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Juan Pablo Meets His 27 Ladies on the Season Premiere of 'The Bachelor'

It’s here!  The premiere of Season 18 of “The Bachelor” with Juan Pablo Galavis!  Something you might not know about our hunk is that he was actually born in Ithaca, New York!  So he’s technically a New Yorker, although I admit, that might be a bit of a stretch.  He was raised in Venezuela and now lives in Miami.  As Juan Pablo was introduced, he did a weird dance sequence on the street and I really don’t know what that was about.  He showed off how he works as a consultant for sports (specifically the MLB) and entertainment, and of course, living in Miami is the perfect place to have a career like that.  He was also a professional soccer player for 7 years. 


His daughter Camila (who is cute as a button!) was born on Valentine’s Day in 2009.  He’s still friends with Camila’s mother whom he dated for 2 years.  He says it just didn’t work out.  So now, here he is as “The Bachelor”!

During his time on “The Bachelor,” Juan Pablo’s parents and Camila will be staying in Los Angeles.  So don’t worry, he’ll still be seeing and spending time with his little girl!  He says he wants to be a good example for his daughter during his time on the show, and he wants to find a good step-mother for Camila.  He added that he wants two more children, badly!




Before we could meet the ladies, Juan Pablo got a special visit from last season’s “Bachelor” Sean.  Juan Pablo talked about how worried he is that he’s going to forget the ladies’ names.  Sean said, just go with it and tell them that it’s just going to happen.  Also, Sean said make sure “if you kiss someone the other girls don’t see.”  Isn’t that obvious?!  He also told him to stay open to all of the women and try not to pick front-runners right off the bat so you don’t close yourself off to someone and miss out on something great.




Then, we finally got a look at some of the ladies.  Chelsea is 24 and lives in Columbus, Ohio.  She works as a science educator.  She seems a little quirky but sweet and has been brushing up on her Spanish so she can try to impress him.



Next up was Renee from Sarasota, Florida.  She’s 32 and works as a real estate agent.  Renee and Juan Pablo have something in common though, because she also has a child, an 8-year-old son named Ben.




Andi works as a gang prosecutor AKA Assistant District Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia and is 26 years old.  She says that as tough as she can be, she’s also a hopeless romantic.  She added that she’s been in love before, but is still looking for that someone special.  Something tells me that she could be that girl who, “isn’t there to make friends”.  We’ll have to wait and see.



Amy is 31, lives in Los Angeles, and works as a massage therapist.  She’s hoping that Juan Pablo will want a good massage.  She’s never been married and she thought she would be by now.  Hopefully she doesn’t come across too desperate.



Nikki is from Kansas City, Missouri, is 26 years old and works as a pediatric nurse.  So based on her background, I bet she’ll be great with kids.  She seems really nice and sweet.  I’m rooting for her so far.




Lauren H. is 25 and lives in Oklahoma.  She was in a serious relationship with a man she met a year ago, they got engaged, and 6 weeks later while she was at work the guy told her it was over!  OMG!  That’s so horrible!



Valerie is a 26-year-old farm girl from Sutter, California who works as a personal trainer.  She reminds me so much of Courtney from Ben’s season!  Seriously!  She calls herself “a pretty girl” and says she’s not afraid to file her nails and “scratch some eyeballs”.  Eww!



Lacey is from La Jolla, California and is a 25-year-old nursing home owner.  She comes from a family of 13, with nine of them being special needs, wow.  She opened an elderly care facility when she was just 20 years old.  That’s pretty amazing.



Clare is a 32-year-old hairstylist from Sacramento, California.  Her dad died of brain cancer.  Before he died, he made a dvd for her future husband to watch that she’s never seen.  That is really heavy.




