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Desiree Finds Love! The BEST 'Bachelorette' Finale EVER

This is truly the first finale, where I really felt like I didn’t know what to expect!  We left off last week with Brooks breaking Desiree’s heart, and he said he didn’t love her and didn’t think that would change.  This week, the second part of the finale started off with Desiree reflecting on what Brooks said to her back in her room and crying.  Chris Harrison came by to meet her and talk about the situation.  It was apparently the following day, or so it seemed.  Chris Harrison tried to make the case for Drew and Chris (especially Chris) and said that they are there for her and love her, and Desiree just seems to have discounted them already.  The heart wants what the heart wants.  Still, she decides to spend some more time with Chris and Drew to really explore her feelings for each of them and see if she could love either of them.  Aw!  She has a rose ceremony coming up where she would have eliminated the guys to the final two, and she says she doesn’t know what she is going to do with that rose ceremony.




Then, the rose ceremony was upon us.  Chris and Drew showed up knowing nothing about what Desiree had just gone through with Brooks.  Chris Harrison explained that Brooks was not there, but said that Desiree would give them all of the details.  She came out and told them both that Brooks left, but that she didn’t want his leaving to affect her relationships with both of them, so she offered them both the roses.  I think that the guys’ hearts were breaking watching her cry and telling them not to accept the roses unless they really meant it.  Chris and Drew both said in their separate interviews that they love her and they would never leave her. 



Desiree decided to hold off on having the guys meet her family, and decided she would have her final dates with them first.  So, Desiree rode up on a horse to meet up with Drew.  Drew rode alongside her down to the beach.  After their ride, they sat down and Drew told her how much he loved her.  Desiree said that she needed to talk to him, and she told him that the past few days were a struggle with her heart and her mind.  She said that she would be so lucky to have him in her life but (don’t you hate that but!) she said she doesn’t know if she sees their futures together because she’s not there 100% for him.  Drew took a very deep breath and said that he didn’t see that coming as he wiped away a tear.  She said that she just knows and she’s sorry.  He thanked her for being honest and didn’t know what else to say.  He was so understanding!  He’s really an incredible guy. 



Drew said that he was crush and confused.  He didn’t see himself coming out of this whole process without her.  He genuinely seemed like he was ready to marry her and would have actually done it, but he said, “When it was all said and done, she just didn’t want to be with me.”



Chris showed up for his final date.  They were going on a catamaran ride!  Desiree actually seemed really excited to see him!  She needs to focus on him and just forget about the whole Brooks situation.  He’s a fantastic guy, and would be my pick for her.  On the boat, they had a fantastic time together!  They were kissing and laughing and just seemed adorable together!



Later, Desiree met Chris at his room.  Chris made a toast to them and then went into a whole speech about how much he loves her and how he wants to be with her.  Chris told her that every time he hangs out with her he never feels like they take a step back.  He also asked her if she wanted him to meet her parents and she told him that she did want him to meet them.  Then went into his bedroom (woo woo) and he gave her a journal that he wrote her a little message in and wrote a quote in for her.  In the back of the book was a compilation of poems he wrote for her.  This guy is too good to be true! 

Desiree says she feels so lucky, she is falling in love with him, and she can’t believe that she hasn’t loved him right from the beginning and it brought her to tears!  Wow!



During the live show, Sean and Catherine gave a little update on themselves and said that the wedding would be soon, but that there is no wedding date yet.  Sean even said that he’s even more in love with her now than he was when he proposed to Catherine.  They were shocked about this season and said they felt bad for Desiree.  Jackie from last season said that she is shocked that Brooks left and that Desiree seemed to really want to be with him when Desiree met with her earlier in the season in Portugal.  Lesley from her season of “The Bachelor” said that she seems happy with Chris, so she thinks she’ll be happy with him if that is who she ends up choosing.  Lindsay said it’s hard to watch Desiree go through this and she thinks that deep down she may still be in love with Brooks.  We would all find out soon.



The following day, Chris showed up to meet Desiree’s family.  Keep in mind; he still doesn’t know that Drew is gone!  So, Chris was a little nervous, especially to meet Desiree’s brother, Nate.  Chris told them that he was skeptical at first, and he thought that she was beautiful at first, but he wanted to make sure that they could really have a relationship.  He said he’s confident that Desiree would choose him and that he’s 100% ready to propose.  Nate asked a lot of hard questions to Chris.  Desiree was a little worried that her brother could ruin everything for her.  It seemed hard for Desiree to hear Chris talking about how he would handle possibly being rejected by her.  Chris asked her dad if he could have his blessing to marry Desiree and he was just glowing when he asked.  His dad gave his permission!  Chris was elated.  He added that he thought Chris was a great fit for her.




Desiree sat down and spoke with her brother about Chris and said that “in this moment” he’s the one that she wants to marry.  Nate urged her not to settle, but he thought that Chris would be a right choice for her.  He said that he’s concerned that she really liked Brooks and thought that she might be hurt and disappointed.  She seemed like she was going to cry, but said that she was sort of over it.



