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Juan Pablo Dumps a Girl on her Birthday, While Another has Doubts

“The Bachelor” and his remaining ladies headed to Taupo, New Zealand. 


It is incredibly beautiful there and the ladies were understandably blown away.  The first date card arrived and it said, “Andi, let’s heat things up.”  Finally!  Andi got her one-on-one and will stop complaining.  Clare was obviously jealous right away.




Andi met up with Juan Pablo outside and they got on a little river jet.  After zipping around for a while they pulled up to a spot to go swimming.  Andi said it felt really, really cold.  After walking through a maze of mossy rocks that continued to get narrower until they got to a beautiful waterfall!  It was really amazing!  She said that the water got a lot warmer too which was fantastic!  Then of course they started making out under the waterfall! 




Once it got dark out, they had a private dinner, right at the water’s edge.  It was incredible romantic and really cool.  After a geyser going off nearly killed the romance, they managed to still have a good time cuddling under a towel.  Juan Pablo offered her the date rose, so she’s safe for another week.  She seemed very happy, at last!



A group date card came and it said, “Let love roll.”  It was for Sharleen, Chelsie, Renee, Nikki, Kat, and Cassandra.  That meant that Clare got another one-on-one date, let the drama begin!




On the group date they all met up and had a little picnic and it just happened to be Cassandra’s 22nd birthday.  It was pretty windy out!  It was driving all of the girls crazy with their hair.   After chatting with a few of the ladies, they headed to a hill in their bikinis and went down the hill in those giant clear balls that you ride inside.  It looks crazy, but fun!  There was also some crazy kissing going on in there!  Who knew you could kiss while flying down a hill at warp speed in an inflatable ball filled with some water?




Later, they had some drinks as the ladies tried to get as much time with Juan Pablo as possible.  He spoke with Renee first.  She talked about how she and Cassandra missed their sons and bonded over that, but that it is all worth it to be there with him.  He kissed her a LOT.  She said she wanted to kiss him for the rest of her life.  During his talk with Nikki, she said its weird going from having so much alone time with him during a one-on-one and now they are on a group date, but she’s going with it.




Sharleen seemed to have some questions as far as her feelings go and his feelings for her too.  She seemed like she was about to start talking to him and he just went in for the kill right away and started kissing her.  She had zero time to discuss anything at first.  He tickled her chin and she stopped and she asked him, “How do you think I’m feeling right now?”  She admitted she is having a few doubts, but she is questioning where they are at.  He told her not to questioning anything and to just “Live this” and started kissing her again.   So crazy!




Birthday girl Cassandra spoke with Juan Pablo about how she’s so happy she’s able to open up to him more and how she has a bunch of love to give.  She called him a good person and a very special person.  I think all of those compliments just went in one ear and out the other, because there was no kissing going on at all!  She was really hoping to get the date rose because it’s her birthday.  Juan Pablo picked up the rose and gave it to Sharleen.  Why does he like her so much?  I don’t understand!  She doesn’t even want kids and he has a child!




After that, Juan Pablo pulled Cassandra aside and dumped her on birthday.  He told her that she’s gorgeous and sweet but he’s basically not feeling it anymore.  He said that they are not “in the same chapter”.  He told her that he needs to let her go because he knows that she’s not the one, and she respects the fact that he didn’t wait until the rose ceremony to tell her that.  He told her that he’s so happy he was a little part of her emotional growth on the show.  Poor Cassandra! 




The next day, Clare and Juan Pablo went on their one-on-one date.  They started off by talking about their controversial swim in the ocean.  She had more to say about it and has a lot of questions about where their boundaries are.  He talked about how he never has any physical contact with a woman in front of Camila.  He basically thought it was inappropriate because it was early in the morning and he was mad at himself afterwards.  He broke up the tension by kissing her.  So I guess it’s ok to make out on the rocks there.  She said that he apologized, but it didn’t really feel like an apology to me.




That evening they talked about what they want out of their relationship and they actually seemed to have a really productive and good talk.  He brought her some gross looking sweat pants and a white tank top.  Juan Pablo said that there is just something about her that he finds super attractive.  He offered her the date rose!  She’s around for another week.




Before you know it, it’s time for another cocktail party.  Nikki and Juan Pablo flirted a lot while he fished for a few compliments and then they made out.  I wonder how much he really gets to know these women by operating this way.  He told Renee that he respected her during their short talk and also spent some time kissing her.  Chelsie complained to Juan Pablo about how they didn’t get any time together that week and he tried to reassure her but didn’t really seem that into her, so we’ll see.  There wasn’t any big time kissing going on, just kisses on the cheek.




Kat spoke to Juan Pablo about her dad and how he wasn’t around for her at all.  She said she remembered her dad being passed out drunk and that he couldn’t take care of her sister so she climbed into her sister’s crib and laid there with her until she fell asleep.  It was actually a pretty depressing conversation, but at least they talked about something and didn’t kiss the entire time.



It was time for roses.  In addition to Clare, Andi, and Sharleen, Juan Pablo gave roses to:






That meant that Kat was sent home.  I felt so bad for her; she gave it a good shot.  She said that she saw herself at the end of the show, but that just didn’t work out because she knew she wasn’t at the same place as some of the other girls.  And then there were six!  Sharleen however, seemed confused.  She’s very unsure of her feelings for Juan Pablo.  She said she feels guilty in a way.  That’s not cool; she should have bowed out so Kat could have had another week to get to know him.  She said she can see other girls being a better fit for him.  Next week, they head to Miami, where Juan Pablo lives!  Sharleen said that she’s going to give it one more week and then she’ll make her decision.  Nikki and Clare also have a pretty big blow out, so there’s some big drama on the way!



Hugs, Kisses, & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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