At last, it was time for the limos to pull up!  Juan Pablo got out and was surprised to learn that there would be 27 women competing for his heart instead of the standard 25.  The first limo pulled up and it contained Amy L., a 27-year-old local news reporter from Orlando, Florida, and Cassandra, a 21-year-old former NBA dancer from Rochester Hills, Michigan.  She stood there in silence as the crickets chirped after introducing herself.  Next out, was 24-year-old Christy, a marketing manager from Chicago, and Christine, a 23-year-old police support specialist from Miami (just like Juan Pablo). She gave him a bracelet with Camila’s name on it for her, which Juan Pablo thought was really cute.  Last out of limo number 1 was Nikki! The pediatric nurse we met during the video introductions earlier in the show.  She brought her stethoscope for him to listen to her heart so he could hear how nervous she was.




Limo number 2 pulled up and it was full of screaming girls.  Juan Pablo said coolly, “They’re screaming.”  The first lady out was 29-year-old Kat, a medical sales representative from Scottsdale, Arizona.  She asked him for a dancing lesson in Salsa (Um, can we say “Dancing With the Stars” season 18?!).  He wasn’t half bad at it either!  Next was 27-year-old Chantal from San Diego.  She had him practice saying her name correctly since people usually don’t say his name correctly either.  Victoria is 24 and from Boca Raton, Florida.  She’s originally from Brazil and speaks Portuguese.  24-year-old Lucy, branded as a free spirit, bounded out of the limo from Santa Barbara, California wearing some kind of hippie dress and no shoes.  She told him that it was because she didn’t want to be too tall for him, but he seemed unimpressed by it.  Lastly was 25-year-old Danielle from Saint Louis, Missouri.




Then a woman came wheeling up a piano, not very gracefully, and tried to play it while she moved it.  It was Lauren.  She’s 26 and a music composer from Austin, Texas.  It was pretty music, but she did make a boo boo while she played.  Then Juan Pablo surprised all of the ladies by running inside the house to grab Lauren because she never gave him her name!  Please, like he’s going to remember anyone’s name on the first night anyway!



Chesie educator

Limo number 3 pulled up and 24-year-old Chelsie, a science educator from Columbus, Ohio got out.  She was so weird. She put on some goggles, took out some tubes and said they were going to do an experiment, but then threw them in the bushes and said “Why don’t we just have some chemistry instead?”  So lame.  Valerie, the personal trainer from Sutter, California was out next.  The 26-year-old showed him her cowboy boots.  Elise is 27-years old and from California and works as a first grade teacher.  Ashley is 25 and from Dallas and also works as a teacher.  She has a really hoarse voice… she gave Juan Pablo a gold star for being so great. 




Then, was the pregnant lady we’ve all been seeing in the promos.  It’s Clare the 32-year-old hair stylist.  Juan Pablo feels her belly and then Clare laughs and tells him it’s not real.  Juan Pablo said that he liked her with the belly though.  Alli is a 26 year old nanny from Chicago and she came out of the limo wearing soccer shoes and kicking a soccer ball.  Amy J is 26 and the massage therapist.  She spoke to him in a little Spanish and he seemed to like her.  Renee is 32 and from Sarasota, FL.  She revealed that she has an 8-year-old and is a single mom and Juan Pablo said bye mama!  Lauren came out and told him it was nice to meet him, very bland.  24 year old Maggie is a banker from South Carolina.  She also almost forgot to tell him her name.  She brought him a fishing hook because she likes to do that with her family and she called him a big catch.  Kelly a 27-year-old dog lover from California came out of the limo and her dog Molly didn’t seem to interested in Juan Pablo.




The last limo pulled up and 25-year-old Lacy from La Jolla, California came out first and she gave him candy pretending to be a pharmacist.  Alexis from Tampa came out and had a beautiful smile.  Kylie is an interior designer with red hair and she gave him a huge hug.  She just said how excited she was as she walked away.  Sharleen is a 29-year-old opera singer from Canada who lives in Germany.  The prosecutor, 26-year-old Andi was out of the limo next.  Juan Pablo told her that she looked gorgeous.  They admired each other for a bit and she went inside.  If you’ve lost count, that’s 27 women!  He has to eliminate 9 of them tonight.




