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Desiree Says She's Falling in Love with Two of the Guys

This week, Desiree’s final five traveled to Madeira, Portugal.  This week began with Catherine, Jackie, and Lesley from last season showing up to give Desiree some advice on her final five guys.  You would think it would be at least slightly awkward for her to be around Catherine, the woman who got the man she originally wanted.  Catherine said that Sean told her to “Give Des good advice” on the guys there because he wants her to help lookout for her.  So she told the ladies what she knows about the guys and likes about them.  Desiree also divulged to the ladies that she is falling in love, and with more than just one person. 



Of course the guys show up, and the ladies were drooling over Chris and Drew and were yelling at Brooks to take his shirt off so they could get a better look.  The ladies sat there and gossiped about the guys as they played by the pool.




Brooks got the first one-on-one date of this trip. I don’t recall ever seeing a date card or anything.  Brooks and Desiree take a drive for a while and then get out and walk up to a cliff!  Brooks seems a little concerned that he hasn’t had a ton of alone time with her and he wants to get to know her better before taking her to meet his family if she picks him for a hometown date.  He did say that he’s feeling sparks still so that’s a good thing!


They got back in the car and drove up this mountain and into an area where there was just fog around with windmills and it was an amazing sight.  I don’t know how you couldn’t fall in love there!  They parked, got a blanket, and sat down to enjoy the view among the clouds while drinking wine.  Brooks told her that he doesn’t have his life planned out and that he would like to plan that out with the person he’s going to be with, so he thinks they should have that conversation.  Woo!  That’s really sweet, and Desiree says that she’s falling in love with him.



A date card arrived and it was for Chris.  It said, “Let’s sea if we can find love here.”  Oooh another date for Chris!  I think things will heat up even more between those two!



Back on the date with Brooks, Desiree and he sat down to a romantic dinner.  Desiree says that she thinks he’s probably falling in love with her too, let’s hope so!  They toasted to “always be connecting” um, ok!  Brooks talked about his family and how they are all so close together.  They talked about stepping, skipping, jogging, running and then the finish line being falling in love, and Desiree said that she’s at running.  Brooks basically said jogging when she asked him about his feelings, and he admitted that he’s a little behind her emotionally.  Uh oh, I hope that he’s not going to break her heart!  He seems to like her, but maybe not as intensely as Chris.  He told her that he would want her to meet his family though, despite him feeling a little behind emotionally.  She says that she really wants to meet his family and wants to see how they could be together and she also admitted that she can see him as “the one”.




As Chris and Desiree left, Brooks said, “Oh good, he’s not holding her hand,” but then he grabbed it right away and the guys were all bummed.  Oh well!  They’ll all get their chance to try to win her heart, but this is Chris’ day.  They boarded a beautiful boat and headed to a deserted island.



Michael finally got a one-on-one date with the next date card and it said “Let’s have fun in Funchal.”



Desiree and Chris sat down and had a picnic on their private island and they talked about how they are around their friends and how people perceive them.  Chris says what she sees is exactly how he is in the real world.  Desiree says sometimes she may seem reserved but she is very independent and creative.  They had a great conversation, and then Chris pulled out a pen and paper for them to write a poem together to put inside a bottle to send off for someone to find.  It was really sweet.  Is it just me or do they seem perfect together, but Desiree seems more into Brooks?  I feel like I want her to go for Chris though!  He’s really great and so into her!



At dinner, Chris and Desiree talked about their future plans like family size.  Desiree said she would like three kids, Chris said that he would like a few children.  As they chatted, Chris started sweating and fidgeting.  He was trying to work up the nerve to tell her that he loves her.  He read a poem to her that he wrote just for her that expressed that he loves her!  Oh my gosh, it was so beautiful, and it made Desiree cry!  Chris is almost too good to be true!  She said that she wasn’t expecting it and it was really beautiful!  Hopefully it wasn’t too soon for her.  They stood around kissing in the moonlight and Chris said that he thinks he’s found “the one”.



Michael and Desiree set off on their date exploring Madeira.  They checked out the marketplace and he took her shopping and carried her bags.  He really got a chance to show her how he can be when he’s not worried about taking down Ben.  He seems like such a great guy!  They did A LOT of kissing!  They rode in a street toboggan and really seemed to have a blast together.  However, they do seem way behind where she is with Chris and Brooks emotionally.



At dinner, Michael talked about his father and he says that he doesn’t hold grudges and says that he thinks his experiences with his own father will make him a good dad someday.  He also told her that being a husband and father will be more important to him than being a prosecutor. 



Back at the hotel, the two-on-one card came for Zak and Drew and said, “I’m looking for a man that can make my heart race.”  On this date, there’s a rose, so the stakes are high!



Back at dinner, Michael said that he had a whirlwind romance with a woman who he found out was cheating on him and it left him heartbroken for a while.  He said that he has been feeling feelings that he hasn’t felt in such a long time with her and that she makes him happy.  She really seemed to light up with everything he was saying.  He says that he’s falling in love with her (during an interview, not to her face) and that he feels like she could be the one that he marries someday.



On the two-on-one date, Zak and Drew did some go-kart racing against each other to compete for time with Desiree.  After a picnic together in which Desiree said that she felt like they were three friends having fun and that she was also on two dates at once which was weird.  Finally she had some time alone with Zak and he showed her drawings that recapped their time together so far.  It was really cute.  Drew told Desiree during his time with her that his family would just fall in love with her.  He also told her that he would like for her to meet his sister who is mentally handicapped.  Their time together was really sweet and Drew told her that he’s fallen for her.  Wow, Zak should have told her!  He held back and I think that’s going to come back to bite him a little!



Desiree told them that the day couldn’t have gone better.  She told Zak that she appreciated that he shared in her artistic passion. 

She gave the rose to Drew though!  She said that she was confident that she wanted to meet his family.  Poor Zak had to sit there and drink wine and basically toast to them!  Ugh! It was beyond awkward!  You could see in his face how crushed he was!  He is so wrapped up in her that he can’t even seem to imagine his life without her.



During an interview with Chris Harrison before her rose ceremony, she started crying and admitted that she loves Brooks although he still hasn’t told her.  Chris Harrison even seemed a little skeptical.  She said she’s not afraid to be hurt, but she wants to see where it’s going.  She said that she’s keeping an open mind and an open heart, and thinks that she’s falling in love with Chris too.  I kind of feel bad from Zak, Drew and Michael, because it’s clear that she has her final two picked out already.



This rose ceremony is a big one!  These roses all represent hometown visits.  She already gave a rose to Drew.  The other three roses went to Brooks, Chris, and Zak. Poor Michael!  He thought he had this thing in the bag tonight.  It really sucks for him, because he thought they had a great time, and they did, but her feelings were already developed a bit more for the other guys.  She walked Michael out and told him that he’s very special but that the relationships with the other guys grew differently.  Michael said that he was in a place to make her happy for the rest of her life and said that he’s heartbroken but he thinks the world of her and wishes her happiness.  He told her that he was so excited to have taken her home but maybe it’s a blessing because his mother would have loved her and that would have broken her heart too basically.  He also added that other girls in the future probably won’t match up to her making it hard for him to date.  Something tells me he’ll do OK.  He had a very classy exit.  It was sad though because he called his mom and she tried to reassure him but he said, “Maybe I’m just not meant to get married and have a family.”




Next week, she meets the family.  Chris’ dad gives her a chiropractic adjustment (awkward) and Zak’s family sings to her.  Also, Desiree’s crazy brother meets the guys, this should be interesting!



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


D A Chall-Hutchinson

Why not Chris Harrison for the bachelor next time and have Trisha Sutliff mc the show.

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