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The Guys Are Falling Fast For Desiree, While Others are Just Cheating Liars

This week started off with Ben saying he was going to go after Des full force and he doesn’t care what the other guys think.  The first date card was for the group date and it was for Chris, Brian, Drew, Michael, Brooks, Brad, Mikey, Brandon, Zack K and Ben.  It read: “Love is a battlefield”.



The guys learned that they were going to be playing dodgeball.  This isn’t your gym class dodgeball.  They are serious and they throw the ball HARD.  It was insanity!  Then the guys faced off against each other in two teams, so that half of the guys would go home.



So the guys headed outdoors in their little blue and red outfits.  They looked so funny and yet cute at the same time!  The guys went all out and really tried their hardest!  Dan was the last man standing on the red team, and he managed to get it down to just Chris, but Chris won!  So the blue team won the first round.  It’s best of three.  In the second game, the red team won!  The third round would determine it all.  Uh oh, Brooks got hit in his finger and he actually broke it!  He had to go get it reset!  Yikes!  The game resumed and in the end the blue team won!  Zack brought home the win.



Desiree surprised the guys by saying that no one would be going home, they all actually get to go to the after party.  As the guys get ready to party, Brooks was getting his finger worked on.  As the doctors realigned it, he passed out and had to be admitted to the emergency room.  She spoke with Brad and he talked about the fact that he has a three-year-old son named Maddox.  His son lives with him full time.  Wow.  That’s a big bomb.  His ex had drinking problems and he shared that he got arrested for domestic violence but it got dismissed because he was just trying to stop her from driving drunk.



Desiree took time to talk to each of the guys and Chris found a special spot on top of the roof to take her to so they could admire the view.  They sipped champagne and he talked to her about how he loved seeing her coach them and be in her own element (dodgeball?) and she agreed and said that she likes when he looks at her and smiles and lets her know that he’s there.  Just when Chris was feeling confident, Brooks showed up and he was worried that Brooks might get the rose!  Brooks went right in for the kiss and was like, “OK, kiss me!” and I like how he takes the initiative and she doesn’t have to do all the work.  Despite Brooks going through hell on this date, Chris got the rose!  What?!  They got a private concert by Kate Earl and they got to kiss finally!  Brandon creepily watched them from a balcony and was really jealous of the kissing.  It appears that Ben was really a non-issue on this date.



Before Desiree could go on her date with Kasey, Chris Harrison called her to tell her that he has bizarre news about one of the guys.  Desiree said that she would go to the house and confront the offending guy.  Desiree walked in and the guys all thought it was for Kasey’s date but she pulled Brian aside.  Apparently he has a girlfriend back home!  Cheating, lying, jerk!  As Desiree is talking with Brian outside, Chris Harrison shows up with the girlfriend!  OMG!  She walks up and is like, “Hi, I’m Brian’s girlfriend.”  Uh-oh Brian, get ready to be torn a new one.



The girlfriend, Stephanie, told him that he said that they weren’t going to be seeing other people.  Apparently, she was going to break up with him, but he said no he does want to be with each other, and then he’s apparently involved in her son’s life.  He also lied to her and said that he was going to California for a business meeting and it was actually to be on this show.  He claims that they had a fight where she threw rocks at his face!  It seems as though Stephanie and Brian have different definitions of what “dating” is.  The truth is they slept together two days before he was on the show.  Desiree said there was no chance he was going to stay on the show and Chris Harrison gave him the boot.



They made him go straight up to his room to get his stuff and leave.  He wasn’t allowed to talk to the guys.  Desiree consoled Stephanie outside, and as Stephanie left, Desiree was clearly disgusted.  They sent him off in a cargo van and that was the end of Brian.  She apologized to Kasey for that taking up some time on their one-on-one date. The date card had said, “Love defies gravity”.  Brandon cried for the poor little boy that was caught up in this process with Brian and Stephanie’s mess.  He said he would meet a lot of the boyfriends his mom would have and look up to them and fall in love with them like a potential father and then they would just disappear.



