiree thinks the date is going really well and she's pretty amazed by that.  Michael flat out asked Ben what happened between him and the mother of his child and said that they were brought together to have the child basically and that he didn't want to talk about it that much.  Michael thinks that Ben's an absentee dad who uses his son when it suits him.  Michael also talked about how his dad wasn't around that much and Ben picked up on that right away yet bit his tongue because he didn't want to have a fight in front of Desiree.


Drew spoke to the guys about he and Kasey hearing James and Mikey talking about how they were going to run the whole city of Chicago.  James also said that if he made it into the top four he could possibly become the next "Bachelor" and it would change his life forever.  Drew plans to tell Desiree at the rose ceremony about it but he's worried she's going to want to walk away from every guy there.


Back on the worst date ever, it was time for an awkward dinner.  Michael called Ben out for not getting along with all of the guys, he basically stuck to his point that he was there for Des and not for the guys. Desiree basically stuck up for Ben and told Michael to stop talking about it.  Weird.  Then, she totally changed the topic to family traditions.  Ben said that he wants to go to church every Sunday and then Michael was like, but you didn't go to church on Easter and even a Mormon went.  Ben blamed the fact that the mass was in German.  Then he said it was the first Easter he was away from him son, and Michael mentioned that he didn't even talk to his son on Easter.  He just kept calling him out.  Ben then excused himself.  Desiree told Michael that he didn't have to do that there on the date.  He said he just wanted to show her that the way he portrays himself isn't the way he is.  She said that it made her uncomfortable.  


Desiree went outside to check on Ben and he told her that he's fine.  He told her that he can't keep getting hit.  He said he's never had anyone question his faith or his role as a father.  Boo hoo Ben.  Back inside, he talked to Desiree about how much he misses his son.  He tried to tell her how strongly he felt for her.  She seems to think that he's a sweet guy.  So she pulls Michael aside to find out why he feels like Ben is such a jerk.  He tells her that it's the way he speaks to other guys, very condescending, a one-upper, he said that he also hears a lot about his bar business and very little about his son.  He was honest and I think she should believe him, but she seemed to just be saying "hmm, hmm".  In the end, she decided to give Michael the rose!  Wow!  Ben just took off and said "F-this".  He didn't want her to walk him out, but she followed after him and apologized.  Michael apologized to Desiree again for putting her in a weird position.


Back at the hotel, the producers took Ben's bags and the guys cheered.  Inside the limo Ben just talked about how he wanted to go out and get drunk that night.  Classy.


Desiree told Chris Harrison that she didn't need to have a cocktail party and wanted to go right into the rose ceremony.  Drew and Kasey were bummed he wouldn't get to expose James for a fraud, but that would have to wait.  Brooks, Chris, and Michael already have roses.  Desiree decided to also give roses to Zak, Kasey, Juan Pablo, Drew, and James.  That meant that Mikey was leaving!!! No!!!!  I really liked him, he seemed sweet.  Mikey was super classy and wished her luck as he left.  That said, I can't wait to see what goes down with the James situation next week.


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese 


lorrie @lorrieangel79

Mikey was not one of my favorites he seemed to muscle bound and self entitled to me they didn't have much in common and I'm glad Ben went home. Bryden did not pick the right time to tell her.

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