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Recap of 'The Bachelor: Love Stories' and Trista and Ryan's Vow Renewal

We begin "The Bachelor: Love Stories" with Desiree and Chris.  They are happily living in Seattle where Desiree is designing custom ordered dresses and even sewing them herself.  They seem really content in Seattle.  They talked about wanting to get a dog together and the process of planning their wedding.



Next, Jason and Molly gave an update six years out from their experience.  They had a horribly windy and rainy wedding, but it's been smooth sailing ever since.  They are loving life with their baby Riley and Jason's son, Ty.  They even hang out with Desiree and Chris because they live in Seattle too!  



DeAnna and Stephen talked about how they are happily married and hang out with Stephen's twin Michael who was on Jillian's season of "The Bachelorette".  In other exciting news, DeAnna is pregnant with a baby girl!  So that's very exciting.  Another "Bachelor" baby of sorts is in the works.


Then it was time for an update on one of my very favorite couples, J.P. and Ashley!  They are living in Princeton, New Jersey together and are still happily married.  J.P. is still working as a construction manager, and Ashley is working as a dentist.  They're thinking about having a baby and Ashley has severe baby fever!  I hope they do soon!  J.P. says that he really wants her dental residency to be done first before they have a baby.  




The original "Bachelorette" Trista has just celebrated her 10 year anniversary with Ryan!  It's really amazing to think that they met on this TV show and have even had two children together.  They have 6-year-old Max and 4-year-old Blakesley.  Ryan is still working as a firefighter in Colorado.  They say that they are in the happiest place that they have ever been.  They looked through their wedding photos and the show aired clips of their wedding and they looked so young!  It was a beautiful wedding!  It hasn't always been sunshine and roses for the couple, but they always come back to each other despite life's struggles and stresses.  So funny enough, Ryan said that the cheesy poems worked to woo her, but now their life is a poetic experience, and that made Trista cry.  Ryan surprised Trista with a Neil Lane box with a beautiful gigantic diamond ring inside!  Wow!  They decided to renew their vows and do that in front of their children so they can see how much their parents love each other. Aw!



For the vow renewal, they dressed up in some beautiful outfits and had their closest friends and family there.  Ryan walked in with their sweet daughter, and Trista walked down the isle with their son.  They looked so classy and mature.  Now, that's how you do a vow renewal!  Ryan wore sneakers, while Trista wore some amazing sparkly heels.  Ryan reread the vows that he wrote for their wedding day.  It was really special.  Trista said "thank you, and I love you" because she has loved everything that they have in their life together and that she will always be there for him and she wants to be as good of a person as he is in her eyes.  They said their "I wills" and kissed!  It was so special to see the clips of the wedding intertwined with the clips of the vow renewal and everything their life together has given them, a family.


Catherine dress

Lastly, it was time for a look at Sean and Catherine's wedding planning and a preview of their wedding next weekend.  They showed them shooting their strange "save the date" photos.  Based on those alone, these two are meant for each other.  They took a walk around the grounds of their wedding location at the Four Season in Santa Barbara.  They walked into their wedding suite to check that out and saw the bed where the action would take place since they decided to wait to consummate their relationship, so they were really excited to see where that would take place, ha!  Sean said he's just excited for them to really start their lives together.


Hugs, Kisses, & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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