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Conference Call with Desiree, Chris, Drew and Brooks!

If you had any remaining questions about what really went on this season of "The Bachelorette", I think this post will answer ALL of them for you.  Desiree, Chris, Drew and Brooks all took part in a conference call with reporters on Tuesday.  Here is the full transcript and my questions are in purple.  First up was Desiree and Chris, followed by Drew, and then lastly Brooks.  Happy reading!


Question:         I was wondering, you know, we found a little bit of your conversation, Desiree with Chris, about what happened when Brooks left at the end of the episode.  But I was wondering can you guys talk a little bit about the conversations that you had afterwards to kind of clear up what had happened there so that the two of you could move forward.


Desiree Hartsock:        Yes, I mean, I did expect for him during the proposal, everything that had happened with Brooks and I needed that, you know, I needed him to know that in order to move forward and be honest.


            Since the, like, since the proposal I guess I’ve – I don’t know we haven’t needed to rehash anything more.  He pretty much knows all the details and, you know, that didn’t bother him.


Chris Siegfried:           Yes, we’ve – we’ve really been focusing on or relationship now.  And, you know, that’s not something that everybody gets to see and, you know, I was glad that she was honest with me and that’s kind of where we wanted to start our relationship.  And, you know, that’s where we’re going now. 



Jennifer Matarese:       So, I was wondering if, Desiree, you plan to take Chris’s last name?


Desiree Hartsock:        I do, definitely.  I’m very traditional in that sense.  So, I will be a Siegfried.


Chris Siegfried:           Hey. 



Jennifer Matarese:       Also, if you have a favorite memory of your time together on “The Bachelorette?”


Desiree Hartsock:        Oh, that’s really good.  You know, there’s so many unique memories and also so many great times with Chris that, oh my gosh, I can’t even pinpoint just one.  I mean, obviously the proposal, of course. 


            Was there – I think that what also was nice for me was to see his hometown and to, you know, be on the baseball field with him.  To be honest that was a really great moment because I – I could see my future what it would look like with him.


Jennifer Matarese:       Same for you, Chris?


Chris Siegfried:           I, yes, I really enjoyed seeing her out there on the baseball field playing catch with her and watching her swing a bat.  I was very impressed and I think I expressed that quite a bit on the show that (everyone) (inaudible), yes.


Jennifer Matarese:       Thank you, guys.  Congratulations again.


Question:         So, Desiree, this questions for you, viewers have been wondering why you never told Chris that you had already eliminated Drew until the very last minute.  Because it seemed to suggest you weren’t confident Chris was the one for you or you were kind of looking to keep open the option that Brooks might come back.


            I mean, was that something where the producers wouldn’t let you tell him that Drew was gone or what was going on there?


Desiree Hartsock:        No, actually, I mean, I just didn’t want to put that added pressure on to him.  I never had any kind of hopes for Brooks to come back.  That had, you know, that ship had sailed. 


            So, I was just focused on my relationship with Chris.  And, you know, I wanted it to be the right moment and the right time to really express everything to him. 


            Yes, and I didn’t want to put that added pressure if he knew that he was the only one meeting my family or the only one that was still left.  So, I think it worked out nicely when he found out.


Question:         Hi, guys, so we’re wondering what has been the hardest thing about your relationship since the show wrapped besides the distance and – and the media attention?


Desiree Hartsock:        The hardest thing?  You know, to be honest I would say the hardest thing is just not being – like while we were in hiding, was just not being able to do normal couple things.  You know, go get a cup of coffee or just share my day with him, you know.


Chris Siegfried:           Yes, we want – we want to get back to exactly how we were before and just, you know, out in the public and enjoying ourselves and grabbing breakfast and coffee like she said and going on hikes, so.


Desiree Hartsock:        The hardest part was just being away and not being able to have that normalcy. 


Question:         Des, we see you describing California as your home.  What made you decide to move to (South) and so quickly as well?


Desiree Hartsock:        Yes, I mean, I have always loved California and that’s mainly because I haven’t had any roots anywhere with my family.  I’ve always been away from them and I think that I haven’t really, you know, I thought about living in other areas but I haven’t met someone that I wanted to spend my life with. 


            And I think once you find that you just, you know, you – you compromise and you make it work.  So, I want – I wanted to move to be with Chris.  And I think so quickly is because at first I was going to wait until the end of the year but we – we – after waiting for three months I mean, we realized that we missed each other too much and we just need to, you know, start out life together as soon as possible.



Question:         I was going to ask you if – what a – the cat is out of the bag and we know that you’re together, what dates nights are like now that you’re not climbing mountains or on boats in Antigua?  What is a perfect date night going to look like now?


Desiree Hartsock:        You know what?  We actually have our first date planned and that’s just a (inaudible) that’s just to explore Seattle and, you know, to take a walk, grab some breakfast.  And, you know, we don’t need the mountains and the – the helicopters.  We just need a good conversation and time together.  What do you think?


Chris Siegfried:           Yes, yes, that’s what, you know.  We’ve kind of drawn out our date in Seattle, our first date.  So, we’re – we’re both very excited to have that experience here shortly.  Yes.


Question:         Going back to kind of like the last (inaudible).  Desiree, this is kind of for you, what do you plan to do when you get to Seattle as far as your career if you’re, you know, obviously moving from California?  So You have any plans as far as what you’d like to do?


