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February 2014


A Disastrous End to a Fantasy Suite Date on 'The Bachelor'

It’s time for the overnight fantasy suite dates in St. Lucia!  It’s truly a beautiful island.  Clare was up first.  She and Juan Pablo took a boat ride over to a different part of the island and boarded a private yacht.  They snuggled up and made out on the deck.  Clare revealed that her mom and dad got engaged after three weeks and that she understood how Clare could have such strong feelings for Juan Pablo.  Of course, her sister was like, “It’s a TV show!” and Juan Pablo was like yeah that sounds about right from her!  I don’t think he totally warmed up to Clare’s one sister.


Clare actually looked very beautiful for the dinner portion of the date.  She wore a long white dress that even Juan Pablo complimented her on.  Clare thought they had a great day together and she was looking forward to having an in depth conversation about his daughter that evening.  She told him that she would care about Camila and would just add more love to her life and not try to step in as a “mom” too much because she already has a wonderful mother.  Juan Pablo seemed to really appreciate what she had to say.


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Juan Pablo Visits the Final Four Women's Hometowns on 'The Bachelor'

Juan Pablo traveled to meet his final four this week.  First up, was Nikki in Kansas City. 


Juan Pablo says that he really likes how well they get on and that he loves their relationship.  She took him to Oklahoma Joe’s Barbeque, the most famous BBQ place in her town.  They had some ribs and boy, did those look delicious!  They had a great time chowing down, but then they were off to a bar to try some mechanical bull riding. 

Bull riding

It was a fun time for them, but of course it ended up with more making out.


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One Woman Chooses To Leave, Others Compete for Hometown Dates

This week the final six are in Juan Pablo’s city of Miami, Florida.  He begins by visiting his daughter, Camila.  He hadn’t seen her in three weeks. 


He was so excited to surprise her, which was actually really sweet. They had a lot of hugs and they were obviously overjoyed to be reunited.



Juan Pablo dropped off the date card himself and handed it to Sharleen.  It said, “Come sea my city.”  She didn’t seem enthused at all.  She’s still battling her confusion over her feelings for him.  Once she was ready, they walked up to a yacht, and got ready to take to the water.  They laid down on a blanket on the front of the boat and Sharleen told him that he looked “too cozy”.  They kissed and made out a little bit, but you could tell that she was pulling away from him and not into it.  She playfully told him, “You’re trouble”.  But she even admitted that they do have good chemistry and she’s attracted to him.  She just feels like something is lacking.


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Juan Pablo Dumps a Girl on her Birthday, While Another has Doubts

“The Bachelor” and his remaining ladies headed to Taupo, New Zealand. 


It is incredibly beautiful there and the ladies were understandably blown away.  The first date card arrived and it said, “Andi, let’s heat things up.”  Finally!  Andi got her one-on-one and will stop complaining.  Clare was obviously jealous right away.




Andi met up with Juan Pablo outside and they got on a little river jet.  After zipping around for a while they pulled up to a spot to go swimming.  Andi said it felt really, really cold.  After walking through a maze of mossy rocks that continued to get narrower until they got to a beautiful waterfall!  It was really amazing!  She said that the water got a lot warmer too which was fantastic!  Then of course they started making out under the waterfall! 


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Juan Pablo and Clare Take a Risque Dip in the Sea

Juan Pablo and his remaining 11 ladies traveled to Vietnam this week.  The women were welcomed into an amazing hotel where a date card was waiting for them.  It said, "Renee, are we the right fit?"  Will she finally get that kiss she's been after?  She said that he makes her palms hurt...that's weird.  Ha, I've heard of getting sweaty palms, but making them hurt?

The bachelor juan pablo


They met up in Hoi An, where they got to explore the area and it's culture.  Juan Pablo and Renee both are single parents who are 32 and want more kids, so they have that going for them.  They stopped into a dress shop and they picked out fabrics to have an authentic dress made for Renee.  Juan Pablo peeked when the seamstress measured her bust, bad boy!  While she was standing there sweating and getting measured, Juan Pablo ran off and bought a fan to fan her with, which was very sweet of him.

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