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Clare vs. Nikki on 'The Bachelor'

This week’s episode began with Juan Pablo saying goodbye to his daughter Camila as he got ready to travel the world. 


Chris Harrison announced to the 13 ladies still remaining that they would be traveling to Seoul, South Korea.  They had just one hour to pack and get ready for their flight.



Girls learning dance
Juan Pablo arrived first and took in some of the sights of the city.  Meantime, the ladies landed and got to see their amazing hotel suite where they would be staying.  The first date card arrived for Chelsie, Cassandra, Elise, Danielle, Kat, and Nikki.  It read, “Pop”!  That could mean anything!  Nikki said she was bummed that she was half way around the world and had to spend her time with girls she finds “quite annoying.”



Nikki started off the date by seeming really annoyed, but we’ll see if she’s able to turn on the charm once Juan Pablo is around.  They are going to dance with the biggest K-Pop group “2NE1”.  Nikki said she’s terrible at dancing, but she tried to make the most of it.  Kat meanwhile, can dance at a professional level and could really impress him.  The ladies learn that “2NE1” has a big show that evening and that they are going to be in part of the show!  Some ladies were excited, some were not.  I think we all know who.




They showed up at a mall and “2NE1” arrived and they all got on stage.  The fans went wild and the ladies did the best they could and it looked pretty good!  Juan Pablo was proud of them.  He thought they all did a great job.  Nikki was obsessed with getting time alone with Juan Pablo and finally smiled once she got to stand next to him while they took a picture.  She needs to calm down already!



In the evening, Juan Pablo finally got a chance to talk to Kat about how she is about more than just having a great time and how she wants him to get to know her deeper.  She talked about her parents’ divorce when she was a little kid.  It got really depressing at times.  Yeah, don’t worry Kat, I doubt he thinks you’re all about fun after your chat.



Back at the circle of ladies, no one was talking!  They all just sat there in silence like they were in a waiting room or something.  Elise spoke to Juan Pablo about who she thought would be a good mother and who wouldn’t without naming names.  He assured her that he was keeping his eyes open. 




Nikki told him that it’s hard for her to open up when all of the other girls are around.  Juan Pablo asked if there is anything he could have done to make her more comfortable, but she said “no” it’s just the situation and it’s not easy.  She told him that she was really excited to see him that day and was even a little giddy to see him.  He asked her how she felt about him having Camila, and she said that she loves kids and that is why she chose to work with children as a pediatric nurse.  She thought the talk went really well.  They ended their chat with a kiss.  She ended up getting a date rose so that worked out!




Back at the hotel, another date card arrived.  It was for Sharleen and said “Are you my Seoul mate?”  She said she hoped it meant that they would explore Seoul together.  She seems a little unsure of their connection so I think it’s good that they get some time alone together to figure that out.




Sharleen went into the date a little skeptical, while Juan Pablo went into it really hopeful.  They walked around a public market where they saw pig snouts, fish, and all kinds of weird things.  It was really cool when they looked at the clothing.  Juan Pablo got a traditional dress for Camila.  They even tried some of the unusual foods. 




Later, they went to a tea house where they could sit and chat.  They talked about how she started singing opera and he kind of pressured her into performing for him.  She was really nervous but she went outside and started singing.  She said that she has opened up way more than she ever thought she would to him.  They started to kiss and I’m sorry, but watching them kiss is just a little gross.  He bit her lip?! 



At dinner, they talked about how similar they were and Juan Pablo seemed to really be falling “in like” at least with her.  She talked about how she cried the first 6 months she lived in Germany because she missed everyone and everything she was used to.  Juan Pablo said that coming to America felt a little like that to him too.  He asked her how many kids she wanted and she said, “That’s a whole other topic.”  Yikes!  What does that mean?  He said that well, “I have a daughter,” which of course she knew.  She told him that she’s very career focused and that, including her relationships, was on the back burner.  She admitted that she had a problem dating a man who had a four-year-old daughter before and that she really couldn’t handle that they wouldn’t be experiencing that first together.  Juan Pablo said that he had a great date with her but he appreciated her honestly and still offered her the rose.  Wow.  I didn’t expect that.  He said that he thinks that if she took time off from work to be on the show and that means she looking for love and a family.  I don’t know where he got that from, she flat out told him that she didn’t really ever think about having a family.




The remaining ladies met Juan Pablo to explore Seoul and do some crazy activities.  They began their day with karaoke.  They seemed to have fun there and then took some silly pictures, and moved on to  some paddle boats. 


Then they walked into a spa where they had those little fish eat the dead skin off their feet.  Gross.  Apparently, it tickles quite a bit! It was so funny because they all attacked Renee and loved her feet! Ha-ha!




The ladies started to notice how Clare latched onto Juan Pablo and wouldn’t let go.  She told him she didn’t like octopus and of course, he took her to try a piece.  She ate it in the end, but the ladies were upset that she seemed to be monopolizing his time with her silly antics.



Once the sun went down, they settled in to have some cocktails and Juan Pablo started to make the rounds chatting with the women.  Renee was up first, and she really wanted to get out of the friend zone and kiss him.  She flat out asked him, and it turns out the problem is that he doesn’t want to kiss too many girls and said that he really didn’t want to kiss any girls that night.  Wow, ok.  How about you just don’t kiss the other six then?



He and Andi had a funny conversation where they called each other bad dancers.  They also talked about how they like to sleep in and how amazing it was to be in South Korea.  Juan Pablo said that he finds her to be perfect, but he wants to stick to what he said and not kiss her, so he called her “beautiful” in Spanish instead.




The other ladies sat around and conspired about who they thought would get the group date rose, and who they thought might get eliminated in this round.  The women are all trying to get kissed, but Juan Pablo is having none of it!  Lauren even cried because he flat out rejected her kiss when she asked for one.  He went over and tried to explain to her that there’s plenty of time for kissing and it’s not because he’s not attracted to her. 




Clare told him how when she ate the octopus she threw up in her mouth.  ICK.  Don’t worry, no kisses tonight Clare!  But wait!  He kisses her anyway!  Well, she’s one of the six he’s already kissed, so in a way it kind of doesn’t count.  He can’t even follow his own rules!  However, that did not get her the date rose, Andi got it!



Cocktail party

During the cocktail party, the girls decided anyone who already has a rose should be respectful and sit back and let the others talk to Juan Pablo first.  Clare spoke to him first and surprise, surprise, Nikki didn’t stick to the rules.  She came by and stole Juan Pablo away.  This made the ladies furious!  Clare decided to not take this whole thing lying down and got up and went to find Nikki.  Juan Pablo had asked Nikki if there was drama in the house and so she thinks that Clare put that in his head which he totally did not.  She doesn’t want to take her time with him to talk about other women.  Nikki though called her out for being one way with the other women and then another way around Juan Pablo.  Nikki was like, “Well you aren’t handing out the roses.”  Good thing for that Nikki!




Sharleen, Nikki, and Andi already all have roses.  Juan Pablo also gave roses to:





Danielle (we haven’t seen that much of her!)


Allison (another one that hasn’t been seen all that much)





That meant that Lauren and Elise were eliminated.  Aw, I liked Elise!  I also feel really bad for Lauren.  She gave it her best shot.  Now they get to make the long flight home back to the United States.



Juan Pablo announced to his 11 remaining ladies that they were heading to Vietnam!  Don’t worry, it looks like the drama picks up too.



Hugs, Kisses, & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese



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