It’s the final day at last and Chris is preparing to propose to Desiree.  So he went and met with the man, Neil Lane!  He sat down and picked out what I believe was an ascher cut diamond ring.  Desiree looked absolutely beautiful in her pinky peach dress.  Desiree said that she never thought that she would be so lucky to have a handsome prince waiting for her and ready to propose.  She says she can’t believe how lucky she is to find someone who loves her as much as she loves them.  She said thought that she still doesn’t know what she is going to do.  She apparently does plan to tell Chris the truth about how she felt about Brooks and is worried that will change his feelings.  Oh my goodness.  I am dying inside as I watch this!!!



The limo pulled up, Chris took a deep breath, got out and started his long walk to Desiree.  He finally admitted that he was feeling super nervous.  He said it would mean the world to him to hear her say “I love you” to him.  He started off talking because she basically just stood there.  He gave a really great speech about how he feel in love with her and about how he wanted them to make decisions for their future together.  Before he could get down on one knee, she stopped him.  He was really upset and seemed like he was going to cry.  She admitted that Drew left days ago.  She said that she was torn apart by Brooks leaving because she loved him, she said that she feels that she was so blindsided by Brooks that she couldn’t see what she needed was right in front of her.  She told him that she loves him so much! 

Then, he kissed her, and said that he’s confident 100% and asked her if she wanted to grow old with him, have kids, and share their future together, and he got down on one knee and proposed!  Desiree said YES!!!!!  Hooray!   They are AMAZING together!!!!



But wait, she offered him the final rose, and of course he said yes!!! She also asked him if he wants to grow old with her and he said yes, and she said she’s going to hold him to that!  This is my most favorite ending EVER!   PS. Looks like a certain spoiler site might be finished after this one.  They were wrong, wrong, wrong!  Hooray for that!  I personally think spoilers ruin the whole experience!





It’s my favorite part, time to catch up with the happy (we hope) couple.  Chris Harrison was like, “Can you believe what you just saw?”  Chris Harrison said it really was the most dramatic ending ever, until next season! 



Desiree came out and said that she’s so excited to finally tell everyone!  She was wearing her gorgeous engagement ring.  As for Brooks, she basically thinks it was the thrill of the chase.  She said that she was always falling for Chris as well, but she kind of maybe had him on the back burner for a while when Brooks was still around.



Brooks came out to face the music.  He said he was nervous to see her.  He said watching it back he tried to put a lot of it out of his mind and a lot of feelings had resurfaced.  He said it was hard to watch the whole process.  Brooks basically chalked the whole thing up to her making him feel good in the moment, but then those feelings leaving as soon as he wasn’t around her.  He said that he wished he would have really noticed the way he was feeling sooner.  Desiree told him that after he left it was “actually really good” because she was able to learn more about the other relationships and she told him that she is engaged to Chris.  Brooks said “Congratulations” and that he’s not entirely surprised because he saw the way she looked at him during group dates and during the rose ceremonies.



Drew came out next to see Desiree and get some closure.  Drew said that he’s finding his happiness again although watching the last few episodes has been really, really hard for him.  He was looking forward to a great date with Desiree that day and they never really got that date going because she broke up with him pretty early on that day.  He said that he kind of saw it coming but he was trying to correct it and try to get things back on course but he obviously couldn’t.  He said that he was happy that she found what she was looking for and that Chris is a great guy.  He said that he can smile knowing that she got what she was looking for.  Drew asked her if he could have done anything differently and she said no, and that it wasn’t anything that he did wrong.  Drew said that he would always be there for Desiree.



Finally, at last, Chris came out and joined Desiree on stage.  He said that he couldn’t be happier.  He said from the top of the hotel right after the dodge ball date, he just knew.  Even despite Brooks, he said that everything she said about him being the greatest man she’s ever met made him realize that she was in for the long haul.  He said he can fully trust their love 100% and they’ve been building their love ever since the show as well.  They watched their proposal together for the first time and it was just so sweet.  They really are in love!  They both had tears in their eyes!



Desiree announced that she is moving to Seattle this weekend!  Wow that’s a big move!  She said that she just wants to be with him.  They also got their own new place to have a fresh start.  He said that he didn’t want to bring her into a life that he started he wanted them to create it together.  He said that his family knows about the engagement and they are so excited.  He gave her a frame of all of the roses that were dried from the roses that she gave to him at the rose ceremonies and he read a poem called “My Girl” that he wrote.  It was very sweet! 



Chris Harrison finally announced that the next “Bachelor” would be Juan Pablo.  Um, seriously?!  I’m shocked.  I had a sneaking suspicion they might go with him, but I’m not a fan, yet.  I want to give him a chance, but I just don’t see him as a sensitive type of guy who really is looking for love.  He seems more interested in finding a step-mother for his daughter, which I’m also getting sick of them dragging kids into this process.  It adds a huge element of seriousness that I think is just a little too much, but then again, look at Jason and Molly Mesnick.  I would have preferred Drew for sure.  Oh well.  Hopefully he will be a great “Bachelor” when it begins all the way in January!  That’s such a LONG wait!




Don’t forget, you can watch Desiree and Chris on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” tonight, “Good Morning America” and on “Live with Kelly and Michael” on Tuesday morning.  I’ll be interviewing them right after that and posting it here for you!  It’s been a fantastic season and thanks for sharing it with me!




Hugs, Kisses, and Roses,

Jennifer Matarese










Love this Jennifer. Love your posts. I loved Chris from beginning also. I am not a JP fan at all. I agree with you. Enough with the single parents. They needed a minority and they got it. I dont think I will watch. So disappointed.

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