Desiree Hartsock:        Yes, I mean, my entire, you know, dreams since – for many, many years is to design my own bridal gown collection.  So, I mean, I can design anywhere I want to be and I can be creative.  So, that’s what I plan to do work on a jewelry line and a, you know, bridal line. 


            And just allow that time to really, you know, do what I love. 


Question:         Do you think you’ll design your own wedding gown?


Desiree Hartsock:        Definitely, yes, I will definitely design my own wedding gown.


Question:         This is a question for Chris.  Can you describe to us what was going through your mind when she stopped you right before you got down and proposed to her?


Chris Siegfried:           Yes, let’s see, well, I was getting down on one knee to propose and she so kindly brought me back up.  So, I was – at first, you know, wondering what it was that she had to tell me right at that instance. 


            You know, when I first walked up to her and saw her and saw her smile and – and she gave me a kiss.  I know that, you know, the next few minutes were only going to be positive.  So, I was just open to hearing what – whatever she had to say and I was a little nervous but, you know, in the end it actually ended up being great.


Question:         So, I have a question, you know, I –- I don’t know if this has to do with the editing or not but, you know, when Brooks left, as you said, you know, this is the end for me.  You said you wanted to leave. 


            And I think some of us are just wondering how you went from that dark place, you know, to getting engaged just a couple days later.  Can you – can you talk us through that a little? 


Desiree Hartsock:        Of course I mean, anybody can, you know, relate that in a heartbreak or in a break up or any type of rejection, the first thing you want to do is just be alone and you want to curl up in your bed and kind of, you know, eat a tub of ice cream.  And I didn’t have the opportunity to do that so I – I don’t know it’s – it’s a normal kind of thing to be hurt after a rejection.


            But the way I got past it is, you know, the feelings that come during this experience they’re very accelerated, just because I do get to know these guys pretty quickly.  I think that also is what helped me get past it pretty quickly is because I can’t make someone love me and so I wasn’t going to dwell on that but really take time to see the other relationships that I formed.


            And, yes, I was actually able to really just look beyond Brooks leaving and to see the good, you know, that was going to come from it. 


Question:         And Chris, why do you opted not to watch Brooks’ goodbye in full?


Chris Siegfried:           You know, that was something Des and I decided early on that, you know, the one nice thing or however you will take it for Des and I is that we’ve been able to build something very strong since the proposal.  And we decided early on that it was just best for her and I to do just, you know, for me to watch the parts that we shared together in all the episodes.


            And it really isn’t that hard for me to, you know, turn the T.V. after her and I – our date.  So…


Desiree Hartsock:        Yes, we weren’t going to let, you know, what had happened in the past really define what our future is going to be.


Chris Siegfried:           Yes, there’s no – there’s no real reason to bring up old feelings like that.  Especially, like she said, she was able to move on and at such an accelerated atmosphere.


Question:         Hi, guys, quick question of Chris, Des’ not been – been through this before with – with the scrutiny that comes – comes with being on this show.  How has it been for you so far if you can maybe talk about that?


Chris Siegfried:           You know, I – I’ve only had nothing but kind remarks.  People have been very, very nice.  But their words and their positive support and it – it’s been nice.  It’s been nice to have that following. 


            So, you know, going forward, we – I’m – I’m planning on dealing with it just the same way I would deal with anything else.  I’m going to, you know, I’m planning on focusing on our relationship and just supporting her and her supporting me. 


            And if people want to reach out and say hi, hope you guys are doing well, then that’s great, you know, there will be naysayers and that just is what it is that’s part of the – the nature of this.  But, you know, we’re both confident in what we have.


Question:         What I wanted to ask I actually have interviewed Sean and Catherine before and Catherine wanted you to win the whole time Chris because you were from Seattle. 


Chris Siegfried:           Go Seattle.


Question:         She actually said – and well, she tweeted last night Seattle for the win.  So, now that you guys are going to be living in Seattle any chance you’ll go on a double date with Sean and Catherine?


Chris Siegfried:           You know, that is a very good question.


Desiree Hartsock:        I mean…


Chris Siegfried:           Well, yes, Catherine and Sean don’t live in Seattle.


Desiree Hartsock:        But, I mean, they live in the neighborhood.


Chris Siegfried:           That’d be, you know, it’d be…


Desiree Hartsock:        I mean, it’d be interesting because, you know…


Chris Siegfried:           definitely an experience we – we all share together.


Desiree Hartsock:        I do – I do like them both and we, you know, I do speak to both of them.  So, that would be a possibility.


Question:         That’s really cool thanks.  And Catherine said she wants to have you at her wedding.  She told me that.


Chris Siegfried:           Aw.


Desiree Hartsock:        Aw, thanks.


Question:         I picked Chris, Des, I must say it, several weeks ago.


Desiree Hartsock:        I’m glad.


Chris Siegfried:           Hey.  (Inaudible).


Question:         And my question for you is what do you think your relationship will be with your bother (Nate)?


Desiree Hartsock:        Are you talking to me?


Question:         Has Chris spent much – yes, has Chris spent much time with him?


Desiree Hartsock:        No, they haven’t been able to, you know, spend much time but the time that he – my brother was able to meet Chris he really took a liking to him and has nothing but kind words to say.  I think my brother can see all that Chris is and what Chris means to me and I think that’s all that matters. 


Question:         Great, I do have another question, you guys will be – you’ve been in so many fantastic places where would you possibly honeymoon?


Chris Siegfried:           Good question.  Where should we go?  You know, we did like a lot of the places that we visited.


