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Jealousy and Intimacy Increases on 'The Bachelor'

The first date card arrived for Cassandra and said, “Love is a wild ride”. 


That could mean anything!  But in this case, the two single parents loaded up into a duck-type vehicle that could drive on land and water.  It totally freaked her out when all of a sudden he just drove into the water!  That car could really move!  Juan Pablo thought she seemed kind of shy, but I thought she seemed to be acting pretty normal.




After they were done driving around in their water car, they boarded a yacht and had some time swimming and playing around in the water.  There was also some notable kissing going on!  Later, Cassandra went back to Juan Pablo’s house where he sent Camila to his parents’ place to spend the night so they could have the place to themselves.  He cooked dinner for her and they danced while it simmered away. 




Kelly, Renee, Sharleen, Danielle, Alli, Andi, Lauren, Christy, Lucy, and Nikki were given a date card that said, “Let’s kick it”.   You know it’s going to be some kind of soccer related date, especially since Juan Pablo used to play professionally.




Cassandra and Juan Pablo seemed to have some good conversation over dinner.  She shared photos of her little son with him and he pulled out his phone to show her pictures of Camila.  After a long speech about how important it is that he doesn’t waste her time because he knows she is away from her son, he offered her the rose!  She accepted and they kissed!  Juan Pablo thinks that she is funny and beautiful and he said he wants to get to know her more.  He’s not ready to send her packing just yet.




Then it was time for the group date.  The LA Galaxy players were playing with Juan Pablo when the ladies arrived.  That must have been pretty fun for him. So the ladies did some practicing at first and ran some drills.  The ladies then broke up into the blue team and the red team and did their best to beat each other up to impress Juan Pablo.



There’s a group date rose up for grabs so once the game was over, the claws came out a little bit.  The ladies really got their competitive edge up.  Nikki had a good time talking to Juan Pablo and the conversation seemed to flow.  Juan Pablo appreciated how strong of a woman Andi (the prosecutor) seemed to be.  They did some kissing in the kitchen of the facility.



Back at the house, date card came and it said, “Do you trust me” and it was for Chelsie.  Elise was so upset that she didn’t get the date card!




Andi was feeling pretty confident that she got a great first kiss from him, but news flash!  Lots of ladies appear to be getting their first kisses from him on this date.  Sharleen was a little awkward with Juan Pablo, but of course they kissed and uh oh, they had an audience!  The other ladies were not happy about that!  Juan Pablo went back to the ladies and didn’t realize that they had seen that.  In the end, he offered the date rose to Nikki!  Andi was totally upset about the fact that she kissed the guy and didn’t get a rose out of it.  Sharleen was also disturbed that she had just kissed him minutes before that.




It was time for Chelsie’s one-on-one date.  She was acting kind of goofy as Juan Pablo picked her up and they danced in the car to some Spanish music.  They walked around town and got some food to eat at a Venezuelan restaurant.  Juan Pablo was really excited to share his country’s food with her.  He said that he was very impressed by her.




Later they did something that would make me want to throw up.  They went bungee jumping!  Yikes!  Does this remind anyone of Jake and Vienna?!  Of course, Chelsie was really afraid to do it and lamented for a quite a while.  But in the end, of course, they jumped.  He kissed her upside down and he was happy she finally did it.



Chelsie and Juan Pablo talked about his daughter over dinner.  She shared some of her experiences teaching children.  He said to her that he loved learning about what she wants out of her future and he just had a great time with her so he offered her the rose with she gladly accepted.  Then out of nowhere, a stage lit up and it was a private concert by country music artist Billy Currington.




Juan Pablo showed up at the ladies’ house early the next day to make them all breakfast because he basically wanted to see them all without makeup.  They all had a nice breakfast once the ladies got over the shock of being surprised by him in the morning.  He decided to cancel the cocktail party later and changed it to a pool party.



Pool party

During the pool party, some of the ladies spent their time talking about each other rather than taking the time to get some time with Juan Pablo or have fun on their own.  I mean, I’m sure Juan Pablo is noticing who is off sulking in a corner and who’s having a good time.  Sharleen and Juan Pablo talked about her problem with the cameras and how they are kind of bothering her.  I mean, she knew there would be cameras when she signed up for this right?  She even cried about it, how weird.  Clare also had a freak out where she cried because she thought that it had been too long since last week and she hadn’t had any one-on-one time with him this week.



At the rose ceremony, Cassandra, Nikki, and Chelsie already had roses.  Juan Pablo also gave roses to:




Kelly (and her dog)

Sharleen (ugh)








That meant that Lucy, the free spirit, and Christy would be leaving.  Don’t forget, Sean and Catherine are getting married LIVE this Sunday night at 8 p.m. on ABC!  It’s another success story, isn’t it fantastic?  Then, on Monday night Juan Pablo and his ladies start to travel the world as the ladies get jealous that Clare is monopolizing his time.  They also begin to travel the world!


Hugs, Kisses, & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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