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Juan Pablo Visits the Final Four Women's Hometowns on 'The Bachelor'

Juan Pablo traveled to meet his final four this week.  First up, was Nikki in Kansas City. 


Juan Pablo says that he really likes how well they get on and that he loves their relationship.  She took him to Oklahoma Joe’s Barbeque, the most famous BBQ place in her town.  They had some ribs and boy, did those look delicious!  They had a great time chowing down, but then they were off to a bar to try some mechanical bull riding. 

Bull riding

It was a fun time for them, but of course it ended up with more making out.




Later, Juan Pablo went over to Nikki’s parents’ house to meet her family. Her parents, two brothers, and the one brother’s wife were all there to greet him.  They seemed extremely nice.  They had full plates of food and her mom’s like, “Wanna go chat?” And Nikki said “Sure” and I would be like, “Hello, wait 10 minutes” ha-ha!  Her mother asked her if she told him how she feels yet and Nikki told her that she was waiting for the right moment.  Her mom seemed worried about the fact that Nikki would accept a proposal so soon, but said she would support her all the way.



Nikki’s dad, Tom, sat down with Juan Pablo and asked him what he likes about Nikki, and said that he loves how the conversation just flows and that he admires her honesty.  Her dad said he doesn’t want him to propose unless he’s in it 100%, and Juan Pablo said not to worry that he’s looking at this as a long-term thing and that he needs to build a family first with his daughter and whomever he chooses before proposing marriage.  Nikki’s dad also told her that he trusts her and that he just loves her and supports her.



After the serious chats were over, they headed outside for their goodbye make out session, and Nikki said that she really wanted to, but it just didn’t feel right to drop the L-bomb yet.  I think she made the right decision.  If anything, it might make him think she’s a little hard to get and that could work in her favor.  We’ll see!




Next, Juan Pablo headed over to Andi’s hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.  She started off by taking him to a firing range!  That’s pretty exciting and she was really enthusiastic about showing off her skills.  She got a bull’s eye right out of the gate.  Juan Pablo didn’t do that well at it, but hey, I give him an A for effort. 




When he met Andi’s family, they weren’t as warm as Nikki’s were.  You could see the look on her father’s face right away, he was not happy with this situation.  Interestingly enough, her parents got engaged after knowing each other for just six months.  Andi’s mom Patty took Juan Pablo aside and asked him how things were going with Andi, and he said that he has a great time with her and finds her very fun.  Her mom asked Juan Pablo to show her how to dance salsa so he got Andi and showed her an example.  It was pretty funny, because Andi hardly moved ha-ha! 



Then it was dad’s turn.  Hy, Andi’s dad, said that he’s worried about her getting her heart broken.  He asked him why go on “The Bachelor”.  He said that he added that it was great that all the women there knew that he had a daughter and still wanted to be there.  He said that’s a big hurdle for him.  Her dad told him to focus on finding someone he was happy with and then see if she’d be a good fit for Camila as a step-mother.  Juan Pablo asked Hy if he would accept him and his daughter in their family.  He wouldn’t answer his question unless Andi was the only one for him.  Hy said that he wouldn’t really expect Juan Pablo to answer that about his own daughter one day, so it’s a tough one for him too.



Andi said that she wished that her parents and sister could see the way that they feel about each other and think that it was an obvious match but they don’t.  So they talked outside, and you could see that Juan Pablo was kind of lying when he said that he had a good time there.  The poor guy was under the pressure cooker 24/7.  I’m surprised he didn’t have pit stains the size of lakes.  He must wear some good deodorant.   They kissed each other goodbye, and the night ended without an L-bomb dropped.




Renee was next in beautiful Sarasota, Florida.  Juan Pablo met her on the beach and they headed over to a little league baseball field to have a picnic.  She told him that’s where she and Ben usually hang out.  Ben got out of the car and arrived at the field.  He’s adorable.  He got out of the car and gave his mom the biggest hug ever.  Juan Pablo came over and shook his hand and told him how much his mom talks about him.  Then they watched Ben play in a game.




They went over to her parents’ house later where Renee took some time to hang out with her son for a little while.  Meantime, Juan Pablo chatted with Renee’s brother and her parents.  Her brother seemed to respond to Juan Pablo really well.  Her mom was shocked that she didn’t tell him that she loves him yet and was encouraging her to do so.  I was really surprised by that!  When the day was over, she walked him outside, but didn’t say I love you.  That’s three ladies now who have not said it!  I’m shocked!  She said she regretted not saying it, but she just couldn’t get it out yet.




Last but not least, Clare met up with Juan Pablo in Sacramento, California.  They talked about her father and all of the great memories she had with him there.  She told him how they danced her father-daughter dance before he died of cancer because she asked him who would do that one day when he died.  They threw rocks into the water because her dad told her he would never be further away from her than she could throw a rock into the pond.  It was really heartfelt.




He met Clare’s mother and sisters.  They really responded to him.  It was an entire room full of women and he was having a great time! 



While talking with her sister, Clare told her sister that she would say “Yes” in a heartbeat to Juan Pablo.  She was shocked, but she said that she wished her dad was there to basically size him up.  Clare’s other sister asked if he would be ready to propose to her.  He said that at first it was just attraction between them but now he really gets to her emotionally.  Her mom and sister were not even really critical, but Clare ended up crying and saying that she just wants them to be happy for her.  Her sister freaked out and wouldn’t even let her talk to her mother.  It was the weirdest confrontation ever. 



Juan Pablo tried to talk to her sister about her issues and how he wanted to meet all of them and see why Clare is the way he is.  She left, and then Clare’s mom sat around and spoke to him in Spanish!  It was cool to see.  After their chat, Clare spoke with Juan Pablo about his impressions and of course he said he had a good time.




Back in Miami, the ladies assembled to find out who would make the final three.  Juan Pablo decided to give roses to Nikki, Clare, and Andi.  Poor Renee got the boot.  I’m shocked.  I can’t believe he would still keep Clare around after meeting her family.  I think there was a spark missing between Renee and Juan Pablo though and ultimately that cost her the rose and his heart.  Renee said that he opened up her eyes to a whole new world and she’s ready to get back out there after her experience on the show.  I’m bummed.  I think she was the nicest out of the group. 


Juan Pablo cried as he sent her home because he truly respected her and didn’t want to hurt her, but ultimately did.



Tomorrow night, “The Bachelor” is back!  It’s time for fantasy suite time and things get messy between Andi and our Bachelor.  What on earth happens?!  I can’t wait to find out!  Apparently, St. Lucia isn’t paradise for everyone.



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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