Desiree Hartsock:        I loved Spain. 


Chris Siegfried:           Yes, we both – we both really liked Spain.  So we could both see ourselves going back to Spain possibly.


Desiree Hartsock:        And you can never go wrong with like an island. 


Chris Siegfried:           Yes, so most likely something – something warm. 


Question:         Well, I not – actually have you guys set a wedding date yet?


Desiree Hartsock:        You know, we have discussed it and we would love to get married next summer.  We don’t have an exact date but we’re definitely planning it.


Chris Siegfried:           Yes, it’s in the making.


Question:         And a follow-up question for both of you what is your – the best love advice you can give? 


Desiree Hartsock:        Love advice. 


Chris Siegfried:           To keep an open mind and…


Desiree Hartsock:        An open heart. 


Chris Siegfried:           An open heart, yes.


Desiree Hartsock:        Also I think its really trying to see through the others eyes and not being, you know, allowing yourself to be selfless and I think that’s when you can, you know, have a balance in give in take and I think that’s what, you know, keeps a good foundation.  I’m sorry?


Question:         I was just wondering, you – you had said on the – after the rose I believe it was two weeks in Antigua-Barbuda and I was just wondering what was the time frame in terms of Brooks left and when you (inaudible) go on your next date?


Desiree Hartsock:        Well, Brooks – well, Brooks left and then the rose (inaudible) was the following day. 


Question:         OK.  And then – and then…


Desiree Hartsock:        It’s actually exactly how you thought.


Question:         OK.  OK.  And (inaudible) one more question, what would you – if your brother didn’t like Chris would you have listened to him or would you have just ignored?


Desiree Hartsock:        To be honest, I would have just taken his advice and his opinion but followed my own. 


Question:         Big fan of the show.  And I was just wondering so I know we’re talking about your brother and (inaudible) annoying but if there’s any – if you – how did you come to the decision that you are going to let Chris meet your brother when it changed so much on the last season on “The Bachelor”?  And a lot of people were really nervous to have Chris meet him so I was wondering how you – how you went about like coming to that conclusion.  Obviously he means a lot to you but I was just wondering why.


Desiree Hartsock:        He does and I do appreciate his opinion.  I think it was definitely different with Sean because it was Sean specific it wasn’t just like any guy in general.  And so when I met with my brother in LA I wanted to have that meeting in order to see if I even wanted him to be involved.  And when he was so supportive of me, you know, being the Bachelorette and making my own decision I knew that he would support me no matter what.  So I knew that he, yes, and, you know, Chris is such a great guy I knew that my brother would find nothing wrong with him. 


Question:         Hey guys, so you two are about take a huge step together we were wondering what makes you the most nervous about moving in together?


Chris Siegfried:           Good question. 


Desiree Hartsock:        Most nervous.


Chris Siegfried:           Well, she has a tendency to use my toothbrush. 


Desiree Hartsock:        No, I do not.  He just made that up.  I’m actually, I don’t have any nerves.


Chris Siegfried:           Yes, this is – we both feel very confident and comfortable with this decision. 


Desiree Hartsock:        Yes.


Chris Siegfried:           And we’re both very excited.


Desiree Hartsock:        I think it’s just the next step in our relationship and it can only get better. 


Question:         Hi guys, does you have any advice for Juan Pablo and could you talk about how he was on the show? 


Desiree Hartsock:        Yes, Juan Pablo is a very sincere like great guy, and I think he’s a good choice for a Bachelor.  Any advice?  I would just tell him to stay open and to really follow his heart and, you know, honestly take time out to reflect on his own feelings so that he doesn’t, you know, get caught up with too much just that, you know, it’s a lot of emotions to deal with.  So I hope that he can stay grounded and really find the love of his life because he does deserve it. 


Question:         So Jimmy Kimmel airs (inaudible) video last video about Des settling for her second choice in picking you Chris after Brooks left the show and while – while it kind of seems like that was the case Chris you seem generally OK with that and a lot of viewers are surprised at how, you know, at ease you are and how comfortable you seem about the situation.  Could you talk about that a little bit and Desiree could you share your own thoughts on that?


Desiree Hartsock:        Yes, oh do you want to go first?


Chris Siegfried:           Sure.  You know, I was – was confident the entire time in the relationship that Des and I were building, you know, and a lot of that stuff doesn’t air but that’s OK, and I just knew that going forward each and every day seeing Des was something that I could see in my future forever and so, you know, when Brooks ultimately decided to leave, that, you know, while – while that did play a little bit of a factor it didn’t really didn’t affect my decision making process.  I still knew that at the end of the day I wanted to be with Des and that’s what I was focused on. 


Desiree Hartsock:        Yes, and I mean – I mean, Chris was never a second choice.  I mean, there was still two weeks left even when Brooks left like he – I didn’t even have a date with him and those last two weeks if you talked to anyone like those are the most vital because it’s not just about quality is it’s really about picturing a life together and making sure it’s going to fit.


            So regardless of Brooks leaving or not and what was shown at my emotions and how strongly I felt, I still don’t know how it would have ended up, because Chris and always had a strong connection from the very first time we ever, you know, talked and I think it’s going to be nice for everyone to go back and watch that progress because that was definitely a natural progression.


Question:         Chris, I really want to ask you about your poetry.  When did this start, when did you become such an epic poet and why did you decide to share all them with us?


