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A Disastrous End to a Fantasy Suite Date on 'The Bachelor'

It’s time for the overnight fantasy suite dates in St. Lucia!  It’s truly a beautiful island.  Clare was up first.  She and Juan Pablo took a boat ride over to a different part of the island and boarded a private yacht.  They snuggled up and made out on the deck.  Clare revealed that her mom and dad got engaged after three weeks and that she understood how Clare could have such strong feelings for Juan Pablo.  Of course, her sister was like, “It’s a TV show!” and Juan Pablo was like yeah that sounds about right from her!  I don’t think he totally warmed up to Clare’s one sister.


Clare actually looked very beautiful for the dinner portion of the date.  She wore a long white dress that even Juan Pablo complimented her on.  Clare thought they had a great day together and she was looking forward to having an in depth conversation about his daughter that evening.  She told him that she would care about Camila and would just add more love to her life and not try to step in as a “mom” too much because she already has a wonderful mother.  Juan Pablo seemed to really appreciate what she had to say.


Then the awkward fantasy suite card came out.  Clare told him that she respects how he feels about what his daughter will see and that she wants to basically do what he wants to do.  He said that he knew that this was coming and he wanted to have alone time with her getting to know her without cameras around.  So they decided to go to the fantasy suite. 


Once inside the suite, they sipped some champagne and Clare told him how happy she was to be spending that time with him.  She was deep in thought and he could totally read it.  She took that opportunity to tell him that she is falling in love with him.  She said that, “Honestly, I am loving falling in love.”  With that they kissed!  Later in the hot tub, Clare said to the camera that he’s the man she wants to have babies with and get married to.  Wow, she is totally in love with him.


Fresh off his overnight with Clare, the next day, Juan Pablo met up with Andi.  They walked through a village and they learned how to play steel drums.  They grabbed some food, but sat with three little boys.  Generously, he offered to get them some juice and food.  Andi said she loved seeing him with kids and gave her a glimpse into how he probably is with his daughter.  Before you knew it, they were playing soccer out on the sand.  Then, they took a land buggie to a beautiful waterfall where they could sit nearby and have a chat.  They talked about what her family asked him and what they thought of him and what he thought of them.  After their talk, they took a dip in the waterfall and did some kissing.


Later, they had dinner on a little couch.  He said that he wanted to make sure that she wasn’t forcing herself to try to fall in love with him.  He doesn’t want her to have to force herself to feel things.  She said that she wants it badly and that’s not forcing it.  She calmed his concerns, and he seemed to feel better.  Andi said that it was nice to see that he was listening to what she had to say and that it stuck with him.  He assured her that he’s listening to every word she says and is paying close attention so he doesn’t make any mistakes and can pick the right person.  When the fantasy suite card arrived, they of course decided to take the opportunity to spend more time together.  Andi said that she felt like she was on cloud 9.  Inside the suite, they toasted each other, kissed, and in an interview, Juan Pablo told the camera that he actually thought that she could be the one.


The next day, Juan Pablo said they stayed up laughing and talking for hours and that things went great.  He was gushing about her the next day.  Andi said that when she woke up that morning, she couldn’t wait to get out of the fantasy suite.  She said that she thought she had genuine feelings, but the fantasy suite turned into a nightmare.  She said the whole night was a disaster.  She said she hopes he didn’t think that it was a good date.


She felt like that he only wanted to talk about himself.  She said that he doesn’t care about what she thinks or wants out of life.  She didn’t see someone who cares for her.  She said that the name dropping and talking about his overnight with Clare was just inappropriate.  She said she just wanted to smack him across the face and he just doesn’t get it and there’s no filter with him.  She’s totally done with this whole thing, but we won’t get to see the breakup just yet.


It was Nikki’s turn for a fantasy suite date.  They began the day horseback riding along a beach, which was just beautiful!  After riding, they sat on the beach and had a talk.  They talked about what her family thought about him and how much they liked him. After that they spent some time kissing in the ocean.


Before you knew it, the sun was down and it was time for dinner.  Juan Pablo said that the date during the day went great so he couldn’t wait for their night together.  They really didn’t show much of their conversation during dinner, but the fantasy suite card came out and they ended up retreating to the room.


In the room, she told him that she wouldn’t be there if she didn’t feel the way she did and said, “I love you”.  She said she assumed that he already knew that, and he said he knew she liked him but wasn’t sure if she loved him yet.  It almost brought him to tears!  Wow! 


Juan Pablo had a chat with Chris Harrison about all of the ladies and where his head is at.  He said that he really didn’t know who he wanted to send home because he had such a great time on all of his dates.  The ladies recorded videos for him and he was going to take some time to watch them.  Nikki’s video recapped their time together; she talked about meeting his family, and her feelings of love for him.  Clare’s video talked about how much it meant for him to meet her family and she reiterated that she is falling in love with him.  Andi’s video talked about the progression of her feelings and said that she has a lot of thoughts about their time together and she wanted to share those thoughts with him in person.


Andi walked up to a confused Juan Pablo who was hoping that if she had concerns he would be able to fix them.  She was very blunt in saying that she realized that she wasn’t in love with him and that she wasn’t going to fall in love with him.  Juan Pablo said that it was ok, and that if it isn’t meant to be it isn’t meant to be.  She was angry at that response in saying that it is ok.  He said that he just doesn’t want her to feel bad that she doesn’t feel it.  She said that came off as him not having feelings.  He said he respects her as a woman and as a person and that he respected her honesty.  He said he’s not going to die, but it is sad for him.  She said that she was super upset that she never saw any emotion out of him.  She told him that she was offended by the fact that he said he bonded with Clare on his overnight and she thought he took that conversation too far and it hurt her feelings.  Andi said that he told him that she barely made it by default at one point and that was very offensive to her.


The conversation continued to go back and forth for a while with Juan Pablo saying everything is “fine” and “ok”. Andi just replied, “Of course it is.”  He asked her why she didn’t bring it up when it was happening in the fantasy suite.  Why didn’t she ask to talk about something else?  She told him to stop saying, “It’s OK” because “It’s annoying”.  He asked her how to acknowledge the feelings and she said to repeat what the person said so they know you listened and then say, “It’s OK”.  He continued to pick at her hair and her face, and even her eyebrow, right up to the end.  How strange.  He totally sees women as dolls or something.  He told her he appreciated her honestly, they hugged, and she left. 


He was like, “Am I disappointed, maybe a little bit.”  I mean, ok, this is not a guy who’s all broken up inside.  He said he won’t miss the arguments.  He was like, “I’m not going to argue with a lawyer.”  He said that her putting words in her mouth killed it for him and if she changed her mind and wanted to stay he would say no.  Yeah right, I think he’s just trying to save face because he’s feeling rejected.  Andi said he doesn’t get it and never will as she left in the car.


So now that Andi was gone, the remaining two women lined up and were like, “Where’s Andi?”  They realized something went wrong.  Nikki wanted to know what the heck happened.  Juan Pablo said to them that Andi told him that she didn’t have strong enough feelings to stay and that she wanted to go home.  He said there are two roses, but if they don’t want to be there to not accept the rose and that’s OK if that’s how they feel.  Both women accepted the roses.


Next week, is “The Women Tell All”.  We’ll see more from Andi thank goodness.  Things are going to be explosive!  Then in two weeks, it’s the big finale!  It looks like there will be a lot of tears and Chris Harrison calls it the “shocking conclusion that no one will see coming.


Hugs, Kisses, & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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