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Juan Pablo and Clare Take a Risque Dip in the Sea

Juan Pablo and his remaining 11 ladies traveled to Vietnam this week.  The women were welcomed into an amazing hotel where a date card was waiting for them.  It said, "Renee, are we the right fit?"  Will she finally get that kiss she's been after?  She said that he makes her palms hurt...that's weird.  Ha, I've heard of getting sweaty palms, but making them hurt?

The bachelor juan pablo


They met up in Hoi An, where they got to explore the area and it's culture.  Juan Pablo and Renee both are single parents who are 32 and want more kids, so they have that going for them.  They stopped into a dress shop and they picked out fabrics to have an authentic dress made for Renee.  Juan Pablo peeked when the seamstress measured her bust, bad boy!  While she was standing there sweating and getting measured, Juan Pablo ran off and bought a fan to fan her with, which was very sweet of him.



Then, they strolled hand and hand through the city and took some photos together.  They decided to look for gifts for their kids together.  For Camila they got a dress, and for her son Ben they got a hat.  It was very cute, and warmed Renee's heart. Renee wanted a kiss very badly and was staring at him and leaning in a little bit, but he still wasn't taking the bait.  Hopefully the romance will get dialed up a notch during dinner.



Renee went and put on her custom made blue and pink dress and she looked beautiful!  He spun her around and said that they did a great job on the dress.  They went to dinner at a restaurant that had been cleared out just for them with a table set for two.  It was very romantic.  Renee said that he is giving her butterflies in her stomach.  She spoke about her ex-husband and her divorce and how they got married very young and grew apart.  Juan Pablo says she lights up when she talks about her son and he just knows she's a great example of a good mom. Aww!  



Back at the hotel, another date card arrived.  It was a group date card said, "Can you go with the flow?" and it was for Sharleen, Chelsie, Kat, Cassandra, Clare, Kelly, Alli, Danielle and Andi.  Andi was very upset that she still hasn't gotten a one-on-one date.



Juan Pablo, back on the one-on-one with Renee, picked up the rose and he paid her compliment after compliment and then asked her to accept the rose, which she did!  She was super excited!  He still just gave her a kiss on the cheek, but the date wasn't over yet.  They went for a walk in the night, and saw children with lit lanterns that they could place in the water.  They each got one, and made a wish, and released them into the water.  Juan Pablo said that he didn't want to kiss her just yet because she has a son who is old enough to understand what's going on and have a lot of questions and he doesn't want to go there just yet.  Poor Renee.



The next day, it was time for the group date.  They all got into some bamboo circle boats to explore around.  Because Clare as no friends, they all paired up and she got to go with Juan Pablo.  I can't believe more ladies didn't jump on that chance!  While they were rowing around and got stuck in the trees, Juan Pablo seized the moment to kiss her and of course the other ladies saw that!  They were not happy with that to say the least.  



They went to a little village where they wandered into a family's home (which was of course set up).  They gave them traditional hats and led them to a garden to pick produce and herbs to make a lunch.  Juan Pablo helped them water the crops while the girls went picking.  Andi meantime, continued to be super annoying and complain that she didn't have a one-on-one date.  Juan Pablo told her to stop complaining and that he wants her to be there, and she's basically reading too much into it.  The ladies finally got to sit down and have a traditional meal and they all said it was delicious.  



That evening, they had some cocktails and Juan Pablo took Clare aside to chat first.  The ladies were mad that he took her first, and they were sitting there on her date.  They talked about what he wants out of a relationship, blah, blah, blah.  They then went into his suite and went swimming in his pool.  They made out like crazy in the pool!  How long were they gone for?!  This is getting a little awkward for the other girls for sure.  Clare had to even tell him that they were kissing too much, but he couldn't seem to stop.


At the hotel, Nikki's one-on-one date card came and said, "Nikki, let's have a hell of a good time."  What could that mean?  Maybe it will be a "hot" date?



Back on the group date, Sharleen and Juan Pablo walked along the beach and then plopped down in the sand and had a little chat. She was starting to question their connection.  Juan Pablo basically just told her that she was beautiful and tried to kiss her a lot. She said that there were questions she wanted to ask him, but she kept forgetting to ask them because he kept kissing her!



Once it was Andi's turn, she started up again with questioning his feelings for her and he was like, didn't we already talk about all this.  He took her to the beach, possibly hoping that a change in scenery would change the topic.  He snuggled her and then everything changed.  The next thing you know, they are making out on the beach.  Andi said, "Sorry Mom!  Another episode you can't watch!"  



