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Chris Harrison Said it Best, 'Where Do We Go From Here?'

Drew said that it was amazing as they met by the windmill and they went for a ride in a jeep to explore Antigua.  As they were riding around, Desiree said that she thinks that he’s one of the nicest people she’s ever met and he’s also really, really attractive so that doesn’t hurt.  They ended up stopping at a local party complete with dancing, maracas, and steel drums. 

Later they sat down and chatted about how things went with his family and how it was meeting his sister Melissa, who has special needs.  He also said that her meeting his family was one of the best days of his life.  Drew thinks that she’s the one!



Once night fell, they talked about what they wanted to get out of this experience.  They seem on the same page.  She did talk about her need for communication, and how he has been meeting those needs for her.  He even told her that he has been ready for a few weeks to get down on one knee.  Of course, the fantasy suite card came out and they decided to take advantage of it.  They went back to the fantasy suite and made out for quite some time before they kicked the crew out.  Drew said, “OK guys, time to leave.”  Woo woo, I wonder what happened!



Brooks meantime, was acting quite strange.  He seems to be wavering between being in love with her and not being in love with her at all.  It’s very, very weird.  He traveled back to talk to his sister and mother.  He didn’t think he could continue on without seeing them again.  He is having a battle in his heart and he just doesn’t want to hurt her.  Brooks doesn’t seem ready to propose AT ALL.  I don’t even know if he wants to date her!  It’s horrible!



Chris had his fantasy date next.  Desiree greeted him in a little bikini top and pants and they walked along the rocks as the water just crashed up all around.  A helicopter landed, they got on board, and they took a helicopter tour of the island.  After their ride, they landed on a little private part of the island and had a chat about her meeting his family and how much they all loved her.



At dinner, there were some incessant birds squeaking in the background as they talked about moving to Seattle.  Desiree said that California is her home, but that if she’s in love she could try it out.  Chris really wants to stay in Seattle because he has a great job out there and he feels it could provide them a lot of opportunities in their future together.  Her willingness to move made him love her even more.



Later, they took advantage of the fantasy suite.  Instead of getting right to their make out session, Chris decided to read another one of his poems.  Sigh… I don’t know if these poems are starting to help or hurt him.  This one didn’t really rhyme at all, I would call it more of a letter.  Never fear, there was a hot tub there, so they jumped in there after his poem was over and they did a lot of kissing!



Finally, it’s almost time for Desiree’s date with Brooks.  He says his heart just isn’t in this.  He’s just not crazy in love with her.  Chris Harrison comes over to have a chat with Brooks.  He says he gets lost in the moments with Desiree and feels himself falling in love with her, but he doesn’t feel ready to say that she’s the love of his life and to propose to her.  He’s obviously taking this very seriously like I appreciate.  Chris Harrison asked him if he was sure that she’s not the girl for him and he said that he’s not sure. But then he added that he didn’t think more time would help.  He said he doesn’t feel like he’ll regret leaving.  I feel like poor Chris Harrison was really playing therapist here, trying to figure out the root of what Brooks was feeling and almost trying to talk him into it.  Brooks just really isn’t feeling what he thinks he needs to be feeling to make a real commitment.  He said he wishes it was her, but she’s not the one.  It’s so, so sad.



Desiree thought that she was meeting Brooks for a date, and he was actually on his way to break up with her.  He thinks she deserves to know what’s going on with him as soon as possible.  She was all smiles and could tell right away he seemed not that happy.  He pulled her aside to talk.  As he spoke, you could see the tears welling up in her eyes.  He told her that when he’s with her he feels the feelings of love, but when he’s not around her he loses it.  Brooks went on to say that he wants to be madly in love with her, and that’s when Desiree lost it and was just sobbing.  She knew where it was going.  She asked him why now, and he said that he didn’t know before.  He said that the moments apart from her aren’t hard enough.  She curled up and cried, and he tried to comfort her, and she said “stop it”.  She then revealed that she loved him, and told him that she was planning on telling him that, and that after she was basically going to pick him.  She told him he was breaking her heart and all he could say was, “I know I am, sorry.”



After a commercial break, Desiree wanted to know when he knew he felt like this and was not sure about what he was feeling on his hometown.  She then started saying how much it sucks that she loves him and he doesn’t love her.  She said that she doesn’t care that he just broke her heart, she loves him.  Aw!  It’s breaking MY heart.  Cue the breakup music.  He said that he was surprised at the love she has for him.  He says he didn’t want to leave her and he wasn’t expecting that.  He was in tears too.  Now he’s regretting his decision, like pretty much right off the bat.



She told him that she wanted him to meet her family as they walked.  She said that she was conflicted the whole time on the show because she wanted to just give her heart to him and no one else and didn’t want to go on dates with other guys and only him.  He did tell her that he didn’t want to leave her, but then said “sorry” and left.  Desiree walked back to the area where they had been talking alone and cried by the water.



Desiree cried even more because she said that Drew and Chris are wonderful and they love her, but she just doesn’t love them as much as she loves Brooks.  Next Monday is part two and the dramatic finale!



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese 



She got exactly what she deserved she's been stringing those other two guys along all this time, what goes around comes around and Chris harrison tries to act all dignified.........................that episode really shows the show in its true light, you have two other guys there with real feelings but because you didn't get your way you want to go home.................REALLY?

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