Chris Siegfried:           You know, poetry was something that I came across back in 2009 actually during baseball.  It was just an avenue for me to kind of get down on paper what I was feeling and, you know, the emotional highs and lows that baseball and being away from your family and relationships really brought. 


            So I started it back then, and coming on to the show, I – you know, I’ve since – I’ve done it since.  But coming on to the show – the show really caters to, you know, it created a side, if you do have a creative side it really does cater to that. 


            Because you have the time to reflect and, you know, if you do want to express those motions however you feel whether it’s through poetry or through songwriting like Zak you are able to do that.  And so, you know, it was something that just came natural for me to want to express to Des and it’s, you know, it’s something we still share every once in a while, it’s not like every day like it’s shown on the show. 


            Or once a week like it’s on the show but it is definitely a big part of our relationship because it’s just another form of, I guess our love communication if you will. 


Question:         What’s –who’s your favorite poet? 


Chris Siegfried:           I’d have to think about that.  I’m really good at writing it.  No. 


Desiree Hartsock:        My favorite poet is Chris Siegfried.


Chris Siegfried:           There you have it.


Question:         I was wondering are – does – you said that you’re definitely design your own wedding gown, I was wondering if you had an idea of what that might – what it might look like or if you can have – you know, creative idea as regarding that?


Desiree Hartsock:        Yes, I mean, my design style for bridal is a little bit more nontraditional though I do like the more vintage style that, you know, that the (inaudible) gown with either beading or lace, and kind of just romantic and subtle but still, you know, very elegant. 


Question:         OK, and one other question, would you attend Sean and Catherine’s wedding?


Desiree Hartsock:        Yes, if we were invited we definitely – we would definitely go. 


Question:         I just had another question I was wondering a lot of, you know, Bachelor and Bachelorette cast mates they get like offered like a lot more cheesy work and stuff afterwards and I know like (JP) and (Ashley) did like a follow-up show.  I was wondering if you guys would ever be interested in doing like a newlywed style reality show of, you know, showing your life now in reality in Seattle.


Desiree Hartsock:        I mean, honestly, I don’t think either one of us have a desire to pursue television.  You know, we both want to get to what we love to do with work and focus in our own relationship outside of TV.  But, you know, we’re still open to certain things if it caters to our career goals or, you know, and possibly a wedding, we still have (inaudible) to think about that but that’s the only type of TV things. 


Chris Siegfried:           We’re considering. 


Desiree Hartsock:        Yes.


Chris Siegfried:           At this point.


Question:         Desiree a question for you.  Some viewers are wondering why you would bother giving (inaudible) at the Rose ceremony if you were just going to kind of turn around and dump him, what seemed to be the very next morning when you two met up for your final date.  Could you explain that decision and do you almost regret offering (inaudible) that rose since he was probably feeling great about his chances after that?


Desiree Hartsock:        Sure, I mean, as you could see the rose ceremony happened the day after so I didn’t have much time to really collect my thoughts.  And so that rose ceremony I – I – I – there was no other option then to really give them both the rose and then take the time that day to really sort out my thoughts and so that’s why, you know, when I did reflect on each relationship the day that I, you know, the date I had with (Drew) I already – I knew, but I don’t think I could see a future so. 




Jennifer Matarese:       I was wondering what your family’s reaction was since they had met Desiree when they found out that, you know, you wouldn’t be bringing her back again?


Drew Kenney: You know, when they meet Desiree, they fell in love just as much as I did.  So there was a lot of – a lot of disappointment but, you know, their support never wavered.  And – and they just wanted me to be happy when it was all said and done. 


            And, you know, they thought that– that – that ending up with Desiree was – was what I wanted and they – they supported that.  But, you know, when it didn’t happen that way they hurt just as much as I did, but, you know, at the end it – when it was all said and done it was all about my happiness and so they – they – they didn’t care the outcome as long as I came out of it, you know, in good shape. 


Question:         Hey man, if you were in Chris’s shoes and Des had picked you, and you saw what happened with Brooks would you have stayed with her?


Drew Kenney: I would, you know, I’m sure that they had plenty of conversations that allowed her to explain herself and – and – and, you know, their connection was different than mine, you know.  Like she said she tried to take every relationship differently. 


            You know, it – it was a quick turn around and for her to go from such heartbreak to such elation in – in – in that engagement but I’m sure they had plenty of time to talk it over and – and they seem like they’re really happy so, you know, I’m happy for them.



Question:         You had a lot of good questions for Des during the act of the final rose.  One thing we didn’t see you ask was why she bothered to give you a rose at the rose ceremony if she was going just going turn around and send you home what seemed to be the very next morning when you two met up for your final date. 


            Did you ever talk to her about that and what were your own thoughts on that whole thing?  Did that almost make it hurt more in a way? 


Drew Kenney: No, that’s – that’s a very good question.  Actually that was, you know, as my list of questions that was on it.  And (inaudible) short and I didn’t get the opportunity to ask it, but you’re absolutely right. 


            That did confuse me I didn’t understand why, I was handed a rose and then turned around the next day (inaudible).  (Inaudible) to talk to her about that.  Once – once – once I (inaudible) I didn’t, you know, get to (inaudible) so, you know, unfortunately I didn’t get an answer for that question, but it did – it did – it did raise my eyebrow a little bit as far as what happened in the way of (inaudible). 


            Especially when she (inaudible) handed out the roses, you know, she had – she made this (inaudible) accept these unless you’re prepared to move forward.  Then so of course in accepting the rose I’ve, you know, there was trust there in knowing that this is what she truly wanted for me was for me to move forward.  When in all actuality that wasn’t the case.  


