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'The Bachelor's' Sean and Catherine Get Married!

The biggest night in love kicked off with a look back at Sean and Catherine's engagement, and then quickly caught viewers up on what they have been up to since they got engaged.  


That included a road trip from California to Dallas.  They visited the Grand Canyon and then did a lot of talking about the wedding on the road.  Sean listened patiently as Catherine beat him to death with every detail.  He was trapped in that SUV with nowhere to go poor guy!  Still, they had a great time and before you knew it, they were in Dallas! Catherine lived with Sean's friend Laura and Sean went to live in a loft.  They live just a few blocks from each other but thought it was important to not live together until they were married.



Sean and Catherine met up with Sean's family to share the big news that they had a wedding date picked out.  Catherine seems to have a great relationship with his parents so that's great.  They even joked that they like her better than they like Sean!  Sean also used the occasion to ask his father to officiate their wedding and it brought tears to his father's eyes.




Catherine met with the wedding planner Mindy Weiss and explained what "grown sexy" meant, which was like grown up, sophisticated and sexy. Catherine said that she wants everyone to feel so sexy that night that they all conceive.  I can't believe she even asked about them "saving themselves" for their wedding night.  Neither one of them is a virgin, but they have not yet consummated their relationship with each other. 




Then it was time for one of the most important parts of planning a wedding, dress shopping!  She tried on a few different style types and almost all of them made her family and friend cry, because she just looked so beautiful!



Meantime, Sean, trying not to be a perv, went looking for something for Catherine to wear on their wedding night together.  It was really awkward listening to the sales lady explain all the different styles of undergarments to Sean.  Of course, he pretty much liked everything and I think he bought pretty much everything too.



They also had to go pick out their wedding cake!  That was my favorite part of wedding planning.  Before they looked at all of the different options, they decorated a cake together.  And then they didn't show anything else, so I guess we'll have to wait to see it later.  Later, they sat around drinking champagne and Sean gave Catherine all the lingerie he picked out for her.  I think she might have been expecting jewelry, but hey, she didn't seem to freaked out by the present.



Less than a month before the big day, they met with the wedding planner and the florist to check out the arrangements for their big day.  They were amazed by what they saw at "Mark's Garden".  There were so many beautiful pinks and light purples!  It's going to be beautiful.



Catherine also got to do a hair trial with a top Hollywood stylist.  Jose Eber is known for his amazing work.  She also got to see what her makeup would look like.  It looked so pretty!  I loved the half up, half down look that they were working with while she was there. After that, she went to get boudoir photos done to give to Sean.  She wanted to take pictures in all of the lingerie that he picked out for her.




They checked out their wedding bands and tried them on and skipped around the venue and were just really excited for their big day approach.  Then, Chris Harrison showed up!  He just wanted to basically interview them about their thoughts and plans.  They talked about their time on the show and how they each realized that they were meant for each other.  She calls herself "his barnacle" because she's always attached to him, ha-ha!  



At last, it was time for the actual wedding ceremony!  Sean was walked down the aisle by his parents.  His dad took his spot at the top as the officiant and Sean waited patiently at his side for his bride.  The bridesmaids dresses were a beautiful pale pink.  They started their walk down the aisle as Catherine got some finishing touches on her makeup and hair and before you knew it, it was her turn to make her grand entrance.  



Catherine opted for a strapless dress made of lace with a beaded dress.  I loved her pink rose bouquet.  Sean immediately started to cry when he saw her.  Catherine walked down the isle alone for the beginning part of the way but was then joined by her family. Sean's dad did a wonderful job making the sermon personal for both of them even though he hasn't known Catherine nearly as long of course.  It didn't take long for them to get to the "I do's".  



Then, it was time for them to recite their vows that they wrote for each other.  Catherine spoke about how much she loves him and how she knew she was waiting for someone like him.  She tossed about phrases like "love sprinkles" and making people "blind" by their shining love.  Sean talked about the unusual way they met, but how she encourages him and how he always wants more of her smiles, giggles and love.  They also spoke about how much they want to be good parents to their children, so it looks like some "Bachelor" babies could soon be on the way for these two.



They exchanged rings, and the best man made a joke about a snack and Catherine said she actually wanted it because she was hungry, but instead, he just gave them the rings.  They were beautiful of course.  Then, Sean's dad pronounced them man and wife!!!!  They gave each other one big kiss and then a bunch of small ones.  A confetti of white rose petals rained down on them as they walked back up the isle.  Once up at the top, they told each other how much they loved each other and had missed seeing each other earlier that day.  It was really sweet.  



JP and Ashley, Trista and Ryan, spoke about how happy they were for the happy couple and how it was fun watching the wedding from the audience and not having to deal with the stress today.  Sean and Catherine walked in to their reception and hopefully we'll get to see some pictures from that in the future!


Hugs, Kisses, & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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