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Three I Love You's but One Holds Out on Des

It’s my favorite episode of the season!  Hometown dates!  These always prove to be incredibly interesting and usually explain a lot about the guys’ personalities.



Zak had the first date in his hometown of Dallas, Texas.  They met up in a park and walked around and joked for a while.  Then they sat down and talked about his family and how Desiree’s a little bit nervous to meet his sister.  So Zak told her his weird dream about how they melted in the sand and then they ate snowflakes and hundreds of kids appeared…it was so weird.  That supports the theory that no matter how amazing your dreams sound, they are weird to everyone else you try to tell.  Zak left for a few minutes and pulled up in a snow cone truck!  It looked like a lot of fun!  They pulled up to an elementary school and served snow cones to all of the kids.  You give the kids the plain snow cone and then they get to put the flavors on themselves on the side of the truck. Zak left again and this time he showed up in penguin costume for the kids.  It was really cute.




They loaded back up into the truck and headed off to meet Zak’s family.  Zak’s mother trotted over to meet her along with his father, brother and sister.  They are such a sweet family who was super excited; you can totally see where Zak gets his personality from.  Zak told the story about getting out of the limo without a shirt on and his mom was like, “What a weirdo!” They thought it was hilarious that he was still in the game.  His mother was so upset when he said that he’s been completely naked at least three times.  Desiree said that they didn’t need to worry; she hasn’t seen him naked yet ha ha! 



Desiree went off to chat with Zak’s mother and it went really well.  She told him that what she sees is what she gets.  She also seems to think that Desiree and Zak seem great together.  His sister questioned Desiree and they talked about how they started off as friends but now they are above and beyond “just friends”.  They seemed to get along great and Desiree had nothing to worry about with his sis.  Zak told his mother that he really loves Desiree and that it’s a “real love”.  It made his mother cry to see him so happy.



Later, his brother and sister sang a song that Zak wrote for her.  It made her cry so much!  It was very sweet, and a little weird.  As far as families go, Zak’s gets an A-plus.  He capped off the day by giving her a little box with a ring in it that he bought in Atlantic City and telling her he loved her.  He told her he didn’t want it to freak her out, and hopefully it didn’t!  He’s amazing.



Desiree headed to Scottsdale, Arizona to see Drew next.  They had some long passionate welcome kisses, and then he described how they would go meet his sister, and then later his mom and other siblings.  He said it would be the first time his dad would be going with him to his mom’s house. Yikes, let’s hope they all behave!



Drew’s sister has special needs and they went over to her group home to meet her.  She was so excited to meet Desiree, she was crying and yelling.  Drew told her that her hair looked pretty today and it was really cute.  She also told Desiree that she liked her hair.  Drew was so sweet and caring with his sister Melissa.  He treats her like she’s his own child.



They drove her to his mom’s house.  Desiree met his dad, mom, siblings, and nieces and nephews who were super adorable.  They had a nice outdoor meal.  Later, he spoke to his mother about how he thinks they are soul mates. His dad and Desiree chatted about her attraction to Drew and all the things that she likes about them.  Her dad asked her if she’s ever met an angel, and she said she didn’t think so, and he said yes you have, Melissa.  And, that just made Desiree cry and he clarified why Drew wanted her to meet Melissa and what makes her special to him.  Drew also shared with his mother that he’s ready to propose to Desiree.  His dad also gave him his blessing to propose to her and said that he would even throw a party. They are a wonderful, loving family. 



Before Desiree left, Drew told her that he loves her that he wants her to be a part of his life and that she fits right in and he can see their whole future together.  It was super sweet!



Chris had his date next in McMinnville, Oregon.  He took her to a baseball field where he started playing as a little boy.  They practiced their catching and hitting for a while and I just have to say that Desiree looked super cute in her baseball gear.  Chris was super impressed by her batting abilities and the fact that she “had an arm”.  She even picked him up and gave him an awkward piggyback ride.



They sat down in the middle of the baseball diamond and she had made a comic strip of sorts that recapped their time together to show him.  They did a little kissing and handholding, it was very sweet.



At Chris’ parents house his family gave them a warm welcome and just hugged like crazy.  She met his parents, two sisters, and brother.  They chatted about how Desiree messed her back up a little bit on one of their dates, and Chris’ chiropractor dad took her downstairs and put her on his table.  He cracked her back and then her neck, yow!  After that was done, they chatted about her feelings for Chris.  Yes, that’s how my chiropractic appointments go too, and adjustment and then heart-to-heart, totally normal.