Question:         Hi, Drew.  I was just wondering when do you – when Des broke up with you, I thought you took it really well.  You were very gracious.  But was there any part of you that was kind of feeling angry?


Drew Kenney: No, you know, I didn’t have any anger towards her at all.  I understood that, you know, she was going through something very difficult and if – if she didn’t feel like she had that connection with me then I wasn’t going to sit there and try and convince her otherwise. 


            I think that, you know, this was something that she need to figure out on her own and even though I was so that – that in what I wanted that doesn’t necessarily mean, you know, that was there for her as well.  So, I wasn’t angry at all.  I –I – I understood what was going on and it’s just kind of how it – how it goes.


Question:         Good, good.  We were wondering do you think Juan Pablo will make a good Bachelor even though sincere he seemed a little bit girl crazy last night?  Why or why not?


Drew Kenney: You know, I think Juan Pablo is a great guy.  I know him really well and I got to know him in the house and, you know, I’ve talked to him post show and everything and he’s – he’s wonderful.  And he loves his daughter and he’s a family man and he’s definitely oriented in that direction.


            He is – I – I – I firmly believe that he is thinking about a future and he’s thinking about family.  So, will he make a good Bachelor in that sense yes.  Yes, I think that he will take it seriously. 


            I think that he will, you know, look at each one of his, you know, possible girlfriends, fiancé’s and with – with great – and he’ll handle it with great care.  I thin k–- I think that he will take it very seriously. 


Question:         We didn’t get to spend a lot of time a lot of time getting to know him so I what’s something we ought to know about him.  That, you know, the cameras didn’t catch or that you discovered through your friendship with him.


Drew Kenney: He’s – he’s very genuine, he really is and he’s honest and he’s sincere and, you know, the kind – the camera got his personality they got – they got he’s a pretty smooth guy.  They got his – his – his sense of humor but it – - what they didn’t see was that, you know, behind all that he actually is a guy that cares a lot. 


            And I think that the audience will be able to see that during his statements.  He – he does care and – and ultimately I think he wants what’s best for him and his daughter.


Question:         Absolutely and do you have a specific memory in mind or a habit that you saw of his?


Drew Kenney: No, I just – I remember him talking to his daughter everyday whether it be through Skype or through like text messages or something like that.  I just remember him constantly being around producers and – and asking to be able to talk to his daughter.


            Yes, he was constantly showing us in the houses pictures and – and – and telling stories and doing all these things and, you know, it was very clear how important she was to him. 


Question:         Drew, hey, we spoke with Chirs Harrison earlier and he had said that you would have made a very good Bachelor.  Were – were you ever thinking about possibly being in “The Bachelor”?  Were you ever in the running?  And then I have a follow-up right after that. 


Drew Kenney: You know, I – don’t know if I was ever in the running.  They keep that stuff pretty close to the vest.  So, I – if – if – if I was being considered or, you know, if – if any of that was – was happening I wasn’t really informed. 


            But, you know, as far as being the Bachelor, what that meant to me was the opportunity to – to find the person I believe I’m meant to be with more than anything else.  You know, going through this whole process what, you know, a little bit of a – a little bit of an elite thing for me.


            I really came – I really came to realize that there are – the qualities that I’m looking for and I’m ready to find them and I’m ready to settle down and start a family and – and – and start my future.


Question:         And my follow-up is what do you have in store now?  Do you – or is there something that you’re working in now?  Is there somebody that you’re seeing now?


Drew Kenney: No.  I – I haven’t – I haven’t began seeing anybody.  You know, this whole process and (inaudible) eventually making it as far as I did, they kind of put me in this, I don’t know if it was self-imposed lockdown or, you – you know, if it was making sure I didn’t give anything away. 


            But, you know, I haven’t begun talking to anybody yet.  And, you know, my next – is continue with my life.  And, you know, the most important thing for me has always been relationships in my life.


            So, staying close to my family, staying close with my friends and – and taking care of those things are – are most important to me. 


Question:         Hi, Drew.  I was wondering how hard was it to see Chris and Desiree together at the after the Final Rose Ceremony?  Did you, I mean, was that – was that difficult for you to see them together and engaged and happy?  Or had you already moved on at that point?


Drew Kenney: Hi, Ashley.  Well, to be completely honest Ashley, I haven’t seen the others things that I have seen there on stage.  When I – when I walked off stage I went – I went back to my dressing room and started to change and I had a live feed straight into what was going on on stage.


            So, but, you know, I did get to watch the others and I did – I did get to see how it ended.  And, you know, I’m happy for them.  I’m absolutely – I look at them and I see, you know, I – I see the outcome that she should have had. 


            And, you know, she – she – I have nothing but – but, you know, good thoughts and good hopes for them and for the future.


Question:         Drew, you’re such a good person it really comes through so I just wanted to tell you that first.  Also, I wanted to ask you have such great style where does you style since come from?


Drew Kenney: You know, I’ve – thank you very much.  I have been – it’s myself, I’ve been working in the fashion industry for a while.  And I’ve been kind of modeling and acting (inaudible).  So, I just (inaudible) a few things along the way and then, you know, just kind of pieced it together. 


            There wasn’t I think they, you know, in particular that, you know, anywhere in particular that I got it from I just kind of, you know, by being involved in the fashion industry you – you – you kind of see it and, you know, I took great pride in – in how I look.  So, I wanted to – so I didn’t want to deviate from that at all.


