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July 2013


Chris Harrison Said it Best, 'Where Do We Go From Here?'

Drew said that it was amazing as they met by the windmill and they went for a ride in a jeep to explore Antigua.  As they were riding around, Desiree said that she thinks that he’s one of the nicest people she’s ever met and he’s also really, really attractive so that doesn’t hurt.  They ended up stopping at a local party complete with dancing, maracas, and steel drums. 

Later they sat down and chatted about how things went with his family and how it was meeting his sister Melissa, who has special needs.  He also said that her meeting his family was one of the best days of his life.  Drew thinks that she’s the one!



Once night fell, they talked about what they wanted to get out of this experience.  They seem on the same page.  She did talk about her need for communication, and how he has been meeting those needs for her.  He even told her that he has been ready for a few weeks to get down on one knee.  Of course, the fantasy suite card came out and they decided to take advantage of it.  They went back to the fantasy suite and made out for quite some time before they kicked the crew out.  Drew said, “OK guys, time to leave.”  Woo woo, I wonder what happened!


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Desiree and 'The Men Tell All'

“The Men Tell All” started off by showing some “alumni” attending a viewing party and then Desiree getting some advice on how to handle the guys from past “Bachelorettes” Emily, Ashley, and Ali.



It was your typical TMTA special with a few oddities.  First Ben was confronted by the guys and it was exactly what you expect.  The guys were bashing him and then he tried to weasel his way out of it.


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Three I Love You's but One Holds Out on Des

It’s my favorite episode of the season!  Hometown dates!  These always prove to be incredibly interesting and usually explain a lot about the guys’ personalities.



Zak had the first date in his hometown of Dallas, Texas.  They met up in a park and walked around and joked for a while.  Then they sat down and talked about his family and how Desiree’s a little bit nervous to meet his sister.  So Zak told her his weird dream about how they melted in the sand and then they ate snowflakes and hundreds of kids appeared…it was so weird.  That supports the theory that no matter how amazing your dreams sound, they are weird to everyone else you try to tell.  Zak left for a few minutes and pulled up in a snow cone truck!  It looked like a lot of fun!  They pulled up to an elementary school and served snow cones to all of the kids.  You give the kids the plain snow cone and then they get to put the flavors on themselves on the side of the truck. Zak left again and this time he showed up in penguin costume for the kids.  It was really cute.


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Desiree Says She's Falling in Love with Two of the Guys

This week, Desiree’s final five traveled to Madeira, Portugal.  This week began with Catherine, Jackie, and Lesley from last season showing up to give Desiree some advice on her final five guys.  You would think it would be at least slightly awkward for her to be around Catherine, the woman who got the man she originally wanted.  Catherine said that Sean told her to “Give Des good advice” on the guys there because he wants her to help lookout for her.  So she told the ladies what she knows about the guys and likes about them.  Desiree also divulged to the ladies that she is falling in love, and with more than just one person. 



Of course the guys show up, and the ladies were drooling over Chris and Drew and were yelling at Brooks to take his shirt off so they could get a better look.  The ladies sat there and gossiped about the guys as they played by the pool.


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Drama with James Creates a Tough Decision for Desiree

Tonight, “The Bachelorette” traveled to Barcelona, Spain.  Desiree was walking around the city all happy at the beginning of the show, but that would soon change.  There’s a group date and two one-on-one dates.  Chris Harrison also warned them that there would be no cocktail party this week yet again.



The first date card arrived with Chris Harrison and it was for Drew!  It read, “Let’s build a foundation for love.”  Desiree mentioned that their relationship has gone a little bit slower, and I feel like, um yeah, probably because this is really the first we are seeing of him practically!  He wasted no time though and started the date off with a kiss and Des seemed to appreciate it!  Then, they went and drank some amazing looking hot chocolates and they kissed a little more.


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