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'The Bachelorette' Who is There for the 'Right Reasons'?

OK, let’s get to know these guys fighting for Desiree’s heart!  I love that we have the first night behind us and we’ll start to see some real dates.  Woo hoo Chris Harrison drops off the first date card and it’s for Brooks and it read, “I’m waiting for a sign”.



Desiree picked Brooks up in her blue Bentley and they rushed off as the rest of the guys looked on.  He complimented her right off about how pretty she looked and he really seems to be acting like a genuine nice guy.  She took him to a bridal salon where she wanted to share her passion for designing bridal gowns with him.  She had him dressed up in a green tux and she tried on a few wedding gowns.  Brooks thought it was silly and fun but loved getting to know more about her.  Is it just me, or do they look AMAZING together!?  They left in a tux and gown and he lifted her into the car.  They drove off like a couple of newlyweds, picked out a wedding cake which was actually cupcakes from a cupcake truck, and drove off for more surprises.  They ended up at the Hollywood sign!



Des and brooks
Brooks shared with her that his relationship of a year and a half ended and it was really heartbreaking for him.  He said that it was so exciting to find love that he really wants to find it again and he’s open to it.  The sun set and it was just PERFECT.  That’s when it happened!  The first REAL kiss of the season!  Woo!  That date couldn’t have gone better.  I’m a Brooks fan for sure!  He’s set the bar pretty high for the other guys.




Des and brooks2
Desiree got a little lost driving, well actually she faked it, and she drove through a blocked road and took them to a little bridge that had chandeliers hanging from it!  There was a table set for them and it was a pretty amazing idea by the producers (set in a bad neighborhood according to Brooks!).  They talked about their differing views on marriage because her parents are married and happy while his are divorced.  He shared that he didn’t talk to his father from when he was 13 until he was 19.  He said that he’s now working on his relationship with his dad.  He says he wants to have time with his family and kids that he feels like his dad missed out on with him and his family.  In the end, she gave him the rose!  He said he smiles when he’s nervous, how sweet.  Then, when you think it’s over, there’s music playing and it’s Andy Grammer playing “Keep Your Head Up”.  I love that song!  They danced and kissed!  They actually did a LOT of making out in front of the band.  Now who’s getting the show?!  “Strap on your seatbelts, it’s going to be an awesome ride,” said Brooks in reference to how awesome their first date went.



Bachelorette rap
Back at the house, another date card arrived. Casey, Dan, Juan Pablo, Zak K., Will, Brian, Drew, James, Mikey, Zach W., Nick, Michael, Brandon, and Ben, are on the group date.  The card said, “Who’s here for the right reasons?”  She announces to the guys that they will be starring in their own rap video.  Oh my goodness, this is going to be terrible!  Soldier Boy came out though and this poor pro is going to have to deal with a bunch of guys who have no business rapping ha ha!  The video is called “For the right reasons”; it just gets lamer and lamer.  Soldier Boy picked the best of the worst and the rest of the guys would be backup dancers.  Brandon had to wear some kind of G-string with no pants.  The rap is actually really funny because the guys are rapping about past Bachelors and Bachelor contestants!



Brandon jumk
As Ben shot his scene the guys tried to rattle him by yelling stuff out, but it didn’t work, he just focused on Desiree and his horrible rapping abilities.  The other guys did pretty well, compared to each other.  Soldier Boy just kept saying they needed to sound like they were rapping more and less like they were reciting poetry.  Then Brandon did his no pants scene.  The poor guy adjusted himself and the other guys were making fun of him and saying he was touching himself and he was like, “I swear, I didn’t!” and poor Desiree was like, “It’s OK Brandon, I know”. 



Later, Zak got some time to talk with Desiree and show him his romantic side, and yes he kept his shirt on!  He bought her a little present, it was an antique journal that’s never been written in and it’s got an inscription from a father to his daughter.  She seemed really touched.  She said that she was really blown away by him and she found a lot of depth in him.