Question:         Well, it worked.  And then a follow-up question to what you just said then is so are you interested in remaining in front of the cameras and if you were ever asked to be a Bachelor again would you want to be?


Drew Kenney: Interested in remaining in front of the cameras I don’t know.  Right now it’s I just – I want to focus on the relationships in my life and my family and my friends and that kind of stuff. 


            It’s hard being the Bachelor.  I think they made a great choice in Juan Pablo.  He is – he’s a great guy and, you know, it will be an exciting season to watch and I’m really pulling of for him.  I really hope that he finds – finds the girl that he wants and – and – and it ends happily and in an engagement.


Question:         I just had a quick question, again about “The Bachelor”, so last season we saw (Ari) show up to like mentor Sean, to like teach him how to kiss, to give him advice.  And, you know, this season and “The Bachelorette” we saw Desiree’s girls show up. 


            Would you be interested in appearing in the next season and maybe, you know, helping Juan like check out all his contestants, see who’s, you know, good for him and stuff? 


Drew Kenney: Sure.  You know, Juan could probably give me pointers to be completely honest.  But, you know, as far as being involved in the future in the show and all that, you know, it was such a great experience. 


            And I’ve made so many good friends throughout the process that, you know, if they – if they called me and asked me if I wanted to be involved in showing up or – or – or whatever, you know, I would definitely be – be paying attention.  I would listen – I would listen for sure.  


            As far as me giving pointers or – or anything like that to Juan, he doesn’t need it.  He will be just fine.




Jennifer Matarese:       Hi, Brooks.


Brooks Forester:          Hello, how are you?


Jennifer Matarese:       Hi, great.  How are you?


Brooks Forester:          I’m good.  I was on the line earlier but I just sat there and no one was on. 


Jennifer Matarese:       Well, you’re here now and we can all hear you.  So, I was wondering if you were still confident in your decision, especially after, you know, meeting with Desiree on the After Final Rose last night?


Brooks Forester:          Yes, I – I know made the right decision and that was about being honest with Desiree and with myself.  And that conversation and the breakup, as difficult as it was and as bad as it hurt, you know, I – I just don’t know how I can live without being honest. 


            So, I look back and say I know that’s the right decision and I knew that was the right decision going into that conversation with her.


Jennifer Matarese:       And were you surprised when she was engaged to Chris?


Brooks Forester:          Not entirely.  I was – I had time to consider all the options of what might possibly be the outcome.  So, not entirely but, you know, I – I’m excited for them I wish them the best.  And, you know, as I said last night it was apparent that Desiree had those feelings for Chris and I – I know had those feelings for her. 


            No, I love Chris I think he is a genuine – he’s a genuine person and very great guy.  So, I think Desiree, you know, got what she deserves a great guy.  So, I couldn’t be happier for him. 


Question:         Good, so there was a report that came out recently that you regretted leaving Des almost immediately after you took off.  I guess was that actually eh case and if so when did you stop feeling that regret?  And was there ever a moment in between when you did consider coming back?


Brooks Forester:          I’m sorry, could you repeat the question?  You cut out a little bit?


Question:         Oh, no problem.  I just said that there was a report that came out recently that you regretted leaving Des immediately after you took off.  I wanted to know if that was actually the case and if so when did you stop feeling regret?  And was there ever a moment in between that when you did consider coming back?


Brooks Forester:          No, that was never – never an option and never – never my feelings after making that decision.  I’ve – I felt like I make the right decision going into that.  I didn’t have a moment where I felt I should go back and – and rehash things out with Desiree. 


            You know, was there – was there immediate things that I missed about here and was I sad to see that relationship come to a close?  Yes, I think after the conversation and my interview with the producers I was beyond sad.  You know, sad to see that relationship end. 


Question:         OK, sure, and spoilers has circulated all season claiming you were the last man standing and got engaged to Desiree.  How was it dealing with that all season and when you talked to Des last night it came across like you actually hadn’t known she ended up with Chris?  So, is that really what happened because a lot of viewers are surprised that you didn’t know how it ended.


Brooks Forester:          Yes, I – I honestly did not know how it ended.  I was – I didn’t – I still haven’t seen the show.  I still haven’t seen what happens.  So, you know, I was held in sequester yesterday while the show aired, then knowing that I didn’t know the ending. 


Question:         OK and what about the spoilers did you – were you aware…


Brooks Forester:          Yes, the last two months have been – have been difficult there, you know, everybody assumes that we’re together and has a conversations with me and I don’t like eluding to anything, you know, I have to play a very fine line and, you know, say oh just watch the season and, you know, I hope the best for, you know, Des and myself and everyone involved.  And that’s just not a comfortable line to tow, so I’m glad that that’s over, I’m really glad to see the end of this shooting come to an end. 


Question:         So, if you had known how into you Desiree was would it have changed your decision? 


Brooks Forester:          You know, I thought about that, and, you know, at the time I was – the first time I knew that she loved me was when she told me on the dock.  That was the first time I had heard it from her, the viewers were able to see that she had those feelings prior – prior to myself so in the moment, you know, I had asked her (inaudible) sooner.


            And that was a comment referring back to conversation that we had where, you know, I had told Desiree that I would promise to wear my heart on my sleeve and to put her first before everything including the show and should I say something that the producers and our editors don’t enjoy well – or feel that its revealing then they can cut that out. 