Chris told his dad that he was super impressed with Desiree’s throwing abilities and he also got his blessing.  Oh, while he did that, he was getting a “nose adjustment” from his father.  He stuck this long thing up his nose with a condom thing over it and cracked it, and then Chris had a bunch of boogers in his nose…eww!  Why would he do that on TV?  Now crazy people are going to be looking for nose adjustments.



The sisters told Chris that they didn’t like his last girlfriend at all.  Hopefully they take it easy on Des!  She told his mother that she really admires all of the qualities he has.  It seemed a little emotional and the talk lasted a really long time.  He told his mother that he doesn’t see the issues like insecurity that his ex-girlfriend had with Desiree and he has never felt this way about someone before.  His mom seemed concerned that he wants to marry her already but did say that she did like her.  His mom was brought to tears by it all.  Despite her hesitations she just wants them to be happy and thinks they are both great people and when you put those together there’s no stopping it.



Desiree went to see Brooks and his family last in Salt Lake City, Utah.  When I look at Brooks, I just wish he would cut his hair!  He rushed over to see Desiree and she was clearly really excited to see him.  She said that she really loves him!  It’s a little scary that he still says that he’s trying to figure out his feelings for her.  He seems to be struggling with the lack of time with her.  It’s hard to fall in love with someone if you only see them like once a week or so.  She made him a rose out of paper and she had written all of the things they remembered about their times together.  Brooks added to the memories and it’s so cute, they finish each other’s sentences.



As the sun went down, they headed over for dinner at his parents’ house.  There were a lot of people waiting to meet Desiree there!  They all wore name tags for her too!  He has three sisters and two brothers.  He shared with his whole family that there’s more than just a chemistry connection and that surprised him.  His mother noticed that they were looking at each other with a “love look”. 



His mother sat down and chatted with her and she asked her if she has had enough time and she says that she has and rattled off a lot of the things she loves about him.  She told her that she sees the potential of marriage and loves getting some insight to that.  Brooks told his brother that she can totally “hang” with them and that she always looks for the best in people and he feels like they are on the same page.  His brothers asked him if he could make her happy for the rest of his life and he was like, “wow that’s a serious one”.  Yep!  It is!  His sister told him that he should always just want to be around her and with her because they are best friends.  He never said, “Oh that’s how I feel” or anything so I’m wondering what’s going on in that head of his!



Brooks’ mother told him that Desiree had questions that surprised her, like whether or not he’s ready.  He told his mom that he feels closer to that than he has, but he realizes he has some walls still up.  She wanted to also know what kind of a father and husband he would be and his mother assured him that he would be fantastic.  His mother gave her stamp of approval to him!



As Desiree left, Brooks said that he just didn’t want her to go again!  He really seems to be wanting more and more time with her.  He didn’t declare his love though.  Boyfriend is really making her work for it!  Sheesh!



Desiree’s jerky attitude-ridden brother Nate met up with her.  He’s got that same attitude; I mean dude, just have a little respect.  She told him about each of the remaining guys and said how much she likes them and Nate said that he wants to meet them and “get in their heads”.  She said, “No!” and that she doesn’t want him messing this up for her.  She thinks it went better than she expected, so she is considering letting him meet them.



Then it was time for roses.  Brooks got the first rose.  Mr. No I Love You’s gets the rose.  Next, Chris got a rose.  Lastly, Drew got a rose. Poor Zak!  He already had tears in his eyes even before she said it, but he looked very heartbroken.  The guys even commented how they didn’t think he saw this breakup coming.  He told her that everything he told her is real.  He said that he was completely shocked as Desiree sat beside him crying.  She told him that she thought he was great, but that she has stronger feelings for the other guys.  She told him that he deserves the ultimate love that’s out there, and she said that it was a beautiful gesture, but she was going to give him the ring back.  So she gave him the ring, he said he understood and that he just wants her to be happy.  UGH.  My heart is hurting for him.  As he drove on, he threw the ring out the window!  What?  Let’s hope it was CZ.



Next week, it’s “The Men Tell All” and then it’s time for the fantasy suite dates and something happens to make Desiree cry…let’s hope she doesn’t end up heartbroken after all this!



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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