During Mikey’s time with Desiree, Ben went up and stole her away.  He’s proving to be a bit of a jerk.  Mikey was bummed and the rest of the guys are starting to think that he’s annoying and rubbing them the wrong way.  Desiree and Ben talked about his son Brody and he asked her if she had any questions about it and she said that she’s not scared about it at all.  Then he lamely asked her if he could kiss her and it was really slurpy and gross.  Brandon saw it and he was crushed because he’s getting some big feelings for her already.



Mikey went up to Ben and wanted to talk to him to “clear the air”.  He said that him swooping in really bothered him and he said he just wanted to talk about it.  He told him he gets the politician feeling from him because he’s nice only when he has to be and said he wasn’t genuine.  Ben said that he doesn’t want any tensions and that he’s not a backstabber or trash talker.  Then they talked about their shoes (like ladies).



Brandon talked to Desiree about his family.  He talked about how his dad left his family and how they moved every two years of his life.  He said that his mom was a drug addict and how he raised his younger brother and sister.  He said that looking back he really can’t wait to have kids and a family and have a great life.  He told her he wants to love her and come home to her and just be grateful that she’s in his life.  Oh my goodness, he’s wonderful!  I really, really like him.  He said that he didn’t expect to “Fall in like with her so soon” aww.


Desiree picked up the group date rose to the evil Ben!  She said that he used his time wisely and made the most of his alone time with her.  Poor Mikey!  They all think that she’ll see through him eventually.



The last date card arrived and it was for Bryden and said “road trip”.  I don’t really like his hair; he needs a new ‘do.  They stopped at a gas station and picked up some snacks and then continued on their drive.  As the wind blew his hair up, I thought about how much better he looked without his man bangs.  Their next stop was the beach.  They frolicked in the water, ran around with a kite, and stood on some rocks as they wrote their names in the sand.  They also stopped somewhere to have fish tacos.  So far, it’s pretty boring.



They stopped to pick some oranges and it was during a mini picnic there that we learned he had no idea what Brie was.  OK then.  They drove on to a huge estate.  They had dinner and he talked about how he had a horrific car accident where he had to be airlifted.  He was very messed up for a while.  Glad he’s ok!  Then, he took out pictures of the accident.  Sheesh…how romantic…not!  He kind of turned it around when he spoke about making the most of moments.  She actually seemed to have a good time.  She gave him a rose!  She said that she really appreciated him opening up to him.  He seems a little serious for her.  They got into a hot tub and he sat there and stared at her.  She finally said, “Just kiss me already!” and he said “just go for it?” and she said “Yeah!” and they kissed!  So awkward!



At the cocktail party, Michael G. talked about how he has type 1diabetes.  His is pretty serious so he wanted to let her know about his condition.  Oh wait, who walks in, BEN!  What the heck dude.  He’s such a jerk!  Mikey got steamed when he learned of this.  Ben already has a rose and he’s taking time away from the other guys.  He kissed her again and was just talking about how he’s the right guy for her, blah, blah, blah. 



Michael G. took Ben aside and spoke to him about how he’s upset about him stealing Desiree away.  As Ben starts to defend himself, Mikey came outside to listen in, but then jumped in.  They agree that Ben just doesn’t get it, bottom line.  He kept trying to lie about it.  The guys also were commenting about how his bar is doing but hasn’t really mentioned his son to them.



Brian swept Desiree literally off her feet and sat her down to have a little drink on the outdoor couch.  They spoke about what they want out of life and Desiree dove into asking him about his past relationships.  Brian said that his last relationship ended a few months ago.  She asked what happened and he said things changed and they just didn’t want the same things. Hmm, there are rumors that this relationship isn’t quite over but we’ll have to wait and see.


Chris Harrison came out and got Des and she went back to deliberate.  So far Brooks, Ben, and Bryden all have roses.  Joining those men with roses were James, Casey, Dan, Juan Pablo, Brad, Chris, Brian, Zak, Drew, Mikey (yay!), Zach K., Michael (yay!), and Brandon (phew!).  Poor Will!  I liked him too!  Maybe it was his insistence on calling her Athena…  He blames it on putting himself too far into the friend zone.  Robert got the boot too, he seemed pretty cute, and I wonder what she didn’t like about him.  He said it was a “nightmare, absolute nightmare” aww.  Nick M. said that he felt pretty down about the whole thing and he’s really sad it didn’t work out.


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