At last, the cocktail party started!  He welcomed the women and they giggled at every other word he said.  He said it was crazy to have all the eyes in the room on him.  The girls goofed around in the photo booth and then after a little bit Juan Pablo walked around with a glass of water while the rest of the girls drank glass after glass of champagne and wine.  Nikki the nurse chatted with him first and it went pretty well!  Renee and Juan Pablo had a nice chat about their children.  Juan Pablo liked her a lot and said the conversation was very natural with her.




Lucy, the free spirit, came on very strong and was making him a little nervous!  He called her a gypsy and a happy camper.  The massage artist brought a table and busted out the essential oils and massaged him!  He kept his suit on though.  It was funny because she took his shoes off and I think that he was a little startled ha!  She told him that he was a “beautiful person” and made some crazy sex noises while she massaged him. He said it was a little awkward.  To make things more awkward, Chris Harrison put out the first impression rose in the middle of the room.



Once that rose was out, it was all the girls could think about.  They started to lose their minds about it.  Chelsie the science educator spent some time in the photo booth with Juan Pablo.  Elise told him that her dad lives in Pennsylvania but her mom passed away a little over a year ago.  They shared a heartwarming moment together where he told her that she’s in the right place to find love.  We’ll see! 




Lauren started to freak out about not getting time because she was a little too afraid to go up and just talk to him.  She was really starting to stress out.  She said that her last relationship ending so suddenly with the broken engagement apparently affected her more than she realized.  I feel really bad for her because she’s coming across crazy when she’s probably just still really heartbroken.  I want to punch her ex in the face. 



Finally, the whining and crying stopped because Juan Pablo came over to talk to her.  She just needed to have a little patience.  She came out with the engagement story right away.  Turns out the guy had a son too.  Poor Juan Pablo seemed pretty sensitive to her, but at the same time seemed like the conversation got a little too heavy.




The prosecutor seemed to have a good time talking to Juan Pablo.  He seemed really taken by the Canadian opera singer though.  He’s intrigued by Sharleen even though she doesn’t speak any Spanish whatsoever.  Juan Pablo walked away and of course he got the first impression rose and gave it to her!  She was not expecting it!  She just got the biggest target on her back!  She seemed really hesitant to take it from him for some reason. 




Chris Harrison came out and stole Juan Pablo away so that he could deliberate on who he would send home and who he would take to continue on the journey.    Here’s the list of the remaining 17 ladies he selected:

1)      Clare

2)      Renee

3)      Andi

4)      Nikki

5)      Alli

6)      Chantel

7)      Lauren S. the piano player

8)      Kylie and her dog Molly

9)      Cassandra

10)   Danielle

11)   Chelsie

12)   Kat (and then Kylie came up and it was soooo awkward!)

13)   Victoria

14)   Christy

15)   Lucy the free spirit

16)   Elise

17)   Amy L.

Poor Kylie was like, I’m going to throw up!  That poor girl.  Also not selected were crying Lauren and the massage artist Amy J.  I hope they meet someone nice soon.



Coming up this season, there will be a lot of exciting adventures around the world, but of course those come with drama!  The girls catch him kissing someone on one of their group dates at a ballpark and there’s also some fighting among the ladies.  There’s also going to be some kissing in the water in the dark as other ladies look on apparently.  One lady is crying in the bathroom and yells, “Juan Pablo I hope you die.”  Wow.  It seems like it’s going to be pretty dramatic.  Will he get his happy ending?  We’ll have to wait and see.



Really? Juan Pablo says he is thinking of Camilla first when selecting a mate? He sent sweet Christine home who gave him a bracelet for Camilla with her name on it. He sent pretty and sweet Lacy home who owns a nursing home and made him a puzzle with him and Camilla on it and said in a cute way she was the missing piece. And the first grade teacher who gave him a gold star! They were all possible great mom potential,but he saw something in loosey Lucy! And I from across the world Sharleen? I don't get it! I think he sent a lot of good prospects home. I still wish him the best!

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