            And I’ll allow them to do their job as editors and producers and I will do everything I can to make this as real and as genuine as possible.  And try to be as communicative as possible. 


            So I, you know, in long about way the answer is no, I – it’s about my emotional process and me figuring out how I feel, (inaudible) Desiree deserves to be in love with someone that is equally in love with her.  So she was at that point great, now I need to get there.  And I just wasn’t there yet. 


Question:         Hey, good – so I think what a lot of people liked about – I mean, if there’s anything to like about that sort of dramatic breakup scene was that you were honest about how weird this whole process is and that you’re expected to fall in love so quickly, and get engaged that quickly. 


            So can you talk about like how difficult it was to decipher your true feelings from the entire sort of (inaudible) around you with the dramatic dates and all that stuff. 


Brooks Forester:          Yes, it takes a moment to justify in your brain all the (inaudible) that are going on, the fact that she is dating 25 other guys is something that may be used – warm me up to that idea when you are coming on the show.  And knowing that that’s the premise of the show, however actually being on the show with the guys while feelings develop is entirely a different story.  And it can be difficult to fall in love with the moment.  Does that make sense? 


Question:         Yes.


Brooks Forester:          So, you – the moment and the – I mean, the dates are so grand and amazing and you only see her in those moments, it is difficult to really decipher exactly how you feel.  Are you falling in love with her or are you falling in love with that moment? 


            And so, for me, I really wanted a window to the outside world per say this – I see this relationship working after this whole journey together and that’s what I was most concerned with.  I wanted to make sure that those words, you know, I love you are genuine and sincere and that I can fully back that up.  Six months, a year from now, instead of just in that moment. 


Question:         Props for you giving that.  And then you said earlier that you were not entirely surprised that she was with Chris but like – really don’t you think it’s kind of weird she got engaged after having that intense, you know, break up with you? 


            Like she said to you, you know, that you asked her what she was going to do next and she said she didn’t know because she had envisioned her future with you, so that must’ve taken you somewhat by surprise, no?


Brooks Forester:          Yes, because to say there was no surprise at all would be a stretch.  I don’t know what her process was.  You know, I wasn’t there to see what exactly it is that she was realizing and going into that conversation I was hoping she was somewhat conflicted. 


            So, you know, maybe she’s really conflicted between Drew, Chris, and myself and my bowing out will make this decision easier for her.  So I guess in retrospect I am a little surprised, but not entirely, but I don’t know what she was going through prior to that moment and having me gone if that created clarity for her or more confusion, either or. 


            I’m just not sure.  That’s a really hard question (inaudible).  I don’t know.  (inaudible) those are the conclusions that I came to.  She could’ve been thinking anything and she didn’t communicate that to me. 


Question:         Hi, Brooks.  Based on producing and editing, it really came across that you were the frontrunner early on.  Did you ever feel like you were the frontrunner and that this was kind of yours to lose?


Brooks:            In the beginning, I had the first date–I had the first date so early on I had more time than any of the other guys, so I knew that I was in a situation that was going to be difficult because my next time with her to rekindle the connection that we established on the first date was going to be longer than anybody else. 


            So I did feel that I had–as you say–the position of a frontrunner early on due to my position in the dates.  I don’t think after others had their dates that I was any further along than either of them.  I think once everybody started to get their time that we were all put onto even playing field to some degree. 


Question:         And then a follow up.  What are you doing right now with our life?  What’s going on?


Brooks Forester:          Oh, I’ve been working on a couple different projects.  I work at Fit Marketing.  I work as a – in sales.  I do (inaudible) audits for new customers and then I have a little company that we’ve been working on two years.  I call it a project because its, you know, its still in its infancy and we basically help recycle old shoes and help (inaudible) to raise money to provide new shoes for those who don’t have them. 


Question:         And are you dating anybody right now?


Brooks Forester:          No, I’m not.


Question:         Hey, Brooks.  Since you’re not dating anyone right now, would you consider, you know, (inaudible) The Bachelor or were you disappointed that you weren’t picked to be the next Bachelor?


Brooks Forester:          You know, after watching Desiree firsthand and the process that she went through, emotionally taxing, there was some discussion early on and when they had asked me initially my response was no. 


            We had multiple conversations about it and they said, “We think we’re going in a different direction anyway,” so that there wasn’t much to consider for me in that arena so that decision was pretty easy.


Question:         Hi, Brooks.  You touched on this a little bit, but this is obviously a very unusual situation.  I mean, Des was dating other guys and there was this kind of pressure of the cameras and everything. 


            Do you think that if you had met her in a bar or something or through friends and had a relationship off screen that it could have developed more naturally?


Brooks Forester:          Well, Desiree had been there before so I felt like she had an understanding as how to be herself early on.  I think I was the one doing the learning there so I don’t think that the situation would change things entirely. 


            I think the outcome would have been the same just based on who we are as individuals and what it is that she’s looking for and what I’m looking for.  You know, and like I said before, I just – after putting everything into that relationship and it–the pieces started to not come together–you know that was really emotional for me to really put my heart out there and to really try to make that relationship work and then to just not feel that click that I felt like I needed and have felt before. 


            This isn’t the first time I’ve been in love and, you know, I’ve felt that before so I know how to recognize it and I just didn’t feel that in the relationship so I don’t think it would change the outcome.


Question:         OK.  When did you definitely decide to leave?  Had you decided before you went to speak to your mom and your sister or was it after speaking to them it gave you clarity?