Kasey and Desiree went to Sunset Boulevard to explore and walk around a bit.  But suddenly they saw aerialists dancing on the side of a building!  Desiree loved being in the harness and didn’t have a fear of heights at all!  Kasey seemed to be a little hesitant but he was a great sport and seemed to loosen up and was doing flips!  They got too tired supporting themselves sideways and they went to the ground.  Desiree said it’s not going exactly how she thought it would but it’s not Kasey’s fault.  Hmm.



So they went off to dinner and it was really windy and gusting!  So they jumped into the pool since they couldn’t have a conversation and they started making out with towels on their heads!  It was so weird!  So they got out of the pool because they were freezing and they ended up chatting on the stairs inside the hotel.  She said it was a terrible date, but she really likes Kasey, so she went and got the date rose and he accepted it! 

Hopefully he’ll get another one-on-one soon so we can see if they have better luck next time.



The rest of the guys got to go on another, smaller, group date!  The guys rode up in a horse and carriage and Desiree was dressed up in a gown from the wild Wild West time.  She did a scene for the guys where she threw a guy off a balcony and it was really good!  So the guys will be getting to work on learning some stunts too! 

The pros were from Disney’s “The Lone Ranger”.  Zak, Bryden, Dan (who split his pants), Juan Pablo (who tried to speak Spanish during his cowboy scene), and James all performed a scene where they battled some bad guys and rescued her. 



Desiree picked Juan Pablo as her winner and gave him a little winner badge and took him off for some alone time.  They got to watch “The Lone Ranger” together in a barn and eat popcorn.  It was cool that they got to see the movie so early before anyone else.  She said that he’s really distracting, but in a good way, and they kissed.  You could tell she got really into the date!  They seemed to have a lot of fun together!



Afterwards the guys got a chance to hang out by a fire and Desiree took Bryden aside.  They had a cute little connection and Bryden seemed to loosen up some.  He did still come off as shy with making the moves and Desiree said that once she makes the first move, he takes over and takes control.  Zak spoke with her about how she gives good feedback and that all the guys are in love with her and she has great energy.  He tried to kiss her and Desiree said that she got confused!  They had the funniest conversation about it!  But, they didn’t kiss!  At least not that we saw.



James spoke with Desiree about their similarities.  He comes off sweet but also like a politician.  Poor James though, his dad has pancreatitis and has a cancer spot on his pancreas.  He wants to make sure he’s not wasting his time there while his dad is basically dying.  She walks over and grabs the rose to the dismay of all of the other guys and gives it to James.  He accepted the rose happily and gave her a daisy!  It was so cute.  He’s starting to grow on me.



The cocktail party was actually a pool party this time around.  That’s great!  It’s kind of cool that they got to hang out in the afternoon.  Ben snagged her right before she got in the door and they took a little 15 minute car ride.  So the guys started wondering where she was because let’s face it, she was late!  It wasn’t too long before they realized Ben was in the passenger seat when they pulled up.  He was like, “Shhh” to her and she was like “yeah, I got it”.  All they guys knew, so we’ll see how that goes for Ben.



All the guys at one point were in the hot tub with her and it was CROWDED!  She looked scared ha-ha!  So of course Mikey pulled Ben aside and called him out about taking a ride with Desiree.  Brandon meantime, spoke with Desiree about how he felt with her and he really seemed a little over excited.  Also, he’s internalizing the situation with Brian and its like, drama all the time.  He’s a little overly intense for Desiree.  He also threw out the L-BOMB!  He told her he’s falling in love with her and kissed her.  She seemed a little overwhelmed.



It was time for roses!  In addition to Chris, Kasey, and James, Bryden, Juan Pablo, Zak W., Brooks, Drew, Zack K., Brad, Michael G., Mikey, and Ben all received roses.  Brandon looked stunned and bewildered.  He was so confident going into the night.  Dan also did not receive a rose.  Brandon  told her he didn’t understand and she said he’s an incredible person but it just wouldn’t work out.  He’s so upset that Ben gets to stay while he is going home.  He called it “a giant mistake”.  Desiree chased after Brandon who started crying and saying he felt foolish.  She said she needed it to be now rather than later because she already knows that it’s not there and she doesn’t have chemistry with him.  She doesn’t want it to be worse later.  He said, “Once again, someone left me.”  He needs to not be so hard on himself! 



Next week they all head to Atlantic City and some of the guys take part in a beauty pageant of sorts.



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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