That pesky date rose was still sitting there, so he had to give it to someone.  Juan Pablo decided to give the date rose to Clare and not one woman was surprised.  They were all really upset, especially Andi.  She realized she basically has no control over it and is still wondering what she's doing there.



The ladies returned back to the hotel from their group date and they rehashed the day.  Clare said that she was going to bed, but she snuck off to Juan Pablo's room and asked him to go swimming with her.  Apparently it was 4 a.m.!  It didn't take much convincing! He got in his swim trunks and off they went in the dark.  Clare thought it was amazing, it was a warm ocean and they made out like crazy, and he said they got a little wild out there.  She said that they "just went for it" and it was "pure bliss in every way".  I wonder if the ladies see her come back all wet from the water or if she's able to pretend like she just went to bed.



The following morning (let's hope Juan Pablo got a little sleep) Juan Pablo met up with Nikki for their one-on-one.  They walked around Marble Mountain and then she learned that they were going to rappel down into a cave named "Hell".  That sounds lovely.  I actually feel bad for her.  I wouldn't want to do this.  She's a trooper though and she geared up and did it.  She could hardly stop herself from shaking, but she managed to do it.  Usually, I am jealous of their dates on this show, but not this time.  Anyway, part way down there he kissed her, which was nice, but she could hardly enjoy it.  They eventually made it to the bottom where they made out some more.  They explored the cave which was full of creepy things and I think I would just want to get the heck out of there.



Later, it was time for dinner inside of a beautiful lit up cave.  She lied and said that she had a good time and that she'd do it again.  I don't buy it.  She laughed that he had quite the view looking at her butt the whole way down there in that cave.  He lied and said that he missed her the night before, um, did you forget your time with Clare in the sea?  After they were done lying to each other, they talked about her career and why she became a pediatric nurse.  She said that there's a lot of hope that comes with caring for sick children and it's given her a bunch of compassion and a huge heart.  They seemed to have a very nice time together.  She revealed that she's never dated someone with a child and she said he wouldn't be who he is without having his daughter, so she could never write him off because of that.  She also tried to assure him that she has a lot of love to give not only to him but to his daughter.  He was really touched by that and asked her if she would accept the date rose, and she said yes!  He said he sees her as a potential wife.



At last, it was time for the cocktail party.  The ladies were shocked to learn that three of the women had to go home that night.  The women were so awkwardly quiet after that news, and Clare tried to break the silence with a toast.  Juan Pablo basically told Andi she had nothing to worry about and kidded her about being nervous that evening during their chat.  Juan Pablo seemed to have a hard time deciding what to do that night since he had to send so many women home at once.  He also talked with Renee about why he wasn't kissing her, so Renee tried to tell him it was ok, and he went in for the kill.  He kissed the heck out of her!  She was so relieved!



During his talk with Clare, Juan Pablo basically told her that it was weird for him that they went in the ocean.  He said that there are 10 other women he is getting to know, and it wasn't right, but "what happened, happened."  She said that she felt silly now.  He tried to say he was trying to be fair, she said it wasn't about fair and it was about his heart.  He also said it was a bad example for his daughter.  He kept telling her to listen to him and she started to cry.  He said he was just trying to let her know how he felt.  She said it was the last thing she wanted or intended was to be a bad example to his daughter.  He told her to not feel stupid or embarrassed, but hey pal, you just totally made her feel that way!  You are responsible for your actions and you went along with it!  I mean, come on!  He's making out with 11 girls!  That totally trumps Clare asking for a midnight swim in my opinion.  Clare left confused and in a weird place.  I actually feel bad for her.  She should have walked out and called him a hypocrite.



The ladies noticed the tension when they returned and had no idea what had happened!  She was trying hard to keep it together, but just needed to have a good cry.  She feels terrible.   I'm actually mad at him for making her feel that way.  She tried to pass off her crying as allergies, but they weren't buying it.  It was confusing to the other ladies why she would be crying if he had given her a rose already. She was crying outside and Juan Pablo came back and said that he wanted her to be OK.  She told him she felt like he wanted to take the rose back and he said, "No, no, no!"  That's not what he meant at all.  He told her to "just delete it".  She asked him why he didn't say no to swimming in the ocean, and he said it was because he didn't want to take away her emotion or hurt her feelings, but it was totally his fault too.  Thank goodness at least he's owning up to it some.  She said that she would have respected it if he hadn't wanted to go "swimming" because of his daughter.  When she returned to the ladies, she again said it was just "bad allergies".



Renee, Clare, and Nikki already have roses.  Juan Pablo also gave roses to:









That meant that Kelly, Alli, and Danielle were sent home.  Next week, they travel to New Zealand.  It looks like Andi's finally going to get her one-on-one date so she will stop complaining, yay!  



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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