Brooks Forester:          My family acted as my first sounding board in Salt Lake, when we had our first date, and I think they had asked me some of the hard questions that I wasn’t asking myself at that point and so it gave me some time to kind of identify what I was already feeling and so (inaudible) and talking to my sister and my mother–it was just a way for me to be more confident in the decision that I had made. 


            I had made the decision to go and talk to Desiree I just didn’t want to regret it later on so since my family was such a good sounding board the first time, I figured, Hey I’ll go talk to them again and see their thoughts on this decision.  It was really just a (inaudible) that I was doing the right thing and I had worked out my emotions and was looking at things in a healthy, you know, with a healthier perspective. 


Question:         So what I was wondering, you know, obviously you said you haven’t seen Desiree in a couple months at this point so last time you would have seen her she was, you know, sitting on the dock crying, the next time you see her she’s like happily engaged to someone else.  Are you happy for her and for Chris?


Brooks Forester:          Yes, as I said before I mean, they seem looking for love and they found that and Desiree and Chris both are amazing individuals in the fact that they found that they’re comfortable with each other and comfortable with their decisions that they’ve made and feel like they can back up the words I love you to each other and commit to that relationship is something to be celebrated and I am extremely happy for them. 


            You know, the phrase is often thrown around, you know, he or she deserves to be loved, you know, I think the less that people who don’t deserve to be loved would be a lot shorter.  You know, so the fact that they’ve found it is – is awesome everyone deserves that. 


Question:         Great.  And if they invited you to their wedding, would you go? 


Brooks Forester:          That’s a really good question.  (Inaudible) putting me on the spot (inaudible) can’t tell I’m blushing.  I – I don’t think so.  Out of respect for – for Chris and for Desiree that would just feel like it would be awkward. 


I my self would – would go if they were entirely comfortable, but that’s – that’s a weird circumstance. 


Question:         Juan Pablo was one of the fan favorites that we barely got to know so we’re wondering what’s something we don’t know about him was he known for something amongst the guys in the house while you were filming?


Brooks Forester:          Yes, I think Juan Pablo is known as the kind of the neutral guy in the house, he is kind of Switzerland (inaudible) or Sweden if you will, he would –yes, was always in kind of a neutral – neutral position and if there was a conversation or debate or something Juan Pablo usually took the neutral position and maybe that’s something that you don’t know.  I’m trying to think what else…


Question:         Is there like a funny behind the scenes memory that you have or…


Brooks Forester:          I think that’d be a question for (Michael).  (Michael)’s got (inaudible) he remembers every little detail, I myself I, you know, (inaudible) Pablo weren’t the closest in the house, I didn’t spend a ton of time with Juan Pablo and I’m a bad one to ask on that.  I – I …


Question:         So, you know, Des obviously insisted she was in love with but do you think she was really in love with you or just thought she was?  If she was able to fall in love and get engaged to Chris only a couple of days later.


Brooks Forester:          Yes, I think there’s some possibility that she as well may have felt some pressure to express exactly how she felt about me and maybe after this situation realized that, you know, those feelings were there.  But that doesn’t take away from the relationship that she was developing with Chris and was able to see that a little bit more clear after having put that away and say OK, I’ve come to the conclusion that that’s not going to happen. 


            That would be tough.  You know, a tough decision and tough thing to move on from so quickly because, you know, I was cautious and in using those words I love you because I knew what that meant.  And – and I think it’s very – those should be heavy words I – for someone who maybe you don’t – if you don’t know if they – they are going to reciprocate those feelings that can be a heavy three words for the receiver of those words. 


            So I just wanted to make sure when I, you know, when I vocalize those three words that they were going to be received well and – and she would, you know, be comfortable with hearing that.  I don’t know if that answers your question, I realize I – I – I babble sometimes. 


Question:         No, that’s OK.  I guess that’s a good segue into my next question.  Based upon your breakup conversation with Des a lot of viewers along with Chris Harrison have said they think you do a very poor job of articulating your feelings to the point where they’re wondering if that’s actually a personality trait of yours rather than just a conversation you simply struggled with because of the circumstances on the show. 


            I just want to get your response to that, like would you say your struggle to express yourself on the show isn’t really representative of how you talk to through personal issues in everyday life?


Brooks Forester:          I think emotions are difficult to articulate.  Period.  And I mean to say what I – what I feel.  And I don’t think that that’s always the case.  I think at times people say what it is they think people want them to say or say what sounds good, and it is yes, it can be difficult and (inaudible) your emotion and then putting that into words all the time. 


            So yes, if that is the rumor about Brooks Forester that I have a hard time articulating my emotions then sure and I’m OK with that.  You know, had – had my – had my conversation with Desiree on the beach been, you know, mapped out and articulated. 


            And presented like a politician, I don’t think it would be taken very, you know, as sincere.  So I guess that just eliminates all the other options, the process of elimination I guess it must be characteristic of mine. 


Hugs, Kisses, & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese 



I do not totally agree with Brooks, although wow he seems intelligent! I think being on this show is very unnatural and it would be very different from meeting someone in "real life" and could definitely affect feelings and emotions. I would think many men would have a hard time letting go, and feeling that click, knowing there are a bunch of other men dating the same woman in the same house. I am shocked it works out as often as it does, even though it rarely works out! I also want to say that Des and Chris are adorable together and I couldn't see her with anyone else from that house!

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