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Desiree and 'The Men Tell All'

“The Men Tell All” started off by showing some “alumni” attending a viewing party and then Desiree getting some advice on how to handle the guys from past “Bachelorettes” Emily, Ashley, and Ali.



It was your typical TMTA special with a few oddities.  First Ben was confronted by the guys and it was exactly what you expect.  The guys were bashing him and then he tried to weasel his way out of it.



Then there was a big brouhaha between the team of James and Mikey against the other guys and mostly Kasey.  They talked all about the whole secret commenting thing about them wanting to be the next “Bachelor” and about all the dates they would get in Chicago.  They denied the whole thing.  When Desiree confronted James she didn’t care what he had to say, she thinks that it was wrong.  I on the other hand think James was mostly just being realistic about the fact that the girl he liked was dating a bunch of other people.



There was a weird segment next with Juan Pablo.  Apparently he has a big following?  Sure he’s good looking, but I was super happy when he was voted off!  I thought he was kind of boring!  It was almost like they were building him up to be the next "Bachelor", but there was no mention of that.



Zak came out next and talked about how he’s basically still heartbroken about Des dumping him but he’s trying to move on now.  It was really weird when Desiree came out because he sang her a song about moving on.  It was just awkward and bizarre.



Next week is the first part of a two part finale.  They broke it into two parts because they say it’s just that intense.  The preview would lead you to believe that she dumps Chris and Drew and then Brooks can’t commit or something.  There’s a lot of crying and I hope things will work out for Des in the end!



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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