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Drama with James Creates a Tough Decision for Desiree

Tonight, “The Bachelorette” traveled to Barcelona, Spain.  Desiree was walking around the city all happy at the beginning of the show, but that would soon change.  There’s a group date and two one-on-one dates.  Chris Harrison also warned them that there would be no cocktail party this week yet again.



The first date card arrived with Chris Harrison and it was for Drew!  It read, “Let’s build a foundation for love.”  Desiree mentioned that their relationship has gone a little bit slower, and I feel like, um yeah, probably because this is really the first we are seeing of him practically!  He wasted no time though and started the date off with a kiss and Des seemed to appreciate it!  Then, they went and drank some amazing looking hot chocolates and they kissed a little more.



After the hot chocolate, they drank out of a fountain (that who knows how many people drank out of) and if you drink out of it, it means that you will come back to Barcelona some day.  At another café, Drew talked about how his father is his hero even though he’s a recovering alcoholic.  It was tough for him to talk about at he started tearing up during their conversation.  He also then added onto this conversation that his dad has cancer!  OMG!  That’s a lot to deal with!



Later, they sat down to a nice romantic dinner.  That didn’t really last long because before you knew it they were making out in an alleyway!  Whoa!  “We were just making out in such a great way,” Desiree said.  Ha!  She’s pretty into Drew!  She of course gave him the date rose.  Right after that, Drew told her he overheard a conversation  along with Kasey between James and Mikey.  He said that James said that he doesn’t know what’s going to happen with Desiree, but if he can get into the top four, he could become the next “Bachelor” and that would change his life.  He told her he was so sorry, and she said it was OK and kissed Drew. 



At the hotel, another date card arrived.  It was a group date for Brooks, Chris, Kasey, Michael, James, and Juan Pablo.   The card read, “Looove,” and the O’s were all soccer balls.  That meant that Zak got the one-on-one date.  The guys were also wondering if Drew said anything to her about James, and boy, they would find out soon enough.  The next morning, Drew filled a few of them in, but basically said they would have to wait and see.



The six guys on the group date showed up, and Desiree had said that she wants to give James the benefit of the doubt and she’s not going to go into full on attack mode yet, she wants to basically observe him for a bit first.  The guys and Desiree played soccer at a professional stadium.  Juan Pablo actually used to be a professional soccer player so he was able to show Desiree some moves.  Desiree went and got the professional women’s team in Barcelona to help her play a game against the guys.  If it wasn’t for Juan Pablo, they wouldn’t have even had a shot.  After the girls whooped their butts, the guys and Desiree sat around and had some drinks and conversation. 



Desiree picked Chris to go have a private chat first.  She took Chris to her bedroom to hang out (woo!)  Desiree pulled out a postcard and she wrote a poem for him!  Wow!  That’s really romantic and shows how into him she is!  He was really touched and just reassured him of her feelings for him. 



As James walked in the room, Kasey confronted James alongside Drew about the alleged comments that he had made.  He looked shocked!  He denied saying it.  Please note, while this drama is going on, Brooks and Desiree were making the most of their time together making googley eyes and kissing.  There was a lot of arguing between the guys and the prosecutor Michael went on the charge.  James just basically said “F-you” to all of them and that was it.



Kasey went and talked to Desiree about the rest of what he heard from James.  He talked about ways that they could benefit each other’s businesses and also about being the next “Bachelor”.  Desiree was really upset about it now.  She heard it from two separate people and now she has no choice really but to talk to James about it.  She told the rest of the guys, she would not give out the group date rose.



James tried to basically throw Mikey under the bus during his talk with Desiree.  He says that he really didn’t say things the way that the guys said that he did.  He said that they are threatened by what they have together.  He told her that he has feelings for her and he feels a connection and he started to tear up.  Desiree seemed confused.  They talked about what a wonderful time they had on their one-on-one date together and then Desiree got up and took a walk by herself to think.  She walked back into the room and told James she needed to sleep on it basically.  He apologized to her and she said, “It’s just too much.”



It was then Zak’s turn for his one-on-one date.  They started off by going to an art studio, and a man stood on a podium (clothed) and they sketched him.  Desiree’s was really good!  Then they decided to draw each other.  Oh my goodness!  Zak’s was hilarious!  That definitely put her in a light hearted mood.  Oh but wait!  A nude model comes out (male) and they sketched him!  Zak walked out and came in a bathroom, stood up on the podium, and took off the robe and he was in tighty whities!  He did some poses and ABC blurred his crotch even though it was covered.



After the art was over, they headed down into a wine cellar for a private dinner.  I think I would have felt claustrophobic down there!  They did a lot of kissing and they talked about his family and what his relationship with his family is like (it’s great).  She gave him the date rose!  Zak says that he’s in love with her!  Wow!



Back at the house, they guys whined and complained to James again.  It was pretty annoying to listening to.  I kind of agree with James in the situation right now.  There’s a real life after “The Bachelorette”.  He realizes he’s got a 1/25 shot of ending up with her and while he would love that, he has to consider that his life will go on after this show!  I mean come on!  Drew is very, very dramatic in my opinion!  Share your thoughts on this topic in the comments section, I would love to  hear your take on this!



Desiree takes James out for a walk the next day.  They talked a lot about everything and Desiree seems to really be thinking about keeping him around.  James went back inside and sat down with the guys and the guys asked about what they talked about.  Um, geez guys, what do you think?! 



In addition to Zak and Drew, Chris, Brooks, and Michael got roses.  That meant that Juan Pablo, cute Kasey, and James would be going home.  Wow, can you believe we are already down to the final five?!  Next week we head to